Light Spirit Epic Chapter 257: Fight again in the shadows (middle)


Chapter 257: The Shadow (Part II)

Earthly, the afternoon of the fourth day, Kilimanjaro Volcano underground palace.

The leopard warrior Palamedis sneaks quietly in the dungeon, following Kai’s scent. The dungeon is filled with the disgusting smell of lava trolls, and the Leopard Man expected to have a heavy guard waiting for him, but he was disappointed: the dungeon is currently unattended. The smell of all the lava trolls gathered in the depths of the underground palace, where there were at least tens of thousands of trolls. The more the Leopard Man went underground, the more noisy he could hear. The monsters shouted and cursed with excitement, and the clamorers seemed to be performing some kind of ritual. As the smell of blood drifted into the leopard warrior’s nose, he began to think something was wrong. There was a panic in his heart, and he quickened his pace.

Sir Kay may have been discovered and surrounded by trolls. If he were to fight tens of thousands of trolls alone, he would surely die! Palamides thought so, and ran even more impatiently.

He came to the bottom of the underground palace, in a small hole, quietly stuck his head out to look.

He saw a huge death arena. The edge of the oval Death Arena is a lava pool. There are countless lava trolls on the countless high platforms ten feet above this. They were watching the battle in the Death Arena, and the battle made them all negligent in their duties, allowing the Leopard Man to sneak into the underground palace so easily, and the Leopard Man couldn’t help but feel amused.

Thousands of simple-minded creatures are watching a knight in the middle of the deathmatch fight a troll lord. The scene that the leopard warrior just saw was the scene where the knight smashed the lord into the wall of the death arena with one punch, causing the troll to fall into the lava. The Leopard Man couldn’t help but praised the wisdom of this knight in his heart. He was able to use such a small means to reverse the adversity and turn defeat into victory!

Then, he instantly understood that this knight in the red and black dragon armor was the Ser Kay he was looking for! Although Kai looked completely different after a few months, the Leopard Man was still recognizable by the knight’s movement habits. Once identified, the Leopard Man jumped in without hesitation!

Kai turned his head and saw that it was none other than Palamidis who had jumped into the death arena!

“Are you kidding me?!” Kay exclaimed in surprise when he saw the Leopard Man, and took off his helmet to allow himself to see better. He never imagined that the leopard man he had met in Rome would appear in front of Kai at such a time and place!

An even crazier thought popped into his next moment: This guy is his next opponent!

Although it’s completely inconsistent with logic, but… Kai, who has been in a frenzy, has forgotten what logic is!

He raised his flaming magic spear, pointed at the leopard man, and shouted, “Covey… Palamidis?!! Why are you in such a place?!”

(*Note: Kai, who once faced the [Seat of Karma], seemed to have a momentary memory disorder, and was able to recall the world before being changed by Arthur with the [Fourth Miracle].)

“Wait! Don’t do it! I’m here to help you!” Leopard said, “Arthur called me here.”

“What?! Arthur!?” Kai was even more confused, “Who are you lying to!? Why, as Arthur’s enemy, did you follow Arthur’s instructions to come to me?!”

In Kai’s mind, a lot of [unreasonable] began to explode. Kai, who was not very good at all, couldn’t figure out what was going on anyway. He put the Palamidi in front of him. imagined as an illusion.

“Who the **** is that?” Frey had planned to call the next Guardian into the arena to fight Kai, but was confused by the sudden entry of Palamidis, “Do we have such a character here? !”

“Ow?” The salamander on the side turned to look at Frey, puzzled for a while.

“I see!” cried Kay, “you were made from some kind of shapeshifting monster? Why did you become Palamidis? You thought that Palamidis, [that] Does Palamidis, who even Arthur find troublesome, scares me?!”

“I’ve said it all, I’m here to help you!” the leopard warrior said gloomily, “Arthur saved my family! I came here to find you just to repay my gratitude! Really!”

“Huh, really?” Kai said disapprovingly, “Tell a bunch of lies like this to make me trust you, so that you can get close to me and stab me in the back! That’s your plan, right? ! Ahahahahahahaha! —— You really treat me as an idiot!? “

Palamides hides his face: “You…you are really helpless!”

“You’re not saved! You want to lie to me? In the next life!” Kai roared, rushing up with a spear!

“Unbelievable!” The leopard warrior took out his photon claws while dodging, “It seems that you must be knocked out to make you honest!”

“If you can do it, try it!?” Kai drew out three shots, one shot more savagely than the other, pointing directly at the head, lower abdomen, and legs of the Leopard Man!

The leopard personality blocked the first blow, and immediately took advantage of his speed to dodge, and the boy pushed away more than ten feet away!

“Don’t run away!” Kai shouted, chasing after him.

“Don’t run away?! Do you think I’m an idiot!?” Palamidis knew that his serious injury was still unhealed, and that it was not the way to fight with the energetic Kai. He started to run, playing the tactics of fight and run. !

“Damn! Don’t run! Give me a stop!!” Kay chased after him.

“Ahahahahaha! Stupid human being!” Palamides calculated Kay’s running speed and accommodated Kay to run. He always kept a ten-yard distance from Kay, just to prevent Kay from catching up. . This flat and vast death arena is his most ideal running space. Even if he is injured, he will still not lose to anyone when running in such an open place!

“What the **** are they doing?!” Frey, who was watching the battle on the platform, became more and more depressed. It was the first time she had encountered such a thing, and she didn’t know how to deal with it.

“Ow? Ow!?” The salamanders on the side seemed to want to join in and “play” together.

“Luke, don’t run in and cause trouble…” the giantess said, covering her face.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha… give me… stop!” Kay was out of breath, he couldn’t help but slow down, “You This coward! Fight and fight for me!? Run, run, run!”

“Hehe, I already said, [I’m not your enemy]! If you want to chase, keep chasing, if you keep chasing, I’ll keep running! See if you get tired first or I get tired first?!” Palami Diess sneered. It’s a machine built for running. He can run at full speed for 20 hours without feeling tired, not to mention the current jogging?

To deal with a hot-headed idiot like Kai, just use up his stamina!

“Ha, ha…good boy!…are you really, sent by Arthur?” Kay stopped and continued to gasp.

“Yes.” Palamidis also stopped and said, “Otherwise I will go to this kind of **** where birds don’t **** to find you?”

“…Well, I believe in you——” Kay approached the leopard warrior, “Then, you plan to—“

Before he could finish speaking, he instantly drew a shot!

The leopard warrior evaded lightly, and floated to Kai ten yards away again, “Ahaha, what a pity! That would have been a good move.”

Seeing that the sneak attack on the leopards was unsuccessful, Kai was annoyed and sat down: “Okay, okay! Just keep running! I don’t want to chase! I’m sorry!”

Seeing that Kai was not running away, the lava trolls who were watching the battle began to shout in dissatisfaction, and grabbed all kinds of debris and threw them at the death battle arena to express their dissatisfaction!

“Then what are you doing here?!” The Leopard said while avoiding the unpleasant stones, “Let’s escape!? I’ll draw the attention of these trolls, you find a chance to escape!” ?”

“I’m not trying to run away!” Kai Dao pushed aside the small stones that flew over with his hands, “In order to get the flaming magic sword guarded by the giants, I will accept their deathmatch challenge here!– —-And you’re making a mess!”

“I didn’t make trouble! I just wanted to help——“

“Enough!!” The roar of the giantess Frey shocked the entire cave. Everyone (including the trolls throwing stones) fell silent and looked over.

The fire giant jumped from the high platform and entered the arena of death.

“What’s the matter with you two guys?!” Frey looked actually made the sacred challenge ceremony like a farce! Do you really want to die that much? ! “

Kay and Palamidis looked at each other, then at the enraged giantess.

The salamander also jumped down and stood beside Frey.

“If you want to die so much, I will fulfill you!!” Frey said something, and the entire death battle field began to vibrate.

In the center of the death battle arena, a cross-shaped opening slowly opened. Lava started spewing out of the rift!

A sword with a completely black body and a strange shape like a volcanic rock slowly emerges from the lava!

Its blade is constantly surrounded by a highly transparent purple flame. It was the most terrifying purple flame in the world, and the energy of the flame was hardly consumed in the glow, so there was almost no fire. This kind of purple flame energy is very concentrated, almost all of the energy is thermal energy, therefore, there is a high temperature inside the purple flame!

The black sword surrounded by this terrifying purple flame is the flaming (extinction) magic sword that has been handed down from ancient times—Raivadine!

Only the hilt of the entire sword can be safely grasped, and Zi Yan’s concentrated heat will not harm the sword holder. The giantess grabbed the hilt with one hand and picked up the magic sword:

“Damn love liar and **** lightbulb cat—you say, who should I burn to ashes first?”

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