Light Spirit Epic Chapter 256: Fight to the Shadow (Part 1)


Chapter 256: The Shadow (Part 1)

Elysian’s Pure Land, the morning of the sixth day. The broken star battleship [Sword of Damocles] (Yang), in the medical room.

After the riots in the morning, everyone else had gone back to their rooms to sleep, in order to save as much energy as possible for the next battle.

Tristan the murloc prince slowly got up, endured the pain in his chest and shoulders, walked over and sat in front of Bedivere’s bed.

Bedivere turned into a wolf completely, and the silver wolf was lying on the hospital bed with his back to the murloc boy, snoring quietly. He tucked his tail lowly, as if he was having some nightmare.

When Tristan looked at Bedivere who had become this way, he couldn’t help feeling sad.

“…Beddy, are you awake?” Tristan asked softly.

No response. The silver wolf seems to be sleeping, or is it pretending to be sleeping?

The murloc prince stretched out his hand and stroked the silver wolf’s head. The silver wolf’s hair was as soft as silk, with a touch of warmth. Tristan had never known that Bedivere’s hair felt like this. He couldn’t help asking himself, how well do you know this friend?

His humble and arrogant acquaintance with his friend not only hurts himself, but his friend as well.

“Beddie, I know you’re blaming yourself,” Tristan sighed, “but, as I said earlier, it’s my fault that I didn’t stop you when you were mad. I’m hurt. I have died, and even my death was caused by my own lack of strength. There is no need for you to blame yourself. If you really want to blame, please blame me.”

Still no response. Silver Wolf is pretending to be asleep, is there or… can’t answer?

“I’m sorry, Bedivere.” He sighed softly again. He didn’t know whether Bedivere was listening or not. In short, he patted the silver wolf on the back: “Beddie, no matter what you become, we are still friends. If you are always like this, then I will always be…”

The battleship began to sound the alarm, interrupting the murloc boy.

“Everyone pay attention, everyone pay attention.” Ivan sent an alarm from the Sword of Damocles (Yin), “I found the enemy ten kilometers away, and we will meet in ten minutes. Please prepare for battle.”

“Tristan, with your current injury, can you still operate the turret?” Arthur’s voice came from the communicator.

“…If you just operate the turret, there is no problem.” The murloc boy touched his aching chest and said.

“…Beddie.” Evan looked at Bedivere on the side and dragged his aching body out: “I’ll be back when I go.”

[The First Fragmented Star Point Raiders Battle. ]

What unfolded before Arthur’s eyes was a huge volcano. The low gravity of the planet Elison has created the peculiar landforms here, and this volcano as high as a skyscraper is the most representative work.

The low gravity makes the volcanic rocks pile up like a tower. This building is tall and long, half of the mountain is covered with snow, and half of the mountain is a volcano of dark basalt. It can be said to be a wonder of the Pure Land.

According to Arthur’s vision, the tower volcano is probably five thousand feet high. It is probably the magma that erupted from the crater, accumulated over many years in a low-gravity environment. The geological environment of Elaison is probably different from that of the world. These magmas with high hardness and low viscosity are both sprayed high and cooled quickly. Moreover, the volcano is not easy to collapse, and this skyscraper was gradually built. .

But…the enemy? It should have filled the entire sky, waiting for Arthur and their army, where did they go? !

“Enemy, there are 100,000 enemy troops!” Evan exclaimed while looking at the instrument analysis, “About 10,000 dragons!”

110,000 troops! ……there? !

Arthur took a closer look again. He looked at the black piece of the volcano from a distance, it turned out not to be volcanic rock, but the dark child creatures dormant on the mountain! ! Those things were squirming on the mountain, and it was impossible to distinguish what was from what. Arthur could only feel the nausea and terror brought by these creeping creatures!

These guys have been deployed here all the time, probably dormant on the mountain to preserve their stamina. Once attacked, they will come out in full force and slaughter their attackers!

110,000 troops! It doesn’t look like a tough opponent! There are only two battleships and a dozen people on Arthur’s side? Is it really necessary to use one enemy to ten thousand, and come to [King Wushuang]? !

Arthur looked at the Dragon Emperor Titans for help, “Your Majesty, what can you do?”

“No, I can only push hard.” The Dragon Emperor shrugged and said, “I never thought that [Darkness] would actually send so many troops to garrison here. But it’s just right! The more troops here, the more broken the other one. Starpoint has fewer troops.”

“There were 500,000 elves and 60,000 dragons who came to the Pure Land. About 250,000 elves and 40,000 dragons died in the battle against [Darkness].” Thor, the Elf Prince Calculated on the side, “the others have become [dark] minions.”

“Is this broken star point about half of the troops? Okay.” Arthur thought, he was different from the Dragon Emperor, he didn’t want to hit hard, his mind was spinning quickly, thinking about countermeasures: “Confirm two more points, the other 1————Your Majesty the Dragon Emperor, how close can the invisibility of this warship allow us to get close without being detected?”

“It should be within a kilometer.” The Dragon Emperor paced and said, “If you get closer, the chance of seeing through the illusion magic is very high.”

Arthur looked out the window and asked again: “…Second, the [Sword of Damocles] can really turn this volcano into a [Broken Star Point] and let it destroy this planet. ?”

“That’s what the prophecy we can only believe it.” Dragon Emperor Titans sneered, “This active volcano is connected to the core of the planet, using Damocles’ [Star Breaker Cannon] ] If it is stimulated from two [Broken Star Points] together, I believe it can bring about a chain effect of destroying the planet.”

“The Pure Land of Elaison is finally about to perish.” Elf Prince Thor smiled wryly.

“May the Pure Land return to eternal peace.” The elves on the side prayed together.

This group of elves have gone through untold hardships to find such a habitable planet, and they have gone through untold hardships to establish this pure land on this planet. Didn’t expect them to be able to say their desire to destroy this planet so easily. Arthur really had to admire them.

“What are you thinking, [World Changer]?” Elven Prince Thor asked curiously, seeing Arthur’s thoughtful look.

“I’m thinking there’s a way to make it easier for us. It’s just…I don’t know if it’s going to cause big trouble and destroy the planet early.”

The Dragon Emperor smiled bitterly: “If the Pure Land was really so easy to be destroyed, I wouldn’t have to work so hard. Come on, [World Changer], we will help you with any plan you have. This is better than a **** battle to the death. Much better.”

“Then—-” Arthur was still a little uneasy, but he put aside the thought and said his thoughts.

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