Light Spirit Epic Chapter 362: Disclosure to the Dark (1)


Chapter 362: Disclosure to the Dark (1)

At night, the territory of the Fierce Fang.


Bedivere was upset by the sound of abdominal rumblings.

“Hehe, you’re already hungry, meow?” The tiger-man boy Albert walked in with a plate. He put the plate in front of Bedivere and grabbed a piece of scones on the plate to eat.

Beddie looked gloomily at the so-called scones. It was made of wheat bran that was too rough. In the human world, this material was used to feed livestock… But the little tiger in front of him could actually eat it with relish, Bedivere couldn’t help but Admire each other’s magical taste.

He grabbed a piece of scones and ate it, and it turned out to be hard and chewy. Why can Albert be so delicious…

“What’s the matter, it doesn’t taste good, meow?” said the tiger man boy, “I know you are used to eating delicious food in the human world, but what we have here is this kind of coarse grain. You can eat one a day. It’s fine. Just be patient.”

This guy is able to say such things calmly. This is still the home of the patriarch. If it were a commoner’s home, the situation would be even worse.

Living conditions in the Underdark have never been ideal. But it has never been so bad. It seems that the endurance of the orcs has reached the limit, and they are indeed in a desperate situation where they will starve to death if they do not fight.

Bediver’s heart grew heavier. He also gradually lost his confidence, and felt that it was unlikely that he could persuade the patriarchs.

However, what should be done is to try again. It’s not Bedivere’s style to give up without trying.

“Then—” the werewolf boy asked while chewing the unpalatable scones, “Aren’t you going to tell me about the massacre in Egypt ten years ago? In 508 AD, what happened in Egypt? What?”

“You haven’t finished your adventure story yet? Are you in such a hurry to ask me for [reward]?” A puzzling smile crossed Albert’s face.

“I’ve been telling you stories all day, isn’t that enough?!” Bedivere got a little impatient.

“The first half is asking me to help arrange the payment for you to meet the Elephant Patriarch, and the second half is the payment for telling you about the massacre in Egypt, right?” The tiger man insisted.

“Tsk… well, whatever you want!” Bediveville hurriedly finished the scones and lay on the bed, “Then, come back tomorrow. I don’t want to tell stories, so I’ll rest today.”

“What meow? How can you do this!” Albert was anxious, and his meow voice increased significantly, “Don’t sleep, hurry up and finish the story meow! The most annoying people are making my appetite. Meow! I’m still waiting to hear how Arthur and the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens duel meow!”

Bedivere is full of fire. This kid Albert is simply an ignorant kid. This kid has been circling around Brady, which is really annoying.

He lay motionless on the bed, turning his back to Albert, thinking that this would make the boy retreat. Who knows that guy has been pulling the tail of the werewolf boy.

Pull it. Pull again.

(The fire is big.)

A little bit, a little bit more.

(Super hot.)

“Damn! Stop me!!” Bedivere jumped up from the bed, “Don’t disturb my sleep! Get me out!”

“How is that possible!” Tigerman boy Albert laughed mischievously, “I was ordered to take care of you, of course, I have to stare at you 24 hours a day.”

“You must be kidding me——” Being haunted by this annoying guy for a day has driven Bedivere crazy. During this period of being captured, I have to be haunted by this guy? Brady will go crazy!

“What’s the matter? You don’t need to look at me so sadly, do you?” Albert asked in confusion. He has no idea how annoying he is. “Besides, you told me to get out? This is my room.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry for occupying your room,” Bedivere said helplessly.

He couldn’t help but take another look at the small room. At first he thought it was some kind of cell. It was dark and musty, except for a small bed, a table and chairs, and a small sofa, there was no other furniture.

Albert lived his life in this humble little room.

Incredible. This guy’s life isn’t like a human being at all. Why is he still so optimistic?

“That’s it.” Albert saw that Brady was still sulking there (he misunderstood), and quickly explained: “A reward for you—-let’s go to the hot spring.”

“Hot spring?”

Ten minutes later, Bedivere was escorted by two tiger guards and followed behind the tiger boy Albert to the side of a small hill.

Before he got close, the werewolf boy’s sensitive nose could smell the smell of sulfur.

On arrival at the destination, Brady saw that it was a small natural hot spring pool that was an acre square. Under the light of the torches, the spring water is green, emitting hot steam.

“Originally, in the Underdark, water is a very precious resource.” Albert came to the spring pool and instructed the two guards to stand guard by the pool. He himself jumped into the spring pool while undressing. “However, this natural hot spring has become our bathhouse. Everyone in the village can enjoy comfortable hot water, which is a special treatment that other villages do not have, hehe.——you Why don’t you take a dip, meow?”

Beddy looked at the steam coming out of the hot water pool. He thought about it again. He hadn’t showered all day, and his body smelled of sweat. He took off his clothes and jumped into the hot spring pool.

“Huh…” The hot water made Bedeville feel relaxed and happy. Although the smell of sulfur irritates the nose, it also has a refreshing effect. The werewolf boy rested on the stone by the pool, and the stone was warmed by the hot water, which warmed the werewolf boy’s back.

“You really want to hear the old things that happened ten years ago, and it’s not that I can’t tell you.” Albert also lay back against the stones by the pool, saying, “But, I don’t think You will love to hear it.”

“Don’t beat around the bush, hurry up.” Bedivere said angrily, although there is a hot spring to enjoy, it doesn’t mean that he was bribed by the other party like this.

“Okay…” The tiger man boy sighed, his white tiger hair was sticking into strands under the wetness of the hot water, and the water kept dripping down, making him look like A poor stray cat.

“Ten years ago, a group of immigrant groups consisting of the Fierce Teeth (Kigans), the Geeks (Leopard People) and the Romani (Fox People) migrated to northern Africa. The reason is very simple. The lands of the Underdark are becoming increasingly poor and uninhabitable. If we don’t find a new colony soon, all the orcs will starve to death.

It took them several months to establish villages in the wilderness of the lower Nile valley, thinking they would grow and thrive.

However, Ptolemy XXI, the pharaoh of Egypt, insisted that the wasteland belonged to the kingdom of Egypt, and he sent officers and soldiers to drive these orcs away, causing trouble.

The village that the orcs spent a lot of effort to build, they thought they would be able to live and work in peace, but they didn’t expect to be hit like this. Of course they would not be convinced, and it eventually turned into a conflict.

After dozens of conflicts between the Egyptian army and the orcs, finally, the army was cruel and massacred the village. “

Bedivere stared intently at Albert’s face. It was late at night, and the tiger-man boy reflected in the light of the torch had a gloomy face like a ghost. The werewolf boy could see the vague resentment on the other side’s The Egyptian army was really so bad, it took all the people in the village. Are they all killed? ‘ asked Bedivere in a low voice, his voice mixed with the bleak night wind.

“They weren’t just slaughtering villages,” Albert whispered, “you know meow? The kingdom of Egypt was in an economic downturn at the time—and they are now—the Pharaohs. What the king really wanted was not the land that the orcs had cultivated.

There are 3,572 orcs in the village, men, women and children, all of whom the Pharaoh wanted. The pharaoh intends to capture all the villagers and sell them as slaves, which will bring a considerable income to the national treasury.

Therefore, even if the orcs were going to abandon the village, the Egyptian army still refused to let it go, and they surrounded the coastline with warships to prevent the orcs from leaving.

The pioneer group had little combat power at the time, and were a group of farmers and handicraftsmen. They were easily arrested by the Egyptian government.

Those 3,572 people, including my brother Robert, committed suicide by biting their tongues in prison for their last dignity and not to be enslaved by human beings. “

The tiger boy looked at Bedivere, “You know meow? This is the truth of history.——However, this is far from over!”

His eyes were burning with hatred. He swallowed.

What he will say next will be even more shocking than what he has said before.

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