Light Spirit Epic Chapter 318: Dream (Part 2)


Chapter 318: Entangled in the Dream (Part 2)

Silver Wolf’s dream continues.

In the endless snow field, the wolf walked quietly and aimlessly.

He staggered through the snow, draining his energy bit by bit, and finally collapsed to the ground.

From a distance, look at the darkness of the abyss.

The wolf succumbed feebly, and his body was exhausted. He crawls slowly with his front paws, and crawls forward with a slow speed.

In order to reach her place once again: in a pure land that is so far away and can never be reached.

The wolf doesn’t know how to give up. But his limbs were numb, his eyes had turned pitch black, and only his will was supporting his crawling. When his consciousness died, it was the end of his life.

With both hands, he embraced the silver wolf.

Her supposedly cold hands are now warm. That little bit of heat was incredibly warm.

The cold night recedes, the darkness dissipates, and the snow field is replaced by a sea of ​​flowers.

Silver Wolf opened his eyes slightly and looked at the endless flower sea composed of [Breath of the Sky].

This is not something Bedivere has ever seen. This is Lian Yin’s [dream]——her memory.

The girl hugged the silver wolf tightly, her body temperature coming from her skin, warming the wolf’s cold body.

The pure land he spent his whole life looking for has finally arrived.

Bedivere returned to human form, and the boy hugged the girl tightly.

“Lian Yin…I like you…” He didn’t care about shame in his dreams, and said the words in his dreams that he usually wouldn’t dare to say.

“Bedivere…” The Lian Yin in the dream seemed to know all the thoughts of the werewolf boy. She put her face on the werewolf boy and started to kiss him.

There are countless luminous insects flying in the sea of ​​flowers, reflecting the dark night into a faint bright green, and surrounding the two people who are hugging tightly.

They blended love in the sea of ​​flowers, hugged tightly, kissed each other non-stop, and their body and mind became one.

Bediver cried with emotion as she shouted Lian Yin’s name, as if she wanted to dedicate her everything to this girl. He held her so tightly that he could not wait to immediately focus his deep love on the girl’s body and tell her how much he loved her.

…the night passed.

Morgoth watched the situation in the room from the CCTV. She watched the silver wolf and the girl Patimo hug each other tightly, and the room was in a mess. She smiled contentedly.

She thought that Lian Yin was acting on orders, but she didn’t know that things had gone in a completely unpredictable direction.

Arthur got up dazedly and was startled when he saw Pasiva in front of the bed: “You, what are you doing here?!”

“I’m watching over you, Arthur. Did you know you’ve been in a coma all day?”

“I—what?” Arthur looked at the clock by the bed, it was already six o’clock in the afternoon.

Yesterday, he took off his physical examination at Greenville’s. With the cold not clear, Arthur’s body collapsed, and he slept in a coma all day.

There are still three and a half days left until the promised date of repairing the King’s Sword.


“Quickly change your clothes and come out for some gruel.” Pasiva gave Arthur an embarrassed smile.

“Understood, you go out first——” Arthur said blushing. He didn’t know if he was blushing because of shyness or because of a fever, but in short, he wanted to get Pasiva out of the room as soon as possible.

“Okay. Please hurry — Father ordered us to protect you twenty-four hours a day,” Pasiva said.

Arthur nodded again and again and threw Pasiva out of the room, before taking off his sweat-soaked clothes and putting on a set of casual clothes.

When he was about to put on the armor, something sharp pressed against his back.

“Hey, hey, the famous celestial knight, Arthur, would have such a miscalculation.” A sinister voice sounded from behind Arthur. The voice was very low, and the cold and hoarse tone made people feel unpleasant.

“…What do you want?” Arthur raised his hands, “Are you an assassin sent by the Council?”

“Perhaps?” The other party replied ambiguous, “Don’t try to resist. Although this dagger is not very sharp, it is still easy to pierce your heart with it.”

“Arthur? Are you all right? Have you changed your clothes yet?” Pasiva called from outside.

“…” Arthur was silent for a while.

“Answer him. Don’t do any tricks.” said the voice behind.

“…I’m fine, just wait a little longer. I can’t find my scarlet panties—-” Arthur replied casually. He hoped that Pasiva was smart enough to hear the mystery in his words.

“Still wearing that thing?—it’s in the lower left compartment of your closet,” Pasiva replied.

Is it understood or not? Arthur was at a loss. All he can do now is to stabilize the man behind him and delay for a while.

“What the **** are you trying to do?” Arthur whispered, “Want to kill me? Then why don’t you do it quickly?”

“We won’t let you die easily. If you die by assassination, the Celestial Knights must use this as a pretext, which is not good for the Council.” The assassin sneered, “We want you to be judged without honor. Die with shame. You have three and a half days left.”

“Hehe, it’s still a lot of work for you to kill someone.” Arthur sneered.

“Let’s wait and see. You will see your own doomsday.” The assassin’s voice became more insidious, “Now, tell me — where is the Sword of Kings hidden by you?”

“You think I’ll tell you? Hehe—“

“You will, because—“

Arthur felt something injected into his body from his neck and he felt a whirlwind.

That’s the Veritaserum used to interrogate prisoners. Assassins actually carry this kind of thing! ?

The assassin kicked Arthur to the ground, twisted Arthur’s hands, and asked in a low voice, “Come on, where is the King’s Sword?”

“The king…the king…” Being in a trance by the ferocious drug, Arthur said involuntarily: “The sword of the king is in Wei…wei… “

“Haha!!” Palinlor slashed from mid-air with a sword.

“Keng!!!!” The sword slashed empty, slashed on the slate on the ground, and cut a huge depression in the ground!

The assassin had already rolled over and fled to the window: “This is the end of today. There will be a period later!”

He threw a smoke bomb on the ground and disappeared immediately.


The weak Arthur fell to the ground. He only felt that the world was spinning wildly, and the sounds he heard were getting louder and more blurred.

“Arthur!? How are you?!”

When he saw Palinlor in full-body fusion armor walking over, he realized that Palinlor teleported into the room, and then slashed down with a sword, forcing the assassin back.

It’s a great shame to ask a reckless man like Palinlor to help him. ——Thinking of this, Arthur lost consciousness.

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