Light Spirit Epic Chapter 319: Melee in Feixue (Part 1)


Chapter 319: The Melee in Feixue (Part 1)

When Arthur woke up again, it was already late at night. In the infirmary, Greenville was giving Arthur an IV.

“How? Are you still dizzy?” Greenville asked, her tone turning cold as water.

“Um…” Arthur stammered and replied awkwardly.

“You’re a failure enough to be plotted like that.” Greenville sneered.

“I’m afraid that guy has been lurking in the room with infiltration magic. He is a master of assassination.” Arthur thought, the previously injected Veritaserum was still affecting his brain, making him unable to think normally.

“Just save yourself. You keep complimenting others, just to cover up your own gaffe.” Greenville’s mouth criticized mercilessly.

Arthur chose to remain silent. He was too lazy to argue with girls.

“That guy is [Shadow Dancer] Douglas, the one with the highest bounty among all the heinous criminals.” Pasiva, who was on the side, interjected at this time, “He is best at using infiltration magic and disguise magic. Very tricky. Council hired criminals like this to kill Arthur. What a dirty deal.”

Arthur thinks he’s heard this name somewhere. But his mind was still a mess, unable to recall anything properly.

“All in all, my dad asked Jaglow and I to take turns to guard you 24 hours a day, and we can never let the same thing happen again.”

“Guardian? You mean——“

“That’s right, when you take a bath, when you go to the toilet, when you change clothes, and when you sleep, we will stay by your side every step of the way.” Pasiva said seriously.

“…Are you kidding me!?” Arthur covered his face and made a sad expression.

“Pfft…deserved!” Greenville snickered.

The next morning. There are only three days left until the promised date for the repair of the Sword of Kings.

Palamidis the Leopard got up and looked around.

He is in a…beautiful rainforest.

He looked around, and the verdant green flashed into his eyes.

The sun shines in the woods, and the mottled tree shadows fall on the Leopard Man. Wild birds chirped in the forest, insects flew by from time to time, and the stream was gurgling, reflecting sparkling waves in the sun.

What a beautiful piece of nature. But——

“This is ——?” The Leopard Man was at a loss. He should be in Vivian’s research institute, right?

“Oh, you’re awake?” Vivienne appeared out of nowhere in the woods, she looked around, “What’s going on?—Those two naughty kittens are messing with me again. Projector?”

She fiddled with something in midair. The tropical rain forest in front of Palamidis disappeared immediately, returning to the original medical room full of metal atmosphere.

“Oh, is this an illusion created by magic?” The Leopard was relieved and sat down beside the bed.

“Probably to surprise you. I didn’t know it would be dangerous to mess around like this. What if it hit the wall or the corner of the table?” Vivian scolded.

Although the holographic scene projected by magic can be real, the illusion is just an illusion after all, and Palamidis is still in the original small infirmary. If he saw the beautiful nature and ran excitedly, he would have slammed his head against the invisible wall.

Two leopard teenagers probably want to trick their dad with this. Really naughty.

The golem behind Vivian brought breakfast and placed it in front of the Leopard Man. “Eat,” Vivian said, “you’ve been resting for so many days, you can eat some solid food.”

Palamidis subconsciously touched his abdomen, but he could no longer feel the pain in his internal organs.

Vivian has been busy reforging the Sword of Kings these days, taking time to heal Paramedis with magic…and taking care of two kittens… It was really hard for her.

“I still have a lot of work to do. You can take a walk in the research institute and take a look. However, there are some dangerous experimental animals sealed in the restricted area. You’d better not approach.” Turn away.

“Wait, uh…” The Leopard Man was about to stop Vivian, but she was already far away.

“Thank you…” The Leopard Man whispered.

The golem had just followed Vivian out when the room changed again. This is the living room of Arthur’s farmhouse.

“Hehehe.” A small chuckle sounded outside the door.

The leopard man bit the bread and drank milk indifferently, “Syfer, Seglade? Stop playing, change me back.”

The two leopard teenagers stuck their heads out of the door and looked at their father, “This is a bad meow? Then change to another meow.”

“Whoosh.” The scenery in the room changed immediately, this time it was a lush green field.

“It’s so annoying! I can’t even find where the table is!” The Leopard Warrior reached out and groped, knocking over the milk on the table with one hand and splashing himself.

“Hehe.” Saifer pressed the remote control of the holographic image, and the surrounding scene became the top of the snow mountain again.

“Wow.” The leopard warrior hadn’t had time to wipe the milk off his body, and was immediately frightened by the empty sight under his feet. Although he knew it was an illusion, he only had a small foothold under his feet, and it seemed that he would fall off the cliff every now and then (in fact, he was afraid of heights).

“Have you had enough?! Hurry up and put it away!” Leopard said angrily.

“Ouch!” Seglade was taken aback and pressed a button on the remote control by mistake.

The scene transforms into a dilapidated little earthen house. Palamidis’ home.

A Leopard woman is standing in front of the kitchen, humming happily, cooking a stew.

This is a scene projected according to the memory of the leopard boy. Happy days in the past.

“Renather…” Palamidis jumped up obsessively, rushed over desperately, and wanted to hug the woman.

Of course, he can’t touch anything. The figure passed through his body like air, leaving only the Leopard Man staggering to the ground.

The vision of the woman had come to the table, put the stew on the table, and called for her husband and son to come and eat. It looks so realistic, but it’s just a phantom of the past.

Leopard Man sat on the cold floor, watching his wife’s back, shedding tears.

“I’m sorry, Daddy Meow——” The two kittens also knew that they had played too much, and came over to snuggle beside the Leopard Man and began to sob in a low voice.

“It’s okay, come here——” The Leopard Man hugged his two sons, and the three of them cried together.

“The past is over. Don’t think about it anymore. Just live better in the days to come.” The Leopard Man whispered comfortingly, not so much to comfort his sons as to comfort himself.

After about ten minutes, he saw the surrounding images recede, returning to the original cold and metallic medical room.

“By the way, Dad, what do you think of Aunt Vivian, meow?” Saifer wiped his tears and asked suddenly.

“What, how? What [how]?” Palamidis was asked, stunned.

“I mean, do you like her meow?” Seglade also asked, “Want her to be our new mother meow?”

The face of the leopard warrior turned red for a moment, “What, what, what? What are you talking about, brat!”

“But, didn’t Dad kiss Aunt Vivian, meow? Like this—kiss——“

The two kittens were playing there and the case was repeated, and Palamidis’ face turned purple: “Don’t talk nonsense, I was just insane at the time, so I did such a shameful thing.”

“But you do like Aunt Vivian, right?” Saifer asked suddenly.

Palamides was speechless. Seeing the expectant eyes of his two sons, he sighed: “A person like me is not too young to accomplish anything…and I have two sons…not handsome, and Not human yet. How can someone like me be worthy of someone as noble as Miss Vivienne——“

“Don’t digress, Dad, Meow.” Safer asked, “What I’m asking you is, do you like Aunt Vivian Meow?”

The Leopard did not answer.

The two leopard teenagers sighed at each other: “ You are really a worthless guy.”

“Anyway, even if someone like me pursues her, she will definitely be rejected immediately.” Palamidis said repeatedly. In his impression, Vivian, the black lady, was always so noble and unapproachable.

“I mean, you’re just afraid of being rejected, meow? That’s easy,” Seglade laughed. “Let’s find a way, meow.”

“You two don’t make trouble, okay?” Leopard said hurriedly, “Miss Vivienne is already very busy in order to repair the King’s Sword. Don’t get in her way.”

“But, we really want a mother, meow.” Saifer laughed wickedly, “Dad’s cooking is too bad, but Aunt Vivian’s is better. When she becomes a wife, we will be able to eat Aunt Vivian’s cooking from now on meow.”

(Can you think of anything other than eating?)

“Hmm, that’s it, meow.” Saifer and his younger brother smiled at each other, the two kittens didn’t know what was going on. Auntie An is getting better, meow. Hehehehehe——“

The two kittens laughed, ran away, and disappeared in a flash.

Palamidis felt helpless for a while. He wanted to chase the two kittens, but his body had not recovered, so he did not dare to do strenuous exercise. These two boys shouldn’t come up with any tricks, right? The Panther was uneasy.

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