Light Spirit Epic Chapter 291: Death to the East Emperor (true)


Chapter 291: The Death of the East Emperor (True)

Considering Palinlor’s monstrous power, this is also possible. But…still insane! He wants to use his fist to wound Arthur’s dragon armor that is as hard as diamond and flexible as steel? !

“I’m about to go!” Palinlore styled, using the footwork of a boxer, jumping and rushing over, punching!

Arthur raises his sword to block!

However, that’s a fake!

Palinlor’s real fist has hit Arthur’s abdomen firmly!

“Pfft!” Arthur spat out blood, he heard the sound of the armor sinking in his abdomen, and at the same time he flew out!

In mid-air, he saw Palinlor’s **** fist! But this monster’s amazing recovery ability, when Arthur fell to the ground, his hand had returned to its original state!

Monsters. real monster!

Palinlor had rushed over before Arthur could get up. bump! ! ! ! ! ! ! He knocked Arthur to the ground with one punch! The ground immediately sunk into a huge pothole!

Touch, touch! bump! ! ! ! ! Palinlor continued to add more combos, driving Arthur deeper and deeper like a pile driver!

Arthur couldn’t fight back at all. The body involuntarily sank to the ground, listening to the sound of collapse inside his body.

—Monster! real monster! !

“Ha, ha, ha.” His hands became bloody, and Palinlor, who was constantly repairing, jumped back a few steps and took a breath.

“Dead?” He looked at Arthur, who was lying motionless on the ground.

(I won’t… just lose!)

Arthur is almost unconscious, but there is a huge will within him that supports him. He miraculously got up.

“Shaxing, step back.” Arthur said quietly.

“What?! Without the protection of the dragon armor, you would—” Shaxing wondered. If there is no protection, as long as Arthur takes a punch from Palinlor, he must be shattered and turned into a puddle of flesh. Does he want to die? !

“If I tell you to leave, leave!” Arthur took off his breastplate desperately, and the evil star had no choice but to be released from the fusion state.

“Well, the conditions are finally fair.” Arthur wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. His bare upper body had been beaten to pieces, and he might have broken a lot of ribs.

Where is this equivalent. Compared with the muscular and sturdy Grand Duke of Palinlor, the short and thin Arthur is like a small blade in the wind. In the absence of protection, it will be shattered when it is rubbed by Palinlor’s fist.

However, this stupid young man came to fight him when he saw that the opponent was not wearing any protection, and he was not to be outdone and took off his armor.

What a crazy act! Others will ridicule Arthur for being an idiot, only Palin Lorraine, he saw the light in Arthur’s soul.

Once there was a man who did the same stupid thing and appeared in front of the young Palinlor. At that time, the cousins ​​were fighting over a maid——

“…You kid, you really look like someone I know.” Palinlor muttered, “Why so… by the way, you are Uther and Eglyn’s——“

“Ha!” Arthur didn’t wait for Palinlor to finish speaking, and he had already raised his sword and slashed over! He lashed out with two swords, one red, one gold, and two flashes of light, slashing straight at Palinlor’s chest and abdomen!

—–What’s wrong with the lack of defense? Just don’t get hit! Attack is the best defense! Arthur swung his sword frantically and attacked, and Palinlore would not have time to fight back at all!

Palinlor was hesitant and could only sideways to avoid the blow to his chest. And the attack slashed at his abdomen, with his current mobility, he could not avoid it no matter what! In a crisis, he had to reach out and block!

Swoosh! ! ! The flames on Longwu’s dagger and the sharpness of the dagger itself cut off Palinlor’s right arm and flew out several yards!

Palinlor didn’t show weakness, punched him and forced Arthur away!

While Arthur rolled back, Palinlor had already rushed over and caught his right arm that was chopped away. He did something that shocked everyone present——

He put his right arm directly on the wound, and took it back in an instant! In another instant, the wound recovered, and his right arm became intact again!

Monsters! —— A real…monster! ! ! ! !

Arthur has forgotten what it is to be surprised. He still does not change his face when he sees such a Palinlor: “How many times do you have to chop you up before you are willing to fall down?!”

“Until my stamina runs out.” Palinlor said, “Let’s fight another ten days and ten nights, kid! I haven’t been so happy for a long time! Uther’s young son, let Uncle have more fun. Let’s go!!!”

“Fuck you.” Arthur scolded without reservation, “Since you love Iglin so much, why do you watch her burn at the stake and do nothing?”

“Because she killed someone, that’s what she should atone for.” Palinlore said with a twisted face.

“You **** killed a lot of people, you murderer!” Arthur roared, “You have the right to talk about guilt and innocence?!”

He rushed over again, attacking Palinlor again and again with incomparable killing intent.

Palinlor relied on the prediction of the mind-eye technique to dodge carefully, but he quickly noticed something was wrong!

Arthur’s attack can no longer be predicted. Arthur wanted to kill Palinlore wholeheartedly. He acted only with killing intent and intuition. The trajectory of his attack was completely inconsistent with the actual trajectory, and he could not sense it at all!

It’s like my mind is going east, but my body is going west.

It’s not just an advanced combat technique [Wuxin] that eliminates killing intent, but a crazier and more unpredictable combat technique [Heart-wholeless].

Palinlor was no longer able to use his mind-eye technique to predict Arthur’s actions. Moreover, the Celestial Knight, who is used to using the mind-eye technique to deal with the enemy’s attack, will subconsciously follow the opponent’s attack trajectory to evade. The countless attacks made by Arthur completely ran counter to the predicted trajectory, causing Berlin Lor to suffer, and constantly use his body to pounce on the knife that should not be endured!

——The only thing Palinlor can use is his excellent dynamic vision, use this powerful vision to remedy the disadvantage in combat skills, capture the opponent’s attack in an instant, and react !

However, Arthur’s attack was fast, extremely fast, unimaginably fast. It is a miracle that a human being can control two sword attacks in an orderly manner at such a fast speed, slashing horizontally and vertically, slashing and digging – it is simply a miracle!

Moreover, after getting used to this attack speed, Arthur became faster and faster, and his movements were too fast to be caught by the human eye. In front of Palinlor’s eyes is a collection of countless red and golden lights! Arthur was wearing the sword light shield of this red light and golden light, and slammed into Palinlor!

Swipe, swipe, swipe! ! Before Palinlor could react, his limbs were cut off by Arthur in an instant!

Palinlor, who lost her limbs, fell to the ground weakly!

“Wow!” He looked at Arthur walking towards him, vomiting blood, “Good boy…”

“See how you get your hands and feet back.” Arthur said, stepping forward with incomparable killing intent.

“…Let’s do it.” Palinlor looked at Arthur and sighed.

“Before I killed you, I had a question to ask.” Arthur’s eyes were fierce, but he suppressed his killing intent and asked, “Why don’t you try harder to pursue Iglin? Mother is so soft-hearted. , if you try harder, maybe you will be soaked in.

……Mother could have had a happier life, I… a wild species like me, don’t have to be born again in this world, killing so many people. “

“You know the answer to this question better than I do.” The Grand Duke of Palinlore looked at the tearful boy in front of him and whispered, “Love doesn’t tell the reason, it can’t be controlled. I The only thing I can do is to watch Uther and Iglin together and bless them both quietly.”

Yet fate gets it. The person who can really give Iglin happiness, did not get Iglin’s love. However, Iglin would rather choose to be a mistress, suffer the most of the **** of the main room, and be with the Celestial Knight Uther Pantolaken.

The reincarnation of Karma (fate), so cruel, is the result of people’s own choices. For her true love, Iglin chose this shattered road of no return without any regrets.

She died, and only Arthur was left alive with pain. What a selfish mother.

Arthur dropped his sword and knelt on the ground crying.

That is, a silent cry, with only tears as a foil.

Arthur, who has no feelings and doesn’t know what love is, shouldn’t know what hate is. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate!

However, Arthur now has an incomparable remorse in his heart, he hates himself more than anyone else, and… hates her mother Iglin!

—– Tears of remorse, I can’t stop it no matter what!

Palinlor looked at Arthur like this, the former’s weather-beaten face showed a sad expression, and he whispered: “I lost this battle. I really lost to you, obviously he is a stinky scumbag. Boy…”

“I knew you were unreliable, Palinlor. You bastard, you can’t even kill such a weak **** with your hands!” A sinister voice sounded from the side.

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