Light Spirit Epic Chapter 243: Preparation for the Darkness (Part 1)


Chapter 243 Preparations for the Darkness (Part 1)

Elysian Pure Land, the morning of the fourth day (early morning of the third day on Earth), on the outskirts of the elven capital.

Ivan jumped off Javier’s back.

“Huh, I’m so sleepy.” Evan yawned, sleeping about six hours a night was obviously not enough.

“Just come here, brother.” Javier said, crouching on the ground to rest.

“Don’t call me [brother].” Ivan said dissatisfiedly, and took out his two short swords, “The power of this thing is not clear, you should stay away.”

“I can’t wait to get away from that ugly thing,” Javier said, climbing about ten yards away.

“Okay, I’m going to test.” Evan warned, raising his two swords and drawing a sword in the empty suburbs.

Zheng. The mysterious Longwu dagger made a steady whistling sound.

This is indeed a good sword.


However, it has no function other than being sharp and hard.

The powerful enchantment on the dagger did not come into play at all. Evan couldn’t help wondering how it was used.

He raised another sword, paddling, paddling!

The sound of the sword is crisp and powerful, and the dagger cuts iron like mud. But that’s all.

Evan couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. It took so much effort to find such a magical weapon, but there is nothing special, just sharp?

Isn’t it swinging hard enough yet? Then he suddenly swung his sword again.

No, still nothing happens.

Is it true that just swinging one sword is useless, and two swords must be fired at the same time? Swipe! He swung his swords together again.

Still no effect.

Ivan’s eagle eye clearly knows that he has not exerted the potential power of the pair of daggers. If it is really exerted, the enchantment on it must respond, and the magic can be perceived by Evan holding the sword.

Just when Ivan wondered, Javier on the side said: “Evan, I will be your opponent.”


“How can a person blindly swing his sword out there to test the effect of the weapon? You need to have a clear purpose, such as fighting an opponent.”

“No way!” Evan asserted and rejected, “The effect of this weapon is still unknown. It is too dangerous to use it casually for sparring!”

“Idiot, I’m a dragon! How can a dragon be defeated so easily?” Javier the Green Wind Dragon said nonchalantly, “Even if he is slightly injured, he can recover immediately. The vitality of a dragon is very tenacious. !”

“…Since you said so.” Ivan raised his swords in confusion. He had no clue in his heart. On the one hand, he was afraid that he would not be able to use these two unknown weapons and accidentally kill Javier. On the other hand, he was also afraid that Javier, the Cuifeng Dragon, would be red-eyed and accidentally kill Evan himself.

However, the Emerald Wind Dragon has grown bigger, and is ready to attack!

“Be careful, if you don’t dodge my wind bomb well, you’ll be crushed to pieces!” Cui Fenglong reminded [kindly] as he opened his mouth wide. compress to the limit, then——

Boom! ! ! A burst of sonic boom exploded in front of Evan, who rolled and dodged. The wind pressure bomb is an invisible and colorless, pure physical shock wave. It only distorts the surrounding air on its own trajectory, forming an optical distortion phenomenon similar to a glass ball. Such a thing can barely see its trajectory from a distance, but when it comes oncoming, it can’t be seen at all!

After Evan dodged the first blow, he couldn’t help but lose his voice. If he hadn’t already learned the mind-eye technique, could predict the opponent’s attack trajectory and dodge early, he would have been blown to pieces by this wind pressure bomb!

Javier is serious! Javier, the Jade Wind Dragon, regards Evan as his [younger brother], and this is exactly the [education] of the dragon to his kin! Dragon’s [education] is very harsh, especially for a guy like Ivan who only has a weak human body, such education will kill him!

“You, you want to kill me?!” Evan exclaimed.

“How come, don’t you shed the great blood of our mother? This little attack can’t kill anyone!” Javier sneered, “Give me all the power, brother! Let me see your strength. How tall is it!”

Cuifenglong gathers its energy again and vomits! The wind pressure bomb swept in front of Ivan like a roar of a storm!

“Wow!” Evan screamed and dodged.

Put puff! ! The other three blasts continued to chase after Ivan’s embarrassed figure, blasting beside the boy, blasting, blasting again! !

“You’re crazy!” Evan screamed, stumbling around dodging!

“Don’t you still have two weapons that are useless?! Why don’t you use them?” Javier shouted, continuing to spit out more blasts.

Where can it be used! Ivan thought to himself that although the two daggers cut iron like mud, they were both close weapons. Can this situation get close to Javier’s body? ! I’m afraid I’ll be smashed into flesh by Cuifenglong’s wind sub-bomb before I get close!

In a hurry, Ivan put away the two Longwu daggers, drew out his spear, and flexibly rolled to dodge while raising his gun to shoot!

Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap! Countless light bullets shot towards Javier!

“Hahahaha, naive!” Cuifenglong raised his wings. His wings were covered with natural photon reflectors, which were not only as hard as iron, but also created a turbulent flow of photons when he flapped his wings. Other dragons do not have special talents that are exclusive to the wind dragon species. The photon storm rolled up by the Cuifeng Tornado is like a natural protective barrier, easily blocking Ivan’s light bomb attack! The strong wind pressure even blew Evan back constantly, making him unable to stand still!

Is this the power of Javier the Emerald Wind Dragon? ! If Evan had used this trick when he first met Cuifenglong before, Evan had no chance of winning at all, he could only watch himself being blown by the strong wind and unable to move, and then being blasted into **** by wind pressure bombs. At that time, Ivan, who had a lot of ****, used sneak attacks to provoke infighting between the brothers Cuifenglong and Zidianlong, and destroyed the wings of Cuifenglong, only to be able to win!

Now recalling the original scene, Evan only felt a burst of humiliation!

(People like me are not qualified to control dragons.)

Javier, the Jade Wind Dragon, is technically his brother!

“Hahahahaha!” Javier laughed wildly, flapping his wings, and then spitting out a blast! He doesn’t have to move a step at all, his strength is integrated in attack and defense, like a steel fortress, with fierce artillery fire and a fortified city!

bang bang bang bang bang —— Countless wind pressure bombs exploded beside Ivan, Ivan had to withstand the storm, while trying to avoid the opponent’s attack! I can’t stand steady on my feet, so I can fall down at any time——

Pop! He didn’t stand still and fell to the ground!

The wind pressure bomb blew mercilessly in the face!

Evan sprained his foot and could no longer move. He could only shoot the blast with the mentality of trying it out!

No way! Ordinary light bombs collided with wind pressure bombs, and immediately changed their orbits and flew out. Even if 10,000 small stones are thrown out, it can’t stop the rolling path of the boulder!

If you don’t do anything, the wind bomb will blow up on Evan, crushing the boy into meat sauce!

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