Light Spirit Epic Chapter 284: Extinction in the polar night (Part 1)


Chapter 284: Extinction in the Polar Night (Part 1)

At the same time, in the east suburbs of London.

“Ha!” Kai swung out a sword, and the flaming magic sword swept towards Gunser’s waist! No matter how deformed you are, you won’t be able to turn into a broken shape, right? !

Gangse’s waist retreated deeply, and the depression in his waist just avoided the trajectory of the Fiery Demon Sword!

He calculates the damage range of the possessed sword! Although the purple magic flame entangled in the Magic Sword Mountain has a high temperature of hundreds of millions of degrees, but because the heat cannot be concentrated, it has caused the shortcoming of the flame’s small killing range! The power of the flaming magic sword can be said to be infinitely large. It can directly cause damage to the opponent regardless of all the defense power, but it has the absolute weakness of small attack range!

Gunther saw through this weakness in just an hour of fighting and has to say he’s a genius.

In terms of intelligence, I am afraid that it is comparable to Arthur!

“Damn!!” Ivan stabbed Gunser’s back with both swords!

However, the guy’s back showed two holes again, and Evan’s sword pierced only the air. Evan stabbed the air, knowing that it was not good, and immediately retracted his sword and returned to defense! A black spike had been stabbed out of thin air on Gangser’s back at the same time. The spike was like a sharp spearhead, pointing directly at the center of Evan’s eyebrows!

This guy can skillfully control any part of his body to attack! Moreover, he has exerted his mind and eye technique to the extreme, and can detect dozens of attacks from any angle anytime, anywhere!

I’m afraid Gangser’s mind-eye skills are on a par with Arthur’s!

The zero-distance attack was almost unavoidable. Evan, who was about to be pierced by the spikes in his head, was knocked away by a blue shadow!

“Wow!” Evan came back to his senses, but what he saw was a little cheetah. Where have you seen the blue hair —–


“Ride, come on, meow!” cried the beastly Zephyr, “I can run fast, meow that can always avoid his attacks!”

“What a joke! Go back to your father’s place! This is not a child playing at home, you might die!!” Evan scolded.

“Yi, Evan is just a child, meow!” Saifer retorted, “I can do whatever you can, I want to help me!”

“Noisy!” Gangser waved his left hand, and five pointed spears shot!

The cheetah bit Ivan’s shirt without saying a word, threw the boy on his back, and rushed out!

Zaza Zaza Zaza! The leopard ran out about three yards before Gunther’s finger hit it. The spikes stabbed weakly on the ground and fluttered in the air!

The cheetah ran away quickly, and Evan had to grab Zefer’s back. He was amazed at this time. Saifel is worthy of being the son of Palamides. The speed of the leopard people is really amazing, and after being a beast, it runs on four legs, and it is even more agile and fast… Nothing is better than this Better mounts!

“Damn cat, look where you’re going!” Seeing that the blow was empty, Gunther stretched out another straight hand, and his fingers spread out to shoot five black thorns! The black thorn continued to split in mid-air, shooting at the leopard running at high speed like a shot!

“Hey!” Kai rushed over and slashed with a sword, cutting off Gangser’s five fingers! The scattered spikes scattered weakly on the ground, and were immediately burned by the purple flames of the Fiery Demon Sword!

“Have you forgotten my existence?” Kai laughed.

“Shut up, bastard!” Gunther’s left hand that had just retracted had already shot out a thousand spikes, intending to turn Kay into a hornet’s nest.

Kai found himself unable to burn such a large number of spikes even if he swung his sword to burn it. Hundreds of thorns will penetrate his body, even if he does not die, the poison of the succubus will definitely accumulate enough to kill Kaima in such multiple consecutive attacks!

Want to hide? ! How to hide? ! The only possibility is to roll back! But looking at the strength of this attack, even if you turn back with all your strength now, you will definitely not be able to escape!

Will die!

Swish Swish Swish! !

Countless spikes pierced Kai, and Gunther was satisfied that he could really take care of Kai this time.

However, Kai’s afterimage faded away in Gunther’s vision, annihilated!

He disappeared? ! how is this possible? ! ! !

Another little cheetah bit Kay’s collar, flew dozens of yards, and landed.

“Are you all right, meow?” said Seglyde.

“Why even you are——“

“Safir told us.” The big cheetah on the side, that is, the wild beast-like Palamidis, came up and said, “I’m sorry, that kid overheard your conversation.

But, leave that alone, we’re here to help you too. Although there is no suitable weapon to do any damage to the monster, we can still act as an auxiliary for the two of you to remedy the gap in footsteps. “

“You’re going to die, idiot.” Kai jumped on Segred’s back and said.

“The lives of our three fathers and sons were picked up by Arthur, and it is most appropriate to use them here.” The giant leopard roared, “Concentrate, we are going!”

A huge blue leopard shadow rushed in front, and behind him were two knights carried by two little leopards. Three blue shadows flew in the night, and at a speed that was almost invisible to the naked eye, they rushed towards the ebony knight Gunther.

At the same time, Elsenburg.

“Here!” Greenville whispered to Arthur to follow. The girl’s super-hearing can easily sense the footsteps of the surrounding guards, and she took Arthur to easily avoid the guard’s patrol route and set off into the depths of the castle.

“Come in, hurry up!” Greenville opened a rock secret door on the city wall. Although there are countless secret passages in the castle, her hearing made her simply hear the sound of the wind coming from the gap between the secret passages and secret doors. It was easy for her to discover these secret passages.

Arthur crept into the secret door, then closed the door immediately.

However, when he saw the stairs extending down to the ground in the secret passage, he began to question: “Greenwell, the museum is on the third floor…”

“You little idiot,” Greenville smiled disdainfully, “The Royal Museum on the third floor is just a pretense, all the exhibits in it are replicas of the originals. The real ones will not be placed there. What a flamboyant place. They must be hidden in the underground treasure house of Elsenburg.”

That’s great. Pantolaken not only has a black history library, but also a black museum. Can this country be any more [black]? Arthur was puzzled.

“But, how did you guess it?” Arthur still asked, touching the wet and slippery stone walls around him, making Arthur’s heart skip a beat.

“Hehe,” Greenwell turned on the flashlight, lit the secret passage of the castle with a faint light, and led Arthur down carefully, “I visited the Royal Museum on the third floor with my father when I was a child. At that time, I asked my father if those gorgeous exhibits were real.”

“As a result, the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens told you a lie.” Arthur continued.

Greenville was terrifying at times. She is a human lie detector. Whoever takes her as a wife in the future must live in fear, and cannot tell a lie to his wife every day… How do people live these days?

“However, there is still no way to prove that the treasure is hidden underground.” Arthur said unconvinced.

“Well, I confirmed it to that idiot Jaglow when I was dancing.” Greenville said, “When I asked him [is there something hidden in the ground of this castle] his The hesitant attitude is equivalent to directly verifying my theory.”

Greenville’s thoughts are thoughtful and orderly. Obviously, her action to steal the magic mirror was planned for a long time.

The only conclusion is that this girl also wants to get [Mirror of Remembrance] Rael Sefeldt. but why?

She has always lived a superior life like a little princess. She has everything…just a precious mirror. Will she take it seriously?

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