Light Spirit Epic Chapter 330: The lore of Yu Qiming (middle)


Chapter 330 The lore of Yu Qiming (middle)

At night, Vivian’s research institute.

“What? Arthur got caught?” Palamidis exclaimed into the phone, “How is that possible?! He’s such a strong guy——“

“Don’t be noisy! Calm down and listen to me!” Palinlor’s voice came from the other end of the microphone, with anger and impatience, “I don’t care who you are, and I don’t care what you are doing.

Anyway, bring the repaired Sword of Kings to King’s Park Square in London by 7:00 tomorrow morning!

Those guys in the Council may have already found your place in Arthur’s mouth. You must stay there until you complete the King’s Sword! understand! “

Palamides groaned and hung up the phone.

This institute has almost no fighting power, it is full of women and children. (He doesn’t know Merlin’s identity) – that is to say, the responsibility of guarding this institute falls on him alone.

“What?” He turned to look at Vivian.

Vivian responded with a cold sentence: “Do what you like. I have to continue to install the King’s Sword, and I should be able to catch up before noon.

——If you didn’t get in my way, it could have been done sooner. “

[In the way], referring to the time they spent together this morning…

“Phuhuhu——” The two kittens covered their mouths with a smirk and seemed to know something.

“Um…” Palamedis blushed and muttered, while scratching his head in embarrassment, “Anyway, you two boys hide in the basement, the matter is not over. Don’t come out before, understand?”

“Got it, meow.” The two leopard teenagers said in unison.

“You guys take this.” Vivian used a lock of hair and handed a box to two Leopard boys, “This is the main switch of the institute’s defense system and holographic image system, although there is nothing Actual lethality, but if used well, it should be able to slow down the enemy’s invasion.”

“I know, I get it, meow.” Saifer took over the remote control.

“You all go out to prepare, we’re going to be staying overnight tonight.” Vivian kicked the Leopard three father and son out of the research room.

“Ugh…” Palamidis couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, but he knew that the situation was serious, and he shouldn’t focus on his children’s personal affairs. He patted his two sons on the back,” You guys go to bed first and get ready to fight. I just hope Vivien’s golems will come in handy.”

“Aren’t you afraid that the enemy will attack now, meow?” Seglade asked.

“Those people who can sneak attack on Arthur must be masters. They will definitely choose the best time to sneak attack on us. For example, at four o’clock in the morning, when most people are still sleeping, the most relaxed time—— “

The leopard warrior narrowed his eyes and said with the thug-like tone of the past: “At that time they dared to come, and I would let them go without food.”

Late at night on the same day. Morgoth’s Institute.

Lian Yin came to Bedivere and placed the food in front of Silver Wolf’s cage.

Because she didn’t know if this Lianyin was pretending to be Mogos, Bedivere couldn’t help but be wary of her, and she was especially wary when she was eating.

Although it is dog food, the hungry silver wolf eats it with relish. After eating, Lian Yin opened the cage again and motioned to take Bedivere to take a bath.

Silver Wolf silently obeyed the instructions of the Patima girl.

Just when he was washed with cold water and shivered, Lian Yin hugged Silver Wolf tightly again, as if to convey the heat of her body to Silver Wolf.

“Lianyin…Are you the real Lianyin?” Bedivere asked in a low voice.

“…Bedivere…what kind of me is the real me?” Lotus replied in a low voice. There was no mechanical coldness in her voice.

“…I don’t know,” replied the wolf. He really doesn’t know. He knew too little about girls.

But he knew how to find out.

“Ask your own heart.” Bedivere said, “Only then will you find the answer to your question.

——What kind of you is the real you?

——Who are you?

——What are you living for? “

“Bedivere, I—” Lotus’ purple pupils were full of confusion.

“Lian Yin, don’t ask me, ask your own heart.” Silver Wolf’s silver eyes stared at the girl Patimo, as if she could see through everything about her.

——With love, he stared at her.

She is an artificial human, a weapon made by ancient people, a Patimo who only obeys orders. She doesn’t even know if she has a [heart].

However, she knows that there is one thing that takes precedence over obeying orders. —— She wanted to protect Bedivere.

Looking at the hairy silver wolf in her arms, shivering slightly in the cold, for the first time in her life, she had the idea of ​​protecting this wolf—this boy—.

This idea goes against even the order she had originally received, and is completely contrary to her [purpose].

(I really want to save Bedivere.)

(—However, it is impossible to disobey the order.)

(Following orders to act is the meaning of my existence.)

(—However, seeing Bedivere in such a painful state, there is an indescribable discomfort in my heart!)

(What should I do?)

The girl picked up the silver wolf and carried him outside the bathroom.

She looked around and saw that there was no one in the corridor, so she ran out with the wolf in her arms.

“Lian…yin?” The weak silver wolf only felt that he was carried by the girl and ran for a while, but it didn’t seem like he was sent back to the original cage.

She took the silver wolf… to escape from the institute!

Figures sway in the late-night research institute. Lian Yin knows the structure of the place like the back of the hand, and the surveillance cameras are completely useless to her, and she always successfully hides in the blind spots of the cameras.

“Bedivere,” the girl hid in the shadow of the corner, and the door in front of her was guarded by two red-robed warlocks. “From here on, I can’t go any further. I’ll try to distract the guards. , you took the opportunity to escape, understand?”

“Lian Yin, if you do this——“

Before the silver wolf could finish speaking, the girl held the wolf’s face and gave him a deep kiss.

The magic was activated during the kiss, and she was healing him with the magic. In order to hide the excess light of magic in the dark shadow, she uses this magic in the form of woo…” The wolf felt a warmth flowing into him as he was kissed by the girl In his body. The fatigue, hunger and pain of the past few days, he gradually can’t feel it.

He knew what Lian Yin was going to do. He couldn’t refuse. He was in tears as he kissed.

“Now,” Lian Yin put down the silver wolf, “Run!”

She rushed out first, and without saying a word, she stretched out her hand and sent out a Frost Arrow, which shot directly at the two guarding Warlock Golems.

The two golems were attacked, and of course they evaded and fought back.

Golems can’t use magic originally, but their palms are engraved with the magic formation left by Morgos in advance. This is a magic that Morgos casts in advance and triggers the magic with a delay with the control of the golem. Arrows are always high-level magic. They formed a rain of light bullets and shot at Lian Yin!

Lian Yin had already set up a magic shield to block the light bullet. The moment she attracted the attention of the warlock golems, Bedivere also ran from the side.

The silver wolf is like a silver light, passing beside the golems. The two golems were turning around to chase, but Lian Yin shot more ice arrows, blocking the way the golems went.

Silver Wolf had already rushed out for dozens of yards and ran through a short corridor. In the crack of the door in front of him, he could clearly feel the natural wind blowing in from the outside——he was able to escape from here. If he goes out, he will be free!

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