Light Spirit Epic Chapter 30: Indulge in the deep sea (li)


Chapter 30: Indulge in the deep sea (in)

In the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean, two hundred feet deep, a small submarine sails quietly in the dark. The orange-yellow light from its headlamp reflected the wondrous underwater world within thirty feet of it.

The small fish and shrimp on the bottom of the sea curiously came over to see what was going on. After a look, they swam away in fear, seeming to be frightened by the sound of the engine made by the big iron-skinned fish. About a hundred feet below, the seabed was covered with a variety of coral and algae, and reflected in brilliant seven-color brilliance under the lights of the submarine.

“Wow!” Bedivere looked at the seabed out of the window in surprise, dancing with excitement like a child (it was originally a child), wagging his tail wildly: “A lot of fish! Good interests!!”

“Sure enough, he’s a little brat.” Kai pretended to be calm, but in fact he himself got carried away. Those plump fish look delicious…

“Don’t worry about it, come and help operate the submarine!?” Arthur had to check various instruments and operate the submarine. He was so busy that he could only keep complaining.

“What are you talking about, how can I understand such a complex machine as a submarine! And I have a more important task: to monitor the surroundings to prevent accidents!” Kai said with a full mouth, which made Arthur keep thinking about using it. The lightsaber slashed his thoughts.

“Ah, the temple!” The werewolf boy pointed to the seabed not far away. The faint outline of the building was silent in the darkness, and the lights of the submarine could only illuminate a corner of it.

“Ah, indeed, I can already see it.” Kai looked at the temple sleeping on the seabed. The ancient and mysterious temple seemed to have infinite and unknown temptations, which made the red-haired knight yearn for: “That is the ancient Kelton. The ruins of a temple left by man, one of the entrances to the [Warrior’s Grave].”

Bedivere had never heard of this thing, and could not help but arouse his curiosity: “Warrior’s Grave?”

“The place where the greatest king in the history of Pantoracken rests, is also the ultimate labyrinth that all knights and warriors dream of reaching.” Ser Kay said, his eyes flashing with ambition, “In [ In the deepest part of the Warrior’s Grave], legend has it that there is an ancient divine weapon with super interests, a golden sword that only a true king can hold, [Sword of Kings] (Caliburn).”

“The King’s Sword?” Another thing that piqued Bedivere’s curiosity.

“The legendary weapon that can open the sky and the earth with a single swipe, gathers the highest masterpieces of all the science and technology of many ancient civilizations.” After their king died, no one could touch it, so they sealed the magic weapon. Sleeping in the warrior’s tomb for thousands of years, the sword has been waiting for the arrival of its true master. One day , I want to enter that labyrinth, challenge the many tests in the labyrinth, and take that artifact as my own!”

“That’s right, keep dreaming, boy.” Arthur poured a plate of cold water down. “Do you remember a little idiot who almost died at the entrance of the maze when he was a child? He was stabbed in the leg by a needle-piercing machine and ran away. He can’t even come out. Who rescued him in the end, forget?”

“We were young then, weren’t we?” said Sir Kay, blushing. “This time is different. I will plan the strategy of the Warrior’s Grave in detail, and it will be successful.”

“Kay, listen to me: cherish life and stay away from that maze.” Arthur exhorted deeply, “Although you and your father are both nasty bastards, if you die… ..Lancelot will be sad.”

“Uh——” Kay suddenly smiled strangely, “Why not [you will be sad], but [Lancelot will be sad]!? Oh, is that shy?”

“Idiot.” Arthur replied coldly.

“Arthur,” the werewolf boy Bedivere couldn’t bear it anymore, so he had to take the opportunity to interrupt: “There are two red bright spots in that black stream, is this normal?”

“Where?” Arthur looked at the movement outside through the periscope. When he saw the red dot, his whole body shuddered like an electric shock, “Oh, no! That’s not normal at all!!”

“Hurry up, get ready to withstand the impact!!” Under Arthur’s control, the submarine made a 90-degree deflection and evaded at full speed.

Two red beams shot towards the submarine and brushed past the submarine’s tail.

Rumble Rumble! ——The silence of the submarine was broken by the twisting sound of metal.

“Wow ah ah ah ah!” The violent vibration made the orc boy dizzy for a while.

Arthur yells into the walkie-talkie: “Captain,—Captain, can you hear that?! Our submarine is being bombarded by the enemy! We’re being bombarded by the enemy at three o’clock! Watch out for the black current. red light!”

“Know–know–!–the whole team–disperse–open! Ready–ready to attack!” A vague reply came from the other end of the walkie-talkie, which seemed to be severely disturbed by the signal.

“Arthur, the five o’clock direction is here again!” cried Bedivere.

“Damn!!” The knight maneuvered the submarine to evade quickly, “This thing is too slow!”

“No, I can’t dodge!!” Kai shouted, “Hurry up!”


A beam of red light hits the belly of the submarine, opening a large hole in the boat.

“Aren’t you all hurt?!” Kai shouted, “Come up!”

“No, the operating system is out of order!!” Arthur said, trying to twist the hatch cover, but the hatch cover was pressed firmly by the water pressure, “—–the hatch cover can’t be opened! The ship is about to disintegrate. I’m done!!”

Kay looked at the water that kept pouring in from the hole in the and shouted: “Damn!!——You two, hold me tight!”

Arthur yelled in panic: “What do you want to do!? Die together?!”

“I’m going to manually open the hatch—and swim out!” The silver knight Kai drew his weapon, his flame spear quickly returned to the shape of a spear, and the spear shot out a crimson light, illuminating the entire cabin.

“No! Do you want to be pressed into meat sauce by water pressure?!”

“It will be alright, turn on the power of the shield on the armor to the maximum, at least it can withstand the water pressure for a few seconds!…Enough for me to swim to a safe depth!”

Arthur is skeptical, but it’s really the only way, and not doing so is a dead end.

Kai stood firm and took a posture to withstand the impact: “Hold me tight! If you are washed away by the water, I have no time to save you!”

“Got it!” Arthur and Bedivere hurriedly hugged Kai’s waist. Afraid of drowning, the two land ducks grabbed the human lifebuoy very tightly.

“It’s now!!——” Kai raised the photon spear and stabbed the hatch.

The heat from the spear tip immediately melted the hatch cover, and the sea poured into the submarine. Kai took a deep breath and rushed out of the cabin against the frenzy that poured into the cabin. He rowed the water with strong muscle force, desperately swimming up to the surface.

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