Light Spirit Epic Chapter 292: The lore is in the dark light (table)


Chapter 292 The lore in the dark light (table)

Appearing in front of Arthur is the Ebony Knight Gunther.

Arthur’s half-brother.

The boy with tears in his eyes froze when he saw his brother’s thin and pale face, and when he saw the dark eyes that were like boundless darkness.

Arthur’s long-seal memory began to awaken. What he remembered was the countless cruel tortures his brother gave him in his childhood.

The pain in the body reappeared. The pain in the past seemed to have just happened. He was pierced through the body countless times, burned by the heat, and the flesh was gouged out by a sharp blade… This is Arthur since childhood. Trauma that has been buried deep in the memory!

He widened his eyes, looked at Gangse, and kept shaking: “Brother…Brother…”

“Little bastard, you are not allowed to call me brother again.” Gangser scolded mercilessly, “If you say another word, I will tear your tongue off and feed you.”

Arthur is still shaking, he doesn’t know how to resist, and he doesn’t know how to escape. He was gripped firmly by the darkness of his past.

Gangse raised the flaming magic sword in his hand, “Now, how should I kill you? Is it better to cut you in half horizontally or vertically?”

“Shut up!” Kai raised his spear and stabbed, “Why are you still alive!? You should be dead!”

“I’m sorry, my life is tough.” Gunther dodged Kai’s attack and swept away with his sword, taking Kai’s head straight! His hand can be stretched at will, combined with the terrifying attack power of the Fiery Demon Sword, with both range and lethality, it will become very difficult to deal with!

A blue shadow had already thrown Kai, Palamidis threw Kai on his back, and kept complaining: “What did you say to burn him for seven days and seven nights?! He is now not only Appearing here alive and kicking, still holding that damned magic sword!?”

“How do I know!” Kay roared, he never dreamed that Gunther would be able to escape from the pillar of fire.

That would have been impossible! …unless, Gunther wasn’t trapped in the fire in the first place!

Was put together! Not only could he not stop Gunser’s plan to kill Arthur, but he also handed over the flaming magic sword to Gunser! Kai scolded inwardly, how stupid he was, how inadequate he was, and how much he failed!

He was supposed to protect Arthur! !

Bedivere pulled out an arrow on the back of the little cheetah! The shock wave generated by the magic bow was supposed to devour Gangse completely, but Gangse raised the magic sword, and the magic flame on the sword completely canceled the shock wave!

How is that possible? ! The flaming magic sword is obviously just a sword enchanted with super high temperature! It shouldn’t be able to do this! ?

Ivan, who was riding on another little cheetah, shot a vacuum blade, and countless vacuum blades shot at Gunser, about to smash Gunser to pieces!

But Gunther swung his sword again, and the black magic flame that raised up wiped out the Vacuum Blade!

The Flaming Sword has a special change in Gunther’s hands. No, maybe this is the true face of [Flaming Demon Sword]—Laevatain! It is the [Destruction Demon Sword] —- Ragnarok, which burns the demon flame of Nidhogg, the world-destroying black dragon, which directly destroys matter and existence in the world. cancel attack].

That is the only magic sword in the legend that can [kill the world]! Turning [existence] into [nothingness], and turning [creation] into [destruction], can cancel everything that has ever existed in the world, [Second Miracle] – the reverse process of creation of quality energy: [Second Minus Second Miracle] – Quality Can be annihilated!

You will die tragically if you touch the magic flame on the Sword of Extermination! The part of the body that was chopped was not [injured], but [lost forever]——No! Not [lost], but [did not exist]! It is impossible to regenerate something that never existed!

The Devil’s Sword of Extermination is a magic weapon that can truly kill life and even gods. There is a reason why Frey and the fire giants are so careful to protect this sword and never allow it to fall into the hands of those with unscrupulous minds. !

Because, now with the magic sword in hand, this incomparably evil Gunther——he can kill even gods!

Is it fate, deliberately letting Kai send the Sword of Extermination to Gunther? !

Is it fate, deliberately letting guys like Gunther kill Arthur today? !

Why? ! Is fate really so unreasonable, constantly torturing that little boy, and after so many years, specially to give him death in the cruelest way? !

Such a fate, such a god, is unforgivable!

Kay couldn’t even explain why he knew the secret of the Sword of Extermination. But he just knew. From a certain point in time in ancient times, he has forged an indissoluble bond with this magic sword. He finally knew one of his missions: he came to this world (space-time) precisely to prevent this magic sword from falling into the hands of the [Unforgivable].

Kay jumps off Palamidis’ back and rushes to Gunther with all his might! What he can do is to use this life to fight against Gangse, even if he can’t kill Gangse, at least he must knock out the Demon Extermination Sword from that guy’s hand!

Definitely can’t let Gunther kill Arthur with that magic sword! Once Arthur is killed by the Exterminating Demon Sword, I am afraid that even his existence will be denied, and he will become non-existent from the beginning and disappear from the memory of the world!

In any case, don’t forget Arthur! He deserves to exist, exists in the world, and is always remembered by the world! He should not be forgotten!

  "哈啊啊啊啊啊啊!"凯举枪刺向刚瑟,刚瑟不屑地一笑,也举剑劈来! Seeing that Kai is about to be divided into two by the Extermination Demon Sword!

“Idiot! Are you courting death?!” Arthur rushed over, knocked Kay away, raised his King’s Sword, and blocked the blow of the Extermination Demon Sword!

Keng! The golden sword and the black sword collided, and cracks appeared in both.

“Oh, can you still move?” Gangser sneered.

Arthur was still holding back, and with all his tears, he took all the courage he could and stood in front of Gunther.

His heart was racing, his adrenaline was surging, he was panicking and angry, muttering, “Don’t! Don’t hurt my friends, bro…Gunther!”

“You are not allowed to call me by my name, bastard!!!!” An angry Gangser slashed with a sword!

Keng! ! ! The golden sword collided with the black sword again, but Arthur lost his previous momentum this time, and was suppressed by the power of the Exterminating Demon Sword!

Seeing that Arthur was about to be split into two halves together with the Sword of Kings, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Together, we will block this fatal blow with all our strength!

———– The Time of Destiny is dancing wildly.

“Kay! What are you doing?! Run away!” Arthur screamed.

“Don’t run away!” Kay shouted behind Arthur, the deafening voice made Arthur’s eardrums rumble, “We’re going to die together! We’re brothers, right!?”

“Then you fake brothers, you two bastards, die here together!!!!” Gangser roared frantically, he stretched out his other hand and pressed it down together!

——Then, [miracle] happened.

————- Zheng! !

The sharp and harsh voice sounded, and everyone’s ears were sore.

——After the vertigo, everyone saw the [miracle that could never happen].

The incomparably hard [Sword of Kings-Caliburn], which would never be damaged in the first place, was broken in this wrestling!

The [Destruction Demon Sword-Ragnarok], which could chop everything and destroy the world, was also broken in this wrestling! !

The golden sword and the black sword were split into two at the same time, and the broken half of the sword body made several rounds in mid-air, and slanted it on the ground!

The surprise of everyone is no less than that of Gunther!

——However, no one thought that all the changes that followed!

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