Light Spirit Epic Chapter 387: Preparation for the dark night (1)


Chapter 387 Preparations for the Dark Night (1)

When Arthur woke up, it was noon the next day. He still has two Holy Spirits to challenge, but his arms have been eroded by the Holy Spirit like monster arms.

He got up and looked at the arms full of spiral white glowing patterns (the left arm also had purple-black light patterns). Thinking in an optimistic direction, at least, he will no longer need to turn on the lights when he walks at night.

Greenville sat on the side, and King Other sat on the side. They all looked at Arthur in some strange way.

“What’s wrong?” Arthur asked. Being looked at like this, he couldn’t help but feel terrified.

“Arthur, you’re not human at all, are you?” King Orser said as soon as he came up.

Arthur was stunned. He never told King Other about Morgoth, at most he told King Other the story of the boy named [Arthur]. Arthur’s story only ends at the moment when the King’s Sword is broken.

The story after that is actually the story of [cyborg No. 9]——the fake Arthur in the shape of Arthur now.

“Greenville?!” Arthur glared at the therapist girl.

“No, I didn’t say anything.” Greenville shook her head violently.

“…Okay.” Arthur was skeptical. If Greenville didn’t say it, how did King Oser guess it?

“The vessel of the soul,” murmured King Orser, “you are not human at all, but an artificial human like Patimo. You have no soul, so you cannot summon your own Holy Spirit on the altar of the Sanctuary. .

You don’t have a soul, but your body is the container of a soul. The Holy Spirit desires the container, wants to get the flesh that can continue to move in the mortal world, so they keep drilling into your body. “

Arthur could only understand half of it, but he knew that it wasn’t a good thing anyway, “Aren’t the Holy Spirits a group of spirit bodies (photon minds) that have lost their humanity? Why do you want to get a body- —–“

“Because the Holy Spirit also has desires. Although they have forgotten their memories of being the Knights of the Round Table and lost all their humanity, they can still vaguely remember something they wanted to do most as a human being.” King Oser thought Said, “And therefore, they want to get a body that moves in the mortal world, so that they can leave Avalon and go to the mortal world to continue to fulfill their wishes.”

King Oser’s spirituality looked at Arthur: “Do you understand? Your body is their coveted treasure. The eternal Holy Spirit who has lost his humanity no longer knows what morality is, and they will try to take your body, so Fulfill their wishes!”

Arthur felt a chill down his spine at the thought of the holy spirits who were competing with him for his body being lodged in his arms.

“Isn’t there a way to get rid of them?”

“No….Even if you amputate your arms now, they will still get in through your new wounds, and they will never stop.” King Oser shook his head, “I’m sorry, I didn’t. I thought it would be like this.”

Arthur frowned, trying to hide his anger.

“Well, no, there is actually another way,” said King Oser.

“What?! What method, tell me!” Arthur jumped up from the bed.

“That is… defeat the five Holy Spirits and force them to overload within you. Then… let them synthesize a new Holy Spirit within you.” King Orser said, “The reborn Holy Spirit will Wash away the original memory, lose the desire, and lose the idea of ​​​​wanting to erode your body, he (they) will be honest.”

Can the Eternal Holy Spirit be reunited? This is also something new.

“But I’ve never seen the Holy Spirit integrate successfully, so don’t expect too much.” King Oser said with a stern face, “The evil spirit in your body is even more incompatible with the Holy Spirit, and you want it to be with the Holy Spirit. The smooth fit, the hope is even slimmer.”

Arthur’s heart sank. But he did not give up hope: “There are two Holy Spirits left. Let’s discuss the strategy of the next Holy Spirit quickly.”

Greenville looked at Arthur worriedly: “Before that, you need to eat.”

“Discuss while eating.” Arthur said, enduring the severe pain in his arms and walking out of the bedroom.


Arthur lay in the hot water of the backyard bath, looking at the stone pool. These stones have red magic spells on them, apparently a magic trick to heat the bath water. He leaned his back against the edge of the pool, raised his head, and looked up at the starless night sky from within the towering stone walls on all sides.

A little puppet without a soul. With the help of Bedivere and Greenville, Arthur, who found himself, should have been relieved. But he really couldn’t be completely relieved, and when he said this, his heart still stabbed.

What’s the difference between me and humans?

How can I have my own soul?

The pain in his arms continued to throb, and the painkillers Greenville gave were getting less and less effective. Arthur tried his best to put aside those dark thoughts and pressed them with positive thoughts, all the holy spirits (and evil spirits) who were trying to take over his body.

“If you want your body not to be taken away, your will needs to be stronger than the will of the Holy Spirit.” Arthur remembered King Oser’s reminder.

Fortunately, Arthur can definitely surpass anyone in the world in terms of will.

Because he has no other virtues than his firm will.

“Arthur?” A voice interrupted Arthur’s thoughts.

“Wow!” Arthur was startled, thinking that Greenville was going to run into the bath (what a childish plot!), and hurriedly retreated into the water, only showing his head in the water. On the water: “Greenville?”

“Don’t be afraid, I didn’t mean to come in and peek at your bath.” Greenville knew what Arthur was doing in the bath from his reaction, and laughed lightly.

She sat down with her back against the stone wall of the open-air bathroom: “Arthur, how are you? You’ve been pushing yourself too hard these past few days.”

Greenville worries about Arthur. This is a rare move by a arrogant eldest I don’t know if it was the heat of the hot water, or for other reasons, Arthur’s face flushed: “…Well, I will Be careful. My body is now overrun by the Holy Spirit, and I have no other choice but to keep moving forward. After everything is settled, I will come back and rest for a while.”

“After everything is settled…?” Greenville sighed. After the matter of the Holy Spirit is over, there will be a war with the Hungarians; after the war with the Hungarians, there will be There is [darkness] on the other side of the world wall to worry about.

“Wait until everything is resolved”, referring to what year, month, and day in the future?

This young knight is destined to become a never-ending cog in the world’s fate machine. It kept running like crazy until the day he completely collapsed and was replaced by the next gear.

The moment he lived and died just to fulfill his mission.

——That is, how unbearable!

Greenville sighed and whispered, “No. You still owe me a [payment]. After you get out of this Avalon pure land, you must pay the [payment] you owe me first. Paid.”

“Remuneration? Is it ——“

“Of course you’ll have another date with me, you wooden knight!” Greenville shyly dropped a sentence, the sound of her footsteps being gone.

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