Light Spirit Epic Chapter 343: The decisive battle in the abyss (absolutely)


Chapter 343: Decisive Battle in the Abyss (Absolutely)

“Howl ah ah ah ah!” The wolf struggled in pain.

“Woohow!” Trustan hugged the wolf tightly, and did not let go of the ice gun in his hand.

The ice spear shatters quickly once it leaves his hand. He absolutely can’t let go, because this is the last trident that his mental power can allow!

If this doesn’t turn Bedivere back into shape, Tristan is not just powerless, he will die here, at Bedivere’s hands!

He would never allow that to happen. Not because of his own greed for life and fear of death. It was because Bedivere would feel guilty for killing Tristan for the rest of his life. I am afraid that he will lose his [heart] like last time, forever!

——This is the only one, absolutely not!

Tristan would rather sacrifice everything he had to make Bedivere happy.

——Because, he is his most important friend.

The red wolf struggled frantically, jumping and rolling on the ground, just wanting to get Tristan and the ice gun off himself!

Tristan, however, used the last mental power he could to freeze his hands and feet, turning himself into ice cubes that stuck to the beast’s chest.

He was bruised and bruised by the behemoth’s struggle, but he never fell from the beast.

He will never give up unless he purifies the hypnotic magic on Bedivere!

Thus, the giant wolf and the murlocs began the endless cycle of ice making and breaking!

However, they are also approaching the limit——

“Beddie!” the murloc prince begged angrily, he almost fainted, “Wake up for me! If you still have [heart], wake me up!– —-We’re still friends, right?——“

The last sentence was so soft that almost no one could hear it.

But it has an incomparably heavy power.

The giant wolf, struggling frantically, stopped.

Those red photons in the wolf’s body were instantly drawn away by the ice gun and purified.

Seeing that the wolf returned to normal, Tristan also put down the big stone in his heart, let go of his hands, and fell from the wolf.

Silver Wolf also regained consciousness and changed back to his original form, looking at himself with scars and looking at the murloc prince who was even more scarred.

“Tristan——” Tears clouded Bedivere’s vision, “I’m sorry, I’m——“

“It’s not your fault.” The murloc prince smiled, looking at his friend, “We had a fun game, didn’t we?

……I’m a little tired from playing, so I’m going to sleep first. ” Tristan closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Bedivere carried Tristan on his back and sat him against the corner of the wall. He looked at the sleeping face of the murloc boy in a daze.

(Also said to be a friend.)

(The two of us seem to fight often.)

(Fuck, we grew up together…friends.)

(I can’t help but want to be friends with you for a lifetime.)

“Wait here, Tristan. I’ll be back soon.” Bedivere picked up the weapon that had been dropped in the previous battle and ran towards the tower.

At the same time, Arthur, who was about to run to the top of the tower, came to a large room.

The figure standing in front of him shocked him.


A blond boy with bangs, tall and powerful, handsome. The red and gold armor on his body shone with the light of magic.

In comparison, Arthur looks wretched and small. His body was emaciated due to the injuries in the past few days, and compared with Lancelot, he looked even weaker.

“Are you hypnotized too, Lancelot?” Arthur raised his sword in a low voice.

“No. Just to fulfill my agreement with Morgos.” Lancelot said, “Mergos has the special medicine to save Charlotte. It would be good to add another possibility, in order to save Charlotte. , I can only do this.”

“Okay—–” Arthur raised his sword, knowing that the battle was inevitable.

For the sake of his only blood relative, Lancelot can betray his friends and turn against Arthur.

——Is their friendship, that’s all?

Morgos sat in her lab watching all this, snickering to herself.

She didn’t care which of the two would win. All she wanted to see was the painful expressions on the faces of these two people.

About seven years ago, in a slum in Wales, in a dilapidated house.

Another boy was brought home by Ser Arctor.

Arthur was practicing swordsmanship with Kai, and he turned his head to look, just in time to meet the eyes of the blond boy.

Lancelot’s handsome blue eyes looked at Arthur. Arthur’s deep black pupils were also looking at Lancelot.

The black-haired boy was astonished by the stalwart of the blond boy, and the blond boy was also surprised by the fortitude of the black-haired boy.

One is a son of a nobleman. Although he wears coarse clothes, he cannot hide his nobility.

The other is Xiao Yezhong, a ** who has suffered from fate, but can’t wear away the strength in him.

They find qualities in each other that they don’t have, they envy each other, they regard each other as mortal enemies, and they also regard each other as relatives and friends.

As soon as they meet, they fight for no reason. Until Arthur was defeated and knocked to the ground by Lancelot, his face was covered in blood.

The two have been good friends since that day. Practice together, grow together, suffer together, and enjoy together.

And as Arthur once said, Lancelot is [invincible].

The two boys had duel 35,427 times, and Arthur never won, only a draw.

Lancelot, the legendary knight of the lake, was rescued by a goddess when the sword saint Aac betrayed Pantolaken and his family was about to be wiped out, and put him in a place called [Avalon Pure Land] ] in the wonderland to gain power.

Like Arthur, Lancelot has the gift of being able to unleash a [miracle] The [Second Miracle] he possesses—the ability to create quality—can be created out of thin air in his hands Extra energy (but no extra mass).

When holding a weapon, the weapon can carry additional kinetic energy to produce powerful destructive power. Even a small leaf can be as deadly as a flying knife when thrown.

And, unlike Arthur’s half-bucket of water, [can only be used once a day], Lancelot’s [Second Miracle] is activated forever.

Although the activation range is only kept within one foot of the palms of his hands, this ability is enough to strengthen any weapon in the world.

With the weapon in hand, Lancelot can instantly accelerate the weapon to a speed that cannot be surpassed by human beings, and can make the sword strikes swung out to produce huge destructive power.

Moreover, with the true biography of his father, the Sword Saint Jacques, Lancelot’s swordsmanship is unmatched by anyone.

Anything he wields can be the deadliest weapon. His power can go against the sky, distort the laws of physics, and every blow is a [miracle] and a continuation of [miracle].

In front of [miracle], the world is simply a humble existence. ——That’s why Lancelot fought tens of thousands of battles in his life without a single defeat.

Arthur is now facing a monster with an [undefeated] destiny.

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