Light Spirit Epic Chapter 31: Fighting in the sea.


Chapter 31: Fierce Battles on the Coast (Part 1)

I don’t know how long it has been, on the coastline of an island.

“Cough, cough, I thought I was going to die! —” Bedivere lay on the beach, coughing constantly, spitting out salty seawater and various seaweed impurities from his throat.

“Everyone—— are you okay?” Kai got up and shouted, he looked very embarrassed, his armor had been damaged and washed away by the water, leaving a soaked shirt, revealing Strong pectoral muscles underneath. His short red hair was covered with sand, ice residue and seaweed debris on the coast, making him look like an old man in sixties.

Bedivere turned to look for Arthur. He looked around and saw the knight Arthur lying quietly on the beach, motionless.

…like a corpse!

“Arthur, Arthur!?” The werewolf boy Bedivere shook his master, but the silver knight Arthur did not respond.

Arthur was not breathing, his body was cold and his face was ashen.

“Go away, don’t touch him!” Kay pushed Bedivere away and quickly checked Arthur’s condition. Arthur is in shock, and his whole body is cyanotic due to lack of oxygen. The situation is too dangerous to be ignored! He hurriedly put several extra-cardiac pressures on the knight Arthur. Seeing that there was no response, he did artificial respiration again.

Still doesn’t work.

Kay is startled. He raised his right fist, exhausted his strength, and thumped Arthur’s chest hard.

Pfft! ————-

“Cough, cough, cough…!!” The young knight spat out a mouthful of seawater and resumed his breathing.

“Ugh—” Arthur whispered, “Do you want to save me, or do you want to kill me? I seem to have broken a few ribs—“

“If you still have the strength to complain, it means there is no problem.” Kai smiled disapprovingly.

Arthur had just returned from the death line, but his consciousness recovered faster than his body. He got up clutching his painful chest and kept spitting out the seaweed in his mouth: “What is this place?”

“I don’t know. But it’s freezing cold here. I think we must have drifted northward along the ocean current. We are very close to Iceland, maybe even in Iceland.” Kecha looked at the gray-black sand on the beach.

“Okay, can we chat later?” Bedivere shivered as he spoke, and hurriedly leaned over to Kay’s side to keep warm, “I’m about to freeze.”

Arthur and his party were very lucky. It only took about ten minutes to find a small cave on the coast.

The cave is not big, but it can still allow three people to enter to take shelter from the wind and snow. Its basalt rock walls are full of the salty taste of the sea, but they are clean and refreshing. Kai used ice bricks made of ice and snow to surround the opening, so that the blizzard can be blocked to the maximum extent while ensuring the supply of oxygen.

Bediver shivered as he twisted his undressed, wiggling like a puppy, trying to shake the water off his body. The water splashed Arthur’s face, Arthur really wanted to give this kid a punch, but he was weak and weak, so he had to stop.

Arthur asked curiously: “I thought werewolves were very hardy?”

The Eskimos (werewolves) live on the coldest and harshest Siberian ice sheet on earth, and they can survive in the snowstorm of minus fifty degrees. This coldness is insignificant to them, right?

“As long as the hair on his body doesn’t get soaked, yes.” The werewolf boy half-dried his body, which made it a little less cold. The hair on his body was sticking to each other and it looked very funny.

Kai was busy piling up the firewood he had collected, and then simply poked it with the Flaming Magic Spear. The powerful heat of the gun head ignited the firewood, creating a life-saving campfire.

Arthur felt inexplicable anger in his heart when he saw Kay’s stupid behavior. He wanted to scold people, but he couldn’t get up the strength, so he had no choice but to say weakly: “Idiot! Do you want to be discovered by the enemy?”

Kai carelessly leaned his body toward the campfire, trying his best to absorb the heat of the flames: “If you find out, find out! It’s better to be captured as a prisoner than to freeze to death here right now. Or you can fight back.”

“Okay, saved.” Bedivere was already warming himself around the fire. His drenched silver hair steamed under the heat of the flames.

“I really can’t help you.” Arthur also sat down to keep warm. The heat made him feel a little more comfortable, but the wet clothes on his body continued to absorb his body heat.

Kay looked at Arthur’s shirt, which was still dripping with water, and asked strangely, “Take off the clothes when they’re wet. Do you want to freeze to death?”

“No, that’s fine.” Arthur insisted stubbornly.

“Why do you act like a woman?” Kai was furious, “Didn’t we often bathe together when we were kids? Is there anything I haven’t seen before? Now you’re shy?”

“…Idiot, that’s not the reason.” Arthur said weakly.

“Then what’s the reason!?” Kai said, “You don’t want to take it off, I’ll take it off for you!”

“Stop! Stop——“

As soon as he took off Arthur’s shirt, Kay was stunned: “Hey, what the **** is this?!”

The black mass behind Knight Arthur’s back seemed to be necrotic flesh. The black stretched out along the blood vessels, eroding Arthur’s entire back. It looks very… painful!

“It was left over from the last battle,” Arthur endured the severe pain of his back injury, and said disapprovingly: “It is said to be a toxin unique to succubus. Now human medical technology can’t remove it, only drugs can be used. Stop its spread.”

“But isn’t that just spreading?!” Kay exclaimed Yes, slowly but surely. “Arthur whispered,” if it spread to my head, I would probably die. “

“Injured like this, he actually asked you to come out on a mission—how long will it take?” Kai suppressed his anger and asked calmly.

Arthur’s face gradually became as pale as paper: “One month? Well, without drug control, it is estimated that it will only be a few days.”

“Arthur, you were protecting me at that time—” the werewolf boy Bedivere looked at the knight with his big wet blue eyes, “It’s all my fault…”

“Don’t blame yourself, even if you weren’t there, I wouldn’t have gotten out of the way in an explosion like that.” Arthur whispered, “It’s not your fault.”

He suddenly fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

“Arthur? Arthur!” Bedivere shook the knight and found that the knight’s body was terribly hot. Under the firelight, Arthur’s face could not be completely reflected red, but was surprisingly pale.

“Fever?…Wind and cold, plus the effect of toxins?” Kai searched Arthur’s shirt and found a bottle of pills: “This is probably a suppressant. Make him swallow it! Damn it, why don’t you bring some more medicine with you! I’m going to get some fresh water back.—-Hold me on, Arthur!”

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