Light Spirit Epic Chapter 388: Preparation for the dark night (2)


Chapter 388 Preparations for the Dark Night (2)

The next morning, Bedivere got up, sore and sore, and his thighs were wrapped in bandages made of grass leaves.

He looked at Albert beside him, El had wounds on his hands and back, and the bandages were even more exaggerated. But the tiger man boy is not life-threatening, he is dreaming with peace of mind.

Bediver struggled to get out of the bedroom, he found that he was not in the house of Tutan Patriarch, but——

“Awake?” The herbalist Puff was busy mashing some herbs and mixing the powder with another powder. The living room of the elephant herbalist is not a living room at all, but a workshop full of various medicinal herbs.

The bitter and irritating smell of various drugs penetrated Bedivere’s nose, and the werewolf boy felt dizzy.

“Drink the medicine.” Pavle handed Bedivere a bowl of dark green potion, which was not so much medicine [water] as medicine [paste], and the viscous paste was barely in the bowl. will flow.

Beddie didn’t speak. He resisted the bitterness and sourness of the potion and poured it into his stomach.

The moment he drank the medicine, he felt dizzy and wanted to vomit. But in the next moment, he felt refreshed again, and his energy kept pouring out of his chest!

Elephant people’s herbal medicine is well-deserved. The only problem is…Bedivere’s entire body has suddenly turned grass green!

“Oh, the side effects.” Pavle looked at the green and funny Bedivere, and immediately turned around to continue dispensing his medicine.

“Please change me back!!” Bedivere cried.

“Don’t be afraid, half a day is fine.” Pavle said casually.

Bediver didn’t even have the strength to vomit.

He looks at the herbalist Papho. This Elephant Man was twice as short as the other Elephants, and should be very young (Bedi has not yet been able to tell their age from their appearance). Yesterday, because I hurried to collect the medicine early in the morning, the darkness and the rush made Bedivere not observe the Elephant Man carefully.

Pavu is indeed different from the other elephant people. His skin is strangely gray and white. Not only is he short (still twice as tall as Bedivere), but his body is covered with scars. Even Elephant People’s iconic large ears are full of cracks that appear to have been cut with a knife.

Herbalists often go in and out of the Everglades to collect herbs. Those are the days when they live on the edge of a knife. It’s not surprising to have such wounds all over the body… That strange skin color is probably obtained when the medicine is tested. accident.

Well, it must be so. Bedivere so hypnotized himself. Otherwise, this guy Pavu may be extremely strange, there should be no such strange creatures in this world.

Pavle stopped, poured the medicine he had prepared into a bottle, and handed it to Bedivere: “Go. Prisoner of war, put the medicine.”

“Prisoners of war?” Bedivere didn’t understand.

“Golden glitter,” Puff said briefly, and Brady almost burst out laughing.

He follows Papho, along the outer edge of a giant tree. There is a natural excavation channel on the outer edge of the giant tree, which is basically a part of the trunk of the tree, and the stairs are dug out on it. The giant wood as hard as iron can be cut like this, as people really have incomparable strength and patience.

The rough staircase continued upward until the two finally came to a tree-hole room high above the giant tree.

In the tree hole, Xinghui Longshaxing is sleeping. The iron fence isolates the dragon, and the enchantment spells are painted around the room. With such a tight confinement of a dragon, the danger of the evil star has been overestimated, right?

“You, go in.” Puff said.

Bediver walks in front of the cage.

Pavle used the key to instantly open the iron cage, pushed Bedivere in, and immediately locked the cage again.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Bedivere said angrily, he was pushed down so roughly, it hurts to fall to the ground.

“Apply the medicine. I’ll let you go when it’s done.” Pavle said dispassionately.

Bedivere shakes the evil star helplessly. Sha Xing was still wearing the same coat that he had escaped from the research institute. Under the coat was his **** upper body, which had not improved until now. The key fragment of the World Wall seems to have a great influence on the dragon, making the evil star so weak!

“…Boy?” Sha Xing opened his eyes slightly, he was not in good spirits, and the wound had not healed yet. After so many days, I am afraid a bacterial infection.

“I’ve brought medicine, so I’ll give you medicine first, okay?” Bedivere advised.

“I don’t want those orcs’ medicines! That’s probably another conspiracy! Do you want me to recover and grow scales again, so that you can pull out my dragon scales again?!” He roared, he was hostile to the orcs and extremely distrusted.

No wonder Pavre asked Bedivere to medicate the evil star. When other people came to help Shaxing, he would definitely make a fuss and refuse to receive treatment.

Bedivere took out the bottle of medicine and poured a small amount of ointment on his palm.

“Elephant people are different from fox people, they don’t do such bad and inhuman things.” Bedivere took off the bandage on his calf, “If you still don’t believe me, I will use it once to make sure there is no The poison will be used on you again.”

He applied the wound medicine to his leg.

The evil star looked at Bedivere and suddenly smiled: “Yes, they didn’t give you any medicine, but they made you green.”

“That’s a side effect, don’t mind it!” Bedivere explained, dumbfounded.

The evil star is still skeptical. But he had been with Bedivere for a while and knew that the little wolf was an honest man, and finally put away his suspicions. He took off his shirt, grabbed a handful of ointment and applied it to his body.

“Wow, it hurts!” he shouted, “Damn ointment, do you want to make it so irritating?”

“You look like this, it’s no wonder you don’t hurt.” Bedivere also grabbed a handful of ointment and went to the dragon’s back to help him rub his back, “Shaxing, be patient. I’ll find a way. Let them let you go.”

“Although I don’t have much hope, I’ll just let it go.” Sha Xing said disdainfully, “Boy, are you on the side of humans or on the side of orcs? It’s getting more and more friendly—-Ow! It hurts! Take it easy!”

“Sorry.” Bedivere shrugged, and Shaxing was talking about Beddie’s new friend, Albert.

Indeed, the longer you stay in the Underdark, the more people and things are involved.

The more we get involved, the more reluctant we are to part with each other. The deeper the bond, the more painful it is to have to fight against each other.

If Bedivere and Albert are finally to meet each other on the battlefield, can he kill each other?

“I must… stop it for you!” Bedivere whispered This war, it’s up to me to stop it! “

The evil star sneered. Although his current appearance is a blond boy, his actual age is already an adult dragon (uncle). He has seen the passage of time and knows that some things in the world cannot be stopped.

Want to rely on one person to stop a war, the werewolf boy is stupid and ridiculous!

But at the same time, it’s also simple and cute.

The evil star did not deny Bedivere, but reminded with a sneer: “Boy, your idea of ​​​​trying to stop the war is very good. However, pay attention to those foxes. I don’t know what the other orcs are like. .but I know that the foxes are pure evil.

They won’t listen at all. They are shameless and shameless, lest the world be in chaos. These vicious scumbags should definitely be exterminated. “

On this point, Bedivere couldn’t agree more.

After helping the evil star with the wound medicine, Bedivere approached the door of the cell and looked at Papho, who was guarding.

…he wouldn’t avenge his personal revenge, wouldn’t he open the door of the cell?

The Elephant Man was silent, opened the door swiftly, grabbed Brady out of the cell with one hand, and quickly closed the door and locked it.

The evil star had no intention of escaping at all. He couldn’t help laughing disdainfully when he saw Pafu’s series of mechanical movements.

Anyway, Bedivere was [released].

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