Light Spirit Epic Chapter 342: The decisive battle in the abyss (extremely)


Chapter 342: The decisive battle in the abyss (extremely)

At the same time, at the entrance to the tower.

“Ha!” Tristan fired another shot, forcing the attacking Bedivere back.

The Bedi in front of him is the same guy who turned into a beast before. That monster, which has both the consciousness of a beast and a wealth of combat experience, is extremely difficult to deal with.

Not to mention, Tristan didn’t dare to hurt Bedivere at all, and he had to be cautious when he shot.

So, of course, Bedivere has the absolute upper hand.

A red shadow came, and Tristan hurriedly blocked. Bedivere’s claws were half sunk into Tristan’s shoulders.

“Cough!” Tristan was shot and flew out. It was because he flew out that he finally avoided serious injury to his entire arm.

“Ugh…” Tristan got up, although the blood on his left arm was blurred, the wounds of the three photon claws remained on his arm, covered with burns and tears.

He didn’t feel the pain, because the weapon in Bedi’s hand had a paralyzing effect.

…However, this left arm is also unusable.

The combat spell that Tristan is good at can’t be used, and he can only fight with one hand wielding a spear. Just fending off Bedivere’s attack was already very difficult.

If it goes on like this, it will definitely lose. Not to mention saving Bedivere, even self-rescue is impossible.

The red wolf roared furiously and charged up again.

Plan! Bedivere’s left paw slashed towards Trisetan’s chest, and Tristan raised his gun again to block.

Swipe again! The right paw slashed towards the murloc prince’s thigh. Tristan was about to dodge, but found that his gun was stuck by Bedi’s left paw. The red wolf is extremely cunning, and stuck Tristan’s weapon with the gap of his claws, just for the next blow!

“Ouch!” Tristan let go of his weapon and shrank back in time, but he was too late! That moment of hesitation was enough for Chilang to open three deep wounds on the murloc prince’s thigh!

“Uhhhhhhhh…” Tristan rolled back, finally pulling a little distance. But he knew that his right leg had been scrapped, and the numbness and wounds made him unable to move for a while!

There is no other way but to use that!

The Red Wolf attacked again without giving Tristan a chance to breathe! He knows that the opponent has no strength to fight back, and the next blow can definitely kill him!

His claws come out and land on Tristan’s head!

Just as he was looking forward to the scene where his opponent’s head would be shattered and his **** splashed, Tristan disappeared in an instant!

Skate—The murloc prince collects the moisture in the air and creates an ice skateboard under his feet.

Bedivere remembers this. He was there to watch when the murloc prince used this for the first time.

Even this mad red wolf now has memories of the past.

He knew that Tristan was going to run around like a cannonball, able to accelerate to incredible speeds in an instant, and the red wolf was on guard.

The murloc prince fell on his face, stuck his injured left arm on the front end of the ice skateboard and fixed it with ice, and knelt on the ice skateboard with his injured right leg, which was also fixed with ice.

He didn’t know that this was the posture that surfers often use to maintain balance. He just made this movement subconsciously, while lowering the center of gravity to improve the flexibility of the operation, while also hiding the injured part.

He also vacated a right arm to create an ice sword for counterattack.

“Beddie, I’m here!” Although Tristan was in pain, he laughed comfortably, “Let’s go on to the second round of play!”

“Hoo ah ah ah ah!” This roar was the answer given by Bedivere.

He dropped his weapon, and the whole person became a beast. A huge red wolf appeared in front of Tristan.

Tristan looked at Bedivere like this, not with a look of fear, but with a knowing smile, hesitating about a child who was about to play with his friends.

“Let’s go,” Tristan called.

He casts an orbital acceleration spell on his skateboard. Using the kinetic energy obtained by consuming photons, the skateboard leaped out, and flew far away in an instant. The friction between the ice board and the ground is almost zero, and it carries Tristan all the way out.

Of course, the giant red wolf is also chasing after the murloc prince. The red wolf’s four-legged dash is not much slower than the giant leopard form of Palamides.

“Ahahahahaha!” Tristan laughed frantically, walking freely in this ancient ruin. He has been able to control the skateboard smoothly, and there are not many opportunities to apply speed spells. Usually, he just needs to constantly adjust the center of gravity to turn.

The wolf was staggering and running in the ruins. The remains of ancient buildings were everywhere, and it was very hard for him to run with such a large body.

Tristan, this funny guy, also created ice surface on the ground all the way, making the ground very slippery, almost impossible to stand on, running on it and falling down at any time.

The wolf had to slow down in order not to fall, and had to be careful not to trip. Even with an absolute speed advantage, he couldn’t catch up with Tristan, who was floating around and using the terrain advantage to fight guerrilla warfare!

“Hahahahaha!” The murloc prince continued to laugh, like it was a really fun game. When Bedivere hesitated, he had already passed by the wolf, throwing the ice trident in his hand at the giant wolf.

Before the red wolf could react, the shot was already taken in his left arm. Tristan knew that Bedivere, who had turned into a giant beast, would not have any problem even if he was hit by this small attack. On the contrary, the ice gun made of the structure of the imitation golden trident might be able to—– –

The arm of the pierced red wolf began to turn silvery white. Something red keeps receding from where the gun was wounded, seemingly being [purified].

Tristan knew his plan would work.

However, to completely purify the red wolf and release the [something] that controls Bedivere, that blow alone does not seem to be enough.

How many more shots are needed? Tristan counted the number of rounds he could shoot.

He has used a lot of magic today. Even if the mermaids use magic without petrification, they will still be tired when they should be tired.

There are three more rounds. Can’t miss a single shot. I just hope that after these three shots are used up, Bedivere can return to normal——

First shot. Tristan charged towards the wolf head-on. When the wolf saw Tristan, a paw fell. Tristan was not afraid, and threw the ice trident at the wolf’s chest.

The wolf hesitated for a moment because of the severe pain of the blow. His giant claws slowed down the fall and only brushed lightly on the back of the murloc prince. The murloc endured the pain on his back and got under the wolf’s crotch, letting the wolf pounce!

The ice skateboard turned around quickly. Before the red wolf turned around, Tristan had already made a second trident, aimed it at the wolf’s left buttock, and shot it! When the wolf turned the gun just hit the wolf in the abdomen!

The wolf was attacked again, and while hesitating for a while, Tristan was already rushing towards the wolf!

The wolf stretched out his right paw, calculated the track, and crossed it! This time, Tristan will definitely be hit, and the murlocs are unavoidable!

However, as if it had been premeditated, Tristan suddenly raised the front of the skateboard, lifted the skateboard like a shield, and pressed the skateboard together!

The so-called ice skateboard is a thick, heavy block of ice. Tristan was still accumulating water vapor in the air during the slide just now, making the skateboard bigger and thicker.

But, can something like this withstand the claws of the giant wolf? !

Obviously, not.

The moment the ice skateboard was hit by the giant wolf’s claws, it shattered into countless pieces of ice. If Tristan is behind the skateboard, he must be **** at the moment!

—But Tristan is no longer there. He had already given up on skateboarding, because the huge ice covered his eyes, and he didn’t know where he had slipped!

The ice debris smashed by the wolf’s claws scattered out. Although it could not cause actual damage, it fascinated the eyes of the red wolf.

While the wolf closed his eyes to guard against the ice debris, Tristan had already rushed over, enduring the severe pain in his legs and arms, raised his trident and jumped, and slammed the ice spear into the giant beast in the chest!

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