Light Spirit Epic Chapter 399: Disclosure to the Shady (4)


Chapter 399 Disclosure to the Shady (4)

It was already late at night when Mage Merlin lifted the petrification. He looked at Grand Duke Hall next to him. The Duke was waiting for Merlin to recover, and he was also signing some kind of contract with Tut, the Elephant Patriarch.

“Okay, then you can send the [slaves] by boat…. This is the Heavenly Knight Medal of my Pantola Kennantian Knights, it is as precious as my life, It’s in your hands now as collateral. I have received [the goods], and when I pay for the goods, remember to return it to me.”

“Understood, it’s a deal.” Tutan readily accepted Hall’s Captain Medal.

Merlin was still hesitant, not knowing what deal they were doing (he knew he would be shocked in the future), Albert had already rushed into Tut’s meeting room: “Grand Duke Hall, I have a request!”

Hall saw the tiger boy drenched all over, and saw that Bedivere was also a jerk, and followed closely behind, “What have you two done?”

“Leave us alone—the Grand Duke, I beg you to [buy] my brother too!”


“My brother has become what he is now,” Al said calmly, being splashed with water, he obviously really calmed down and thought about it: “We can’t send my brother back to the Fierce Fang. Territory…I…I can’t trust Dad. He won’t take in anyone who is useless to him, not even his own son.”

Hall listened quietly without comment.

“My brother will be treated as waste, exiled, and thrown into the death pit to be fed to monsters. I can’t let this happen. —Bedivere said, you are a good person. Take care of you, I can trust. I trust Brady, so I trust you.”

“Haha.” Grand Duke Hall smiled, “I won’t keep them in vain if I buy these slaves. They will still be assigned to work in the villages, cleaning and cleaning in various cities in Pantolaken. Some heavy but easy work.

We don’t pay them half a dime, some are just three meals a day and a shabby house. This life is hard and dignified, and it may be worse than the captive room of the fox people. Are you sure you really want your brother to come with you? “

According to human etiquette, Albert bowed: “Yes, my brother will take care of you.”

“Very good.” Grand Duke Hall added another name to the contract, “Patriarch Tut, is this okay?”

“Why not? I’ve earned another three thousand gold coins.” Tut laughed, exhaling a smoke ring.

Hall turned to Merlin and winked, as if he was about to go back, “Knight Bedivere, do you want to come too?”

“It’s the same sentence, I have unfinished business here, Your Excellency,” Bedivere repeated.

Hall glanced at the werewolf boy and said, “I thought you had done everything you had to do. Forget it, don’t play in the Underdark for too long, your knight leader Arthur has to worry about it. Good luck to you.”

Hall put his hand on Merlin’s shoulder. The mage is ready to teleport, and he wants to teleport away at any time.

Bediver gave Albert a final wink. This is El’s last chance to go to the human world!

The tiger man boy smiled and shook his head.

A light flashed, and Merlin had teleported away with Hall.

“You’re such an idiot, Al.” Bedivere sighed, “You’re following the Duke of Hall, he’ll make you happy.”

“I don’t need the happiness that human beings give me.” Albert said, “Bedie, I’ll be happy if I stay here.”

His words had several meanings, but the stupid Bedivere understood only the superficial: “Okay. If you think it’s a good thing to live as an elephant, just do what you want. . Stupid cat.”

Albert was silent.

At the same time. Arthur got up and saw that his whole body was surrounded by spiral patterns of white light, glowing strangely.

My whole body is still in pain, but I feel better after I get used to it.

“Are you awake?” Greenville walked into Arthur’s bedroom and suddenly sat in front of Arthur.

“Green…” Arthur was surprised, the girl was so close for no reason? !

“Don’t say anything.” The girl suddenly held the knight’s face and kissed him.

“Ugh…what are you doing…” Arthur was overwhelmed by Greenville and wanted to resist, but his body was as heavy as lead.

“Arthur…” The girl whispered in the knight’s ear and kept kissing the boy’s face and lips. Her breath made the knight’s heart beat faster. She touched his waist…

“Wow!” Arthur opened his eyes.

It turned out to be just a dream.

Greenville was again watching the knight by Arthur’s bed all night, and she was lying there now, sleeping soundly.

The faint scent of a certain rose perfume that Greenville used was the culprit behind Arthur’s dream.


Arthur felt his whole body sticky from sweating, and an even more obvious sticky feeling encroached on his lower body. When he realized what was going on, a wave of guilt immediately occurred.

He was afraid that Greenville would find out about this, so he immediately got out of the bed, and turned the bed out on the side where Greenville was not waiting. He remained quiet but swiftly walked around and ran to take a shower.

After destroying [Incriminating Evidence], Arthur sighed and sat down comfortably in the bath.

It’s been a month with few stars, the cold of winter night and the temperature of the water in the bath collided.

Arthur looked at his body carefully, the white light on his arms and chest spread everywhere, eroding more and more. He’s running out of time and must hurry up and deal with the last Holy Spirit.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” A voice echoed outside.

The bath is surrounded by stone walls for covering on all sides, in order to give users a certain limit of privacy. The stone walls are not butted together, but there are certain gaps for people to enter and exit. The top of the stone wall was not closed either, so Arthur could see the moon and stars in the sky.

And this bath is in the backyard of King Other’s wooden house. About five yards beyond the bath is a low fence, and beyond the fence is a large apple grove.

Exactly. That mysterious voice came from the apple grove in the backyard. There is something lurking in the woods, but there is no other explanation.

Arthur gently climbed out of the bath, quietly crawled to the pile of clothes, and found a random piece of clothing to wrap it around. He clenched his Holy King’s Sword in his hand and was alert and alert, and the holy sword was ready to be unsheathed at any time!

Something, slowly, crawled in from the gap on the outer wall.

A huge purple-black snake, over twenty feet long, squinted its golden shimmering eyes into slits and stared at Arthur.

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