Light Spirit Epic Chapter 283: Dancing at the Banquet (True)


Chapter 283 Dancing at the Banquet (True)

11:30 p.m., central London, Elsenburg Square.

“Um… I’m sorry.” Arthur apologized in a low voice, this was the 171st time he stepped on Pasiva’s foot.

“Ahaha, no, it doesn’t matter.” Pasiva endured the pain in his toes and looked at the fair-skinned, thin-faced [girl] in front of him with a little morbid beauty.

When the other party said that he was not very good at dancing, Persiva thought it was a polite remark, but now Persiva knew that Arthur was telling the truth. Dancing is a compulsory course for ladies, and there is no girl in the upper class who cannot dance socially. But now, there really is such a lady with such a bad dance skills in front of Pasiva.

Her clumsiness is so cute. Persiva blushed when he saw Arthur.

“…Miss Artoria,” Pasiva asked in a low voice in order to ease the embarrassment in her heart, “Have we met before? I’m not referring to that cafe. I always feel that , we met a long, long time ago. As a child, somewhere.”

Arthur does not speak. He has almost no childhood memories, only vaguely remember some fragments.

A scene he witnessed when he was young, when his mother Iglin was tortured and finally executed.

The main room of the Celestial Knight Uther. The Grand Duchess of Pantoracken, the Grand Duchess of Pantoracken, she is a cruel woman. She used every means to torture Iglin as a maid, just because she couldn’t tolerate the affair between Iglin and Uther.

What was Arthur doing at that time? …he can’t remember anyway. There is a huge darkness in his mind, which completely obscures those memories, and even Arthur is subconsciously full of fear of those hidden things in the darkness, and dare not touch them.

(——What did I forget?)

“You, are you all right, Miss Artoria?” Persiva saw Arthur’s pale face, shivering and trembling, and asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable? Or stop dancing. , shall I help you to rest aside?”

“…No, leave me alone.” Arthur pushed Pasiva, “just a little dizzy. Let me rest for a while.”

“Okay…” Persiva let go of Arthur.

But at this moment, Arthur, who was in a hurry to leave, twisted his foot, and the high heels he was not used to wearing made him almost fall to the ground.

“Be careful!” Pasiva hurriedly reached out to help.

He clumsily pulled on Arthur’s sleeve and ripped off the left sleeve of Arthur’s evening gown!

“Oh! I’m sorry!” Pasiva shouted hurriedly, and he kept apologizing: “I was in a hurry just now, I was stupid, I, I really didn’t mean it——“

“Enough.” Arthur said angrily. In other words, he deliberately pretended to be angry, and tried his best to cover his chest, fearing that Pasiva would be suspicious.

Pasiva now focused on the bare skin on Arthur’s shoulder.

It was a birthmark so shallow it was barely recognizable. Ordinary people really don’t care.

Ordinary people’s words.

But this Viscount Pasiva Palinlor jumped up and said in surprise: “——This birthmark! I’ve seen it before!”

Arthur was taken aback. He took a few steps back, thinking that this time he was really going to reveal his secrets! His hands fumbled for the dagger hidden in his skirt, and he even planned to kill the troublesome young man in front of him with one knife!

“…That’s right! I remembered it!” Pasiva was stubborn, “You…you’re little Arthur! You went to my uncle’s house to play when I was a kid. That time, the child of the servant I met in the cellar!… Yuan, so you are a girl!?——Do you still recognize me? It’s me, Brother Pasiva.”

Pasiva’s words began to echo in Arthur’s mind. He remembered.

A young Arthur locked up in a cold cellar by someone. At that time, I was exploring the castle and happened to meet Arthur’s little boy.

It was the boy who saved Arthur in his darkest, coldest days.

At the time, Pasiva thought it was the knight’s servant who punished the wrongdoer. He secretly brought clothes, medicine and food for the bruised Arthur.

——That was Arthur’s first real friend.

The kindness of the boy taught Arthur, who was shrouded in darkness, for the first time that there is still light in this world.

——However, none of this matters anymore.

When Arthur was still immersed in his memories, Persiva had already spoken one step ahead: “Artoria, you are here now, it proves that you have no problem?  … ..have you been happy all these years?”

“…I don’t even know it myself.” Arthur whispered, “how far the word happiness is to me…”


“Don’t come here again!” Arthur stopped him. “Stay away from me, Persiva. I’m not what you think I am. Getting closer to me will only bring you misfortune.”

The young man didn’t understand, but he vaguely saw the darkness in the lady in front of him.

He could feel the misfortunes surrounding [her].

This incompetent young man was originally just a weirdo who was obsessed with magic research and kept himself in his own room, ignoring world affairs, and even unwilling to care about what happened around him.

But at this moment, the young man was concerned about the weak and pitiful looking woman in front of him.

Although, all of this is a false illusion.

“Ya, Miss Artoria…I, can I date you?” He suddenly summoned the courage to say, “…Although I’m just a clumsy person. , but, but I will try my best to give you happiness——“

Arthur looked at the young man in front of him dejectedly, not knowing what to say.

Whoosh! ——A flash of light pierced the silent night sky and shot to the highest point in the sky!

Clap! ! ——Following a crisp explosion, the fireworks exploded in mid-air, blasting out a beautiful flame. Like a daisy, the red light bloomed in the night sky, turned bright green and continued to spread, and finally turned purple and disappeared in the night sky.

Clap! Clap! ! Clap! ! Clap! ! Clap! ! ! ————More fireworks exploded in the The night sky suddenly became colorful!

—–At twelve o’clock in the evening, the Christmas Eve fireworks show began.

“Hehe!” The dignitaries began to applaud the beautiful fireworks in front of them. No one took the time to pay attention to the tragedy (comedy) of these little people beside them, and no one paid attention to the beginning and end of this beautiful and wrong love.

Greenville took advantage of the chaos to get rid of Jaglowe, ran over to pull Arthur, and smiled back at Pasiva, who was beside him: “We still have something to do, sorry!”


“Goodbye, Persiva.” Arthur said dispassionately, and ran away with Greenville.

“Miss Artoria, I haven’t—” Persiva wanted to chase, but the two girls ran surprisingly fast. After he had chased a few steps away, the girls had disappeared into the shadows of the castle.

In front of the young man, it was just a high heeled shoe dropped by the girl. The beautiful shoes made of crystal shone with colorful light under the reflection of fireworks.

“Miss Artoria…” Persiva carefully picked up the crystal slipper.

He will not give up [her], he intends to find her again with this crystal slipper…in order to bring her happiness.

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