Light Spirit Epic Chapter 361: Traveling in the dark (5)


Chapter 361 Travel in the dark (5)

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land.

A flash of light passed, and Arthur and King Other reappeared at the tombstone.

Arthur rose from a crouched position, still a little dizzy at the brief weightlessness of the teleportation spell.

He looked at Greenville, who was waiting, and saw the worried look of the girl. Only then did he remember that he was slightly injured in the battle just now, and now his head is covered in blood.

He quickly wiped the blood from his forehead: “Don’t worry, Greenville, it’s just a little scratch.”

“Humph…” Greenville turned her face away shyly, “I’m not worried.”

King Oser’s spirituality smiled at the dialogue between the boys and girls, “(Greenville’s translation) Arthur, you also go to the altar to summon your spirituality. You need to take a good look at your spirituality, Then decide what kind of eternal Holy Spirit you want it to be.”

Arthur looked at the altar beside him. If he could, he wanted his spirituality to become a dragon like King Other. Both combat power and maneuverability are excellent, and it will definitely be able to exert the greatest effect against dark child creatures.

While he was thinking like this, he had already reached the altar. He looked at the light that surrounded him, expecting his spirituality to appear before him. Then——

Nothing, nothing happened.

King Other’s spirituality was astonished.

The altar is functioning normally and will never fail. Arthur’s spirituality didn’t show up, not because of a malfunction, but because of ——

Arthur has no soul at all.

Therefore, he also has no spirituality that can be projected from his own soul.

Seeing the disappointed look on King Oser’s face, Arthur knew something was wrong. When he realized this problem, he couldn’t help but look frustrated: “I…I have no spirituality? Does this mean that I can’t summon the eternal Holy Spirit to fight?”

This would be a major loss. Originally, the round table system could only support twenty-five people. If there is one less person, the combat power will be even more scarce, and the hope of fighting against the dark creatures will be even slimmer.

“No. You are the king. In addition to his own spirituality, the king also has the authority to summon the other four [Eternal Holy Spirits].” King Oser explained, “However, we need to take more detours.”

“Detour? What do you mean?”

King Oser turned to leave, “Let’s go back first. You can’t beat the other Eternal Holy Spirits like you are now. To tame those lost Holy Spirits, you must first make you stronger.”

Arthur frowned. Taming the lost Holy Spirit? Is he going to fight against those holy spirits who are as powerful as gods, and is he going to tame them? !

How hard training does this have to be? !

In the afternoon, in the cabin.

King Oser asked as he boiled the stew, “Then, it seems that your strength is not very good. Did you really win the modern day knights? Could they be against you? Is it water?”

Indeed, the Celestial Knights all poured water on Arthur to varying degrees. Even Arthur himself can clearly feel this.

He looked at the fire with shame, and deliberately avoided King Oser’s gaze, “…Anyway, tell me what the lost Holy Spirit is first.”

“Our spirits are part of the projection from the knight’s spirit.” King Oser stirred the stew in the pot with a spoon,

“If you don’t return to the deity, the deity has only one month’s lifespan. When the deity dies, we will continue to exist for a period of time until our own consciousness is completely lost, as the part of [human] is lost, and then we are completely transformed. In the form of the eternal Holy Spirit, wandering in this Avalon land.

You will find that they are not that friendly and will instinctively attack if they feel they are in danger. “

“What a joke!?” Greenville couldn’t help but start to vomit after she translated, “So, isn’t this so-called [Avalon Pure Land] a demon world where monsters are rampant?! “

And each of those monsters is as strong as a god. Arthur added in his heart.

“It’s not wrong to say that…” King Oser’s tone became much weaker, probably because he knew he was wrong, “However, the truly dangerous Holy Spirits are all sealed in the extra warp, so …the situation is not as bad as you might think.”

Arthur recalls the cemetery. Every tombstone inside looks like a subspace entrance.

Spirits probably opened the warp before they knew that they were about to lose their human consciousness, and locked themselves in it, so as not to become a powerful lost Holy Spirit and endanger the future generations.

To [tame] these lost spirits is simply to touch those tombstones and enter each warp to fight them. Simple to say, but harder to do. Arthur does not have the strength to fight on an equal basis with the Holy Spirits now!

King Oser looked at the scabbard around Arthur’s waist (the broken sword of the king was hidden in the scabbard), he knew what Arthur was thinking, so he persuaded: “Don’t be disappointed. The sword of the king. , already has the ability to subdue the lost Holy Spirit. I just hope that function does not malfunction because of the broken sword.”

This is another huge uncertainty factor for Arthur, and it cannot be determined until actual combat. Arthur hated [uncertainty] the most.

In the evening, Rome.

On the deck of a burned-out Hungarian warship, Xinghui Longshaxing sat down to rest.

“Tired so soon?” The Roman Emperor Justin I’s iron cavalry flew by and stopped in mid-air, the emperor said loudly on the iron cavalry.

“It’s been a whole day of fighting!” Shaxing also loudly agreed, otherwise he couldn’t seem to cover the engine noise of the cavalry, “How many of these **** orcs are there? Aren’t they tired?”

“They deliberately used this scattered formation to harass us!” cried the emperor, “they knew that your dragon was helping out, so they came to bother you.”

“Enough!” Shaxing was exhausted, and really wanted to put aside this boring human war and find a cave to sleep in. “Since they can’t pose a particularly big threat, you Roman Navy can handle it yourself! I Back!”

“As you wish!” the Emperor shouted. Although he shouted like this to cover the sound of the cavalry’s engine, Shi Xing felt as if he was being blamed in his ears.

As soon as he got angry, he changed into a dragon and was about to fly back to the castle.

“Crack!” A cold arrow shot! The evil star was still in the middle of the change, and he didn’t take good precautions. When he realized that there was a problem and planned to avoid it, it was too late! The arrow went through his knee!

“Ugh!” In addition to the severe pain, Shi Xing felt a violent pull, and only then did he realize that it was not an [arrow], but a harpoon!

The three-foot-long harpoon with a barb has been sunk deep into Xinghuilong’s knees, and the chain attached to the other end extends into the sea, pulling violently, causing the dragon with arrows in its knees to burst into waves. throbbing!

What came to the surface, a killer whale? —-That is a black golem, a golem in the form of a killer whale!

Unexpectedly, there is such a set. The Hungarians have unearthed a golem that can dive into the sea from the ruins of ancient people!

Before the evil star was surprised, dozens of harpoons had already shot at him! He could have avoided such an attack completely, but now, he found that his limbs were weak, and his wings could not obey his commands!

Dozens of harpoons shot together and stabbed Shixing fiercely, hitting his shoulders, wings, lower abdomen, thighs, tail, soles of feet, arms…and stabbed him all at once. Make a hole!

“Boy! What are you doing?!” The emperor rushed over with his iron cavalry and cut off the chain of one of the harpoons with his sword, “Can this little thing still trap you? Hurry up and earn it. Break it! It’s time to retreat!”

“Ugh… No way!” Shi Xing only felt that his whole body became more and more paralyzed, “These guys… some of them are using [Dragon Slaying Technique]!”

“What?! How could it be!” The Roman emperor shouted, swinging his sword to block more harpoons flying towards him, “The art of dragon slaying has clearly been lost——“

Obviously, no. Sha Xing looked at the violet-blue excess light that was vaguely entwined on these harpoons, and knew that this was the dragon slaying technique.

Like the [Holy] enchantment specially developed by the Paladins to deal with the succubus, [Dragon Slaying] is also an enchantment, which is specially attached to the weapon and used to deal with the enchantment of the dragon race.

When a dragon is hit by a weapon with the dragon slaying technique, it will feel weak and paralyzed, unable to struggle until it is killed. Dragon slaying is indeed a huge threat to dragons.

The war between humans and dragons ended 5,000 years ago. Logically, no one can use the dragon slaying technique anymore? Why? ! Could it be that there are still the last descendants of the dragon slayers who are helping the orcs? …

More harpoons came, and Shi Xing knew he couldn’t dodge, but could only curl up into a ball to block. But he was so weak that he couldn’t do anything at all. His hands and feet could only be stretched out by the pulling of the killer whale golem, and he watched helplessly as his body was penetrated by countless harpoons!

The dragon slaying technique robbed him of all his stamina. He lost his strength, changed back to the form of a golden-armored boy, and fell to the sea.

“Alexander!!” the Roman emperor shouted, galloping over and grabbing Shaxing’s hand.

“Ugh…” Jin Twinkle was covered in blood, and it was even more painful to be pulled and pulled like this. He knew that the enemy’s dozens of golems were working together, and the pulling force was huge, “Quickly. …let go! You too will be pulled away!”

“No! I don’t want to lose you!” shouted the Roman Emperor, who in his desperation seemed to confuse the evil star with his deceased son, “reinforcements soon came. Now, support me!”

Indeed, you can see dozens of iron cavalry flying on the sea not far away, and the reinforcements from Rome should be able to come to the rescue in a few dozen seconds.

However, Sha Xing saw that dozens of killer whale golems were sinking into the sea, and the emperor’s iron cavalry had already emitted thick smoke because the output reached the limit, and it would explode at any time.

The right arm of the Roman Emperor Justin I also had blue veins protruding from this huge pulling force and could tear at any time.

(Stupid human. You lose an arm and you cannot regenerate. You are not a dragon.)

The evil star doesn’t need humans to save it. Dragon’s self-esteem is very high, he wants to do what a dragon should do.

Shaxing’s left hand grabs a harpoon stuck in his belly. With the last of his strength, he pulled the harpoon out.

Then, with that sharp blade, he pierced his right arm.

Pop! Under the violent pull of the two forces, the dragon’s right arm was broken. He could clearly hear the sound of his arm being torn apart.

The next second, he was dragged into the sea by the group of killer whale golems, and his body was submerged by the cold water.

“Alexander!!!!” He seemed to be able to hear the Roman Emperor’s roar.

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