Light Spirit Epic Chapter 381: Traveling in the moor (1)


Chapter 381 Traveling in the Marsh (1)

Al opened his eyes and looked at Bedivere with big ice blue eyes: “Good morning, Beddie.”

“Good morning…” Bediveville replied in confusion.

“If you are bored, go for a walk in the village.” Tut said, ordering someone to come and remove the evil star. He didn’t seem to intend to put Bedivere and the others under house arrest, but to give them freedom to move around in the village.

“Really, is it really possible?”

“Go ahead. What is our life like, you can confirm with your eyes.” Patriarch Tut sneered, he seemed to have his own set of ideas.

The village of the Elephant Man was built surrounded by towering ancient trees. The huge rhizomes intertwined between the ancient trees form a huge network, which is like a natural tunnel for these elephants to travel around in the sky above the swamp. These rhizomes make up the road strong enough to bear the weight of the elephants.

It is still raining lightly in the Turkic territory. In the past few days, a lot of rain has accumulated, which has restored the swamp to life. The originally dry swamp was able to quickly revive within a few days, and the werewolf boy couldn’t help but sighed at the greatness of vitality.

Of course, this so-called restoration of vitality refers to the countless poisonous weeds living under the swamp, and the poisonous insects and demon beasts are active again. Life on the Everglades is not only tenacious and tenacious, but also cunning and vicious.

It was noon, and a small amount of sunlight and rain fell from the leaves of the towering giant trees into the swamps below the village. Bedivere could clearly see countless monsters surging in the swamp.

“It’s scary.” Albert couldn’t help but shrank back, trying to stay away from the tree trunk passage. Falling from here will definitely be surrounded by those terrifying creatures in an instant, with unimaginable consequences.

“Al, what are your plans in the future?” Bedivere asked in a low voice.

“What else can you plan? You can only take one step at a time.” The tiger man said with a wry smile. There was still a small amount of blood, mud, and all kinds of inexplicable dirt on his dirty face (the three of them fell into the swamp together yesterday), and the white tiger turned into a dirty kitten.

Bedivere reached out to catch some rainwater and washed his face, “Patriarch Roble doesn’t love you because of your [hyperphobia]. If you can overcome this fear, you will be able to prove yourself useful. Yes, he will definitely accept you again.”

“It’s really that simple.” The tiger man boy sat down, looked up at the sky, and let his body get wet by the rain, “Remember what I said about the Egyptian massacre, meow?”

“…Remember.” Brady also sat down and quietly listened to his friend’s narration.

“Didn’t the Pharaoh order the skins of the orcs who bit their tongues to kill themselves? That included my brother Robert’s fur.” ​​Al swallowed, telling him for the first time in years. this matter,

“The Pharaoh took the pelts as a commodity and shipped them to Europe. But our people were the first to know about it, and before the ship reached Rome, they attacked the merchant ship and took back the pelts from the people. /

Those furs, like the remains of the tribe, were transported back with great care.


However, I wasn’t happy at all when Dad brought back my brother’s fur.

My father brought back the fur that belonged to my brother… On the pure white fur, there were gaps cut by swords and spears. It was the only fur stained with bright red blood that could not be washed off.

My brother must have fought until the last moment before being captured. The weapons of the Egyptian army had cut countless holes in him. At the corner of the fur’s mouth, there are more, more bloodstains. That was the blood splattered after my brother bit his tongue and committed suicide.

After seeing that blood, I never dared to see more blood. Watching the people around you get hurt, bleed, and finally die… that’s really scary meow! “

Albert hugged his knees and wept softly. Bedivere didn’t say a word, just put his arm around his friend’s shoulder.

The wounds in Al’s heart are more serious than Brady imagined, and I’m afraid it will be difficult to heal. But it had to be cured – in order for this guy to become an independent [adult], in order for him to have the right to live too.

Bediver’s thoughts are interrupted by the excitement in the village. He was wondering what was going on when he saw an elephant man walking into the dwelling with a bag of food.

“Uh, sir? What’s the matter?” Bedivere asked quickly, he only hoped that the other party could understand English.

“There is a wandering merchant.” The Elephant Man looks very happy. “He is willing to exchange the medicine we prepared for food. Finally, there is no need to go hungry!”

Oh? businessman?

“Al, let’s go take a look?” Bedivere pulled Albert. He thinks that joining in the fun can change the mood of the tiger man boy, and maybe find a breakthrough to cure El’s [hyperphobia].

In the central part where many branches are coiled and intertwined, the Elephant Humans excavated a little, and it became a natural square. Although the ground of the square is not very flat, it is large and spacious enough for thousands of elephant people to gather here.

Elephant people are indeed amazing pharmacists, and their various miraculous remedies have long been known all over Europe, and even human beings know them.

However, the recent drought in the Underdark has caused the Everglades to dry up. There are fewer medicinal materials, and of course the output of medicines is also less.

Patriarch Tut said that the Elephants “couldn’t survive,” and that’s one of the reasons.

Now, when it is raining heavily, have some smart businessmen come to do business knowing that elephants can produce all kinds of potions again?

“Okay, fifteen bottles of deodorant for ten kilograms of potatoes. The deal!” a voice called from the center of the square.

The voice sounded very familiar. But the square was crowded with elephants who came to trade, and Bedivere couldn’t get past it.

“There are more potions here, if you want to get them!” another Elephant Man shouted.

“All harvested, the wheat is yours!” the merchant responded.

“Beddie?” Albert tugged at the corner of Bedivere’s shirt.

“Let’s… just wait. Don’t get in the way of their business,” Bedivere said helplessly. He doesn’t want to squeeze into a group of crazy elephants. The elephants can crush him and Al with one foot. How dangerous!

The frenzied trading lasted for about an hour, as people all got their goods (mainly food) and dispersed happily one after another, and the businessman in the middle of the square gradually appeared in the sight of Bediveville. middle.

That is… a little white rabbit.

Wearing a waterproof black robe and a **** top hat, he is a very low-key businessman, but he can’t escape the sharp eyes of Bedivere: “Ryder?”

“…You’re” Rabbit deliberately lowered his hat. His hat had already covered most of his face, so pulling the hat was unnecessary. .

“I can’t admit I’m wrong. I can recognize you even if you’re ashes.” Bedivere said coldly. No matter how low-key the other party dresses, it can’t cover up the smell on his body, let alone change his voice.

The rabbit ignored Bedivere’s words and turned to leave: “…Then, if I don’t have anything to do with me, I’ll say goodbye first.”

“Don’t go, Ryder—” Seeing that he couldn’t persuade Rabbit, Bedivere quickly said: “I just want to tell you that I have forgiven you. My people are doing well now.. …at least they’re still alive…I’m not mad at you anymore.”

Rabbit Ryder stopped and turned his head. His face was still in the shadow of the big hat, and Brady couldn’t see the other’s expression: “Sir, I don’t know who your friend named Ryder is. But if you do forgive him, Good day.”

The rabbit really went away this time. Bedivere knew that he couldn’t hold him back. However, he will definitely come back again, right?

Bediver looked at a small bottle on the ground. That’s what Ryder the Rabbit left behind. The glass bottle contained some kind of sky-blue translucent liquid. When you opened it and smelled it, there was a peculiar aroma of oranges. I didn’t know what was the use.

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