Light Spirit Epic Chapter 331: The lore of Yu Qiming (Part 2)


Chapter 331 The lore of Yu Qiming (Part 2)

But! ——

“Okay, the game is over!” Mogosi sneered and opened the door, blocking the silver wolf. Silver Wolf hadn’t reacted yet, only to see a red arc of light streaking across the air, and his prosthetic left arm had been cut off.

The three-legged wolf lost his balance, stuck his head on the ground, and rushed in front of Morgos.

The demon girl sneered, using red high heels with sharp heels, stepping on the silver wolf’s head, “You two are really a pair of naive little fools. Do you think you can escape from the slave’s research institute, eh? ?”

She stepped harder, and Bedivere felt like her skull was about to shatter.

“You said, how should the slave family punish you?”

“Kun, punish me—don’t punish Renane! This has nothing to do with her!” Bedivere pleaded.

“Hehehe, is that right? It’s okay too—” Mogosi smiled wickedly, the little wolf cub in front of him was too cute.

Like a fruit that is about to ripen, he is constantly exuding a tempting fragrance, and Morgos can’t wait to take him in his hands and torture him.

“Ugh!!” The werewolf boy screamed, feeling the sharp pain of the hard object inserted into his body.

Those sharp metal rods pass through his skin and muscles, but avoid internal organs and go straight to the bone marrow.

Renine’s bodily functions were almost completely stopped, with only one pair of eyes left to move. She was arranged to sit in the room, quietly watching Bedivere — watching how he was tortured.

A strong current flowed into the werewolf boy’s body through those metal rods, and his body began to stiffen and twitch.

Blood began to spurt from his wound, and Morgos kept giving him substitute blood in order not to let the boy die.

Let him continue his cycle of bloodletting and transfusions.

A single drop of crystal tears could not help shedding in the eyes of the girl Patimo.

“Uh ah ah ah ah ah ah!” The screams of the werewolf boy echoed in the research institute.

“Ahahahahahahahahaha!” The laughter of the demon girl Mogos also echoed in the research institute.

Four in the morning. Palamidis was awakened by a burst of alarms. Someone has already crossed the first cordon—the holographic image lake outside the institute—and entered Vivian’s institute.

He got up alertly and shook the two kittens beside him who were sleeping soundly together: “All get up, there are guests coming.”

Two minutes later, the leopard warrior was wearing a thin light armor, holding his pair of photon claws, and lurking in the corridor of the institute.

“Palami, although you have become a green knight, your body’s ability to recover is very strong—” Vivian’s voice came from the communicator in the Leopard’s ear,

“But you are not absolutely [undead]. You will still die if your head is smashed, or your heart is pierced, or you are hit in the vital part of your body with a weapon enchanted by [Holy]. “

“Understood, Vivien.” Palamedis replied in a low voice, “Concentrate on completing the sword of kings in your hand. I will definitely stay here.”

Actually, he doesn’t care about the King’s Sword. The only thing this big cat cares about now is his woman.

“Hey hey hey meow.” The two leopard teenagers sneered beside them.

“What are you still doing here?! Why don’t you hurry and hide in the basement?” Palamidis yelled, blushing.

“Boom!” Before his voice could fall, the door of the research institute had been knocked open, and a loud noise came from afar, like the roar of a giant beast.

“Hologram system, activate meow!” Saifer shouted, opening the institute’s hologram. The two kittens also fled back: “Dad, this is going to become a huge maze, meow. Just follow our navigation meow!”

“Got it.” Palamidis could only see the scene around him changing rapidly. The original metallic laboratory wall was replaced by a tropical rain forest in an instant.

Although I know it’s fake, it’s still amazing to see this lifelike scene.

Hundreds of ebony knights fumbled through the entrance of the institute, terrified by the miraculous mirror image.

“Don’t panic! It’s just an illusion!” Douglas, who took the lead, directed his hand through the trunk of a tree, “Look, this is something that didn’t exist before, it’s just a trick! “

A giant black panther walks towards them.

“This guy is also an illusion.” Douglas said.

“Humph,” the giant leopard said, “Since you dare to break into the demon world without your own strength, don’t even think about going out alive!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the throat of an ebony knight next to him had already spewed blood, and he fell to the ground dead!

“Strange, monster!” exclaimed the knights. They didn’t even see how the fellow’s throat was torn apart.

All of this is so counterintuitive that the Ebony Knights panic.

They are trained soldiers who can sacrifice their lives in order to complete the task, but they are human after all, and they are still afraid when they see their companions die for no reason!

“Hey hey hey, let’s start the game——” Black Panther sneered, disappearing into the shadow of the jungle in an instant.

“Don’t be afraid of him!” Douglas screamed, raising the sword in his hand, “A shield team, a swordsman and a shooter, form a team and march slowly! No matter how cunning he is, he will not be able to lower us. ! People who know eagle eye surgery start searching now!”

He thought Hawkeye could see through the phantoms here. He was wrong.

The holographic image in the Vivian Institute is a visual world that is directly interwoven with photons by the technology of ancient civilizations. It is very different from ordinary illusions.

Ordinary illusions are just fake optical information to cover up reality, which can be easily seen through by eagle eyes.

However, this institute surrounded by holographic images is full of visual information composed of photons.

Hawkeye is based on capturing the visual information in photons, and the world [sees] is exactly the visual world composed of the holographic image now.

The knights who knew the eagle eye technique shook their heads. There’s nothing they can do about this.

Touch! The knights were clumsily mounted on invisible walls, and a group fell to the ground. Before they could get, a shadow swept across them, and the three knights were cut in half.

“Wow!” The other three knights took another blow. The knight holding the shield had his arm cut off, and the large photon shield instantly fell to the ground. Just as the other two were trying to stabilize their bodies to defend against the attack, their heads were already cut off.

“Damn!” Douglas guarded carefully, using the mind-eye technique to defend, the only thing he could do.

The big question is, where the **** is that damned black panther?

A drop of blood drips from the ceiling.

Douglas looks up. Of course, what he saw was a false sky, not the ceiling of the institute.

The black giant leopard was sticking tightly to the ceiling with its four claws.

Palamidis became a green knight, able to control his body to make slight changes like a succubus. He made countless barbs on the pads of his paws, making a contact surface large enough for him to stick to the wall.

In this way, he hangs upside down in the air, waiting for an opportunity, in the blind spot of the enemy’s attention, ready to annihilate them one by one.

Of course, in front of him are hundreds of well-trained ebony knights.

He had to deal with hundreds of people by himself. Moreover, the enemy may have more reinforcements!

No matter how you take advantage of circumstances and abilities, this battle will be a tough one!

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