Light Spirit Epic Chapter 204: Broken to the fantasy (middle)


Chapter 204: Broken Dreams (Part 2)

In the lounge, Constantine woke up earlier than Greenville. He gulps down the cake in order to replenish the sugar, while shaking Greenville: “Big sister, don’t sleep, come eat quickly?”

“Ugh… my head hurts….five more minutes of sleep.” Greenville said as she lay on the sofa.

Constantine was bored and planned to go to the medical room to check the condition of the bear boy who had been rescued earlier.

But he strayed into another infirmary, the one where Coves and his son were.

He also rescued the leopard uncle, so it’s not that he didn’t know him. On the contrary, the leopard boy who was sleeping beside him, Constantine had no impression of him at all.

Coves looked sound asleep, but Constantine didn’t bother him. He looked curiously at the emaciated leopard boy who was still in a coma.

I don’t know what illness, or what kind of serious injury, made this Leopard boy unconscious?

Can I cure him myself?

Just when Constantine was curious, the leopard boy suddenly opened his eyes, and he grabbed Constantine’s arm with one hand!

“Save—Lavis!” The Leopard boy said weakly, “Everything is not what he imagined!”

“Tell him…the truth!…the truth will…save him!”

After speaking, the leopard boy seemed to have exhausted his strength, and he fell into a deep sleep again.

Constantine was only a child, and he was suddenly startled by this, and his mind was already blank. He neither heard clearly nor understood the words of the Leopard boy. He just thought that the other party was seriously ill and was just talking nonsense.

Actually, that’s no nonsense.

—–That is, the [truth] hidden behind the [truth].

The truth is that the dying boy lying here is the eldest son of Corvez [Tovir].

Accompanying Arthur and the others, the leopard boy in the VIP room is the real one, the youngest son of Corvis, [Lavis].

These twins have some kind of spiritual resonance.

My elder brother, Tovir, was sent to the research institute at birth, where the hellish life was passed on to his younger brother’s dreams through this spiritual resonance.

My younger brother, Lavis, was cared for by his parents in every possible way at home. This heavenly life was also passed on to his brother’s dream through this spiritual resonance.

The two are a whole, independent of each other, but also connected to each other.

So Lavis knows everything. At the moment when his brother turned into a monster and came to his house and stood in front of him, he understood everything.

——I am you and you are me.

The terrifying monster in front of him is his brother, who has been suffering in the research institute and has now become an irreversible monster. A monster, but still his only older brother.

He also knew that his brother didn’t mean to hurt his mother. For the first time in his life, my brother wanted to touch his mother’s face. But after he turned into a monster, his brother’s strange power killed his mother.

I just want to go home. Is it impossible to do this?

The monster in front of Lavis showed incomparable sadness. He is on the verge of collapse.

In the next instant, my brother did something.

That’s the innate ability he only possesses.

Lavis switched his consciousness with his brother’s.

Lavis’ consciousness entered the monster’s body, and his brother’s consciousness entered Lavis’ body.

(I will bear all the sins that follow.)

(Brother, please sleep peacefully. Your suffering is over.)

My brother’s original consciousness was about to disappear completely, and he was rescued at the last moment. As a result, Tovir’s consciousness remained in Lavis’ body and fell into a deep sleep.

Brother Tovir’s talent is [body transformation], which allows the internal structure of his body to be reversed. This saved him from being wiped out by the fox man’s brainwashing.

The talent of the younger brother Lavis is [Consciousness Transformation], which allows his own consciousness to be reversed with that of his brother. This also saved his brother from being completely swallowed by the darkness.

Indeed, Karma (Fate) is cruel, but it is definitely not unreasonable. It always leaves people the only way to save themselves, just like throwing a person into a desert island and then throwing a survival knife to this person!

Those who feel that Karma is cruel, just blame others and curse their own destiny, they will never understand that the key to changing their destiny is actually hidden in themselves!

And the twins, they used the key in the right place — for now.

Lavis thought that by sacrificing himself, his brother would be saved. However, the “darkness” in the monster’s body far exceeded the expectations of his younger brother Lavis. It devoured Lavis’ original memory and consciousness, and it turned the boy into a vengeful monster. The monster went mad and killed everyone in the village.

The leopard boy who was defeated by Corvez and regained his humanity a little, had his memory confused. He couldn’t remember his original purpose, thinking that he was Tovir, the monster abandoned by his father.

—— Lavis, who wanted to atone for his brother, fell into the abyss of despair himself.

Karma’s cruelty is far from over.

——Until the moment he is truly saved.

Arthur and the others still don’t know that Toville (Lavis), who accompanies them, is a real monster. Like a ticking time bomb that would explode at any time, the leopard boy still had a shadow left in his body.

During the period when his heart became [empty], Anko lurked within him in a dormant state and was never truly destroyed.

——The most terrifying characteristic of the dark son is not that [it can infect creatures, and the geometric progression increases with the increase of the number of creatures].

The most terrifying characteristic of Anzi is that [it can absorb the negative spiritual energy of living things, use these negative energies as nutrients, absorb photons in the surrounding space at a high speed and expand, and instantly explosively grow to the point where it can annihilate the entire solar system]!

There have been countless civilizations in the parallel universe, and they have accumulated huge negative spiritual energy because of their own corruption. Once the dark son erupts on the planet where these civilizations exist, it will erode the entire solar system and cause the civilization to perish. Infected by Anzi, [Silence] will come from now on!

Anko is just a system (opportunity) that destroys the world. And the various forms of [malicious] in people’s hearts are the culprits that make Anzi expand at a high speed and destroy the If Anko is such a terrifying existence—-

The real horror is —– human malice! Human (creature) bottomless malice!

God created the world in seven days. And human malice can destroy the world in one day.

Archmage Merlin wrote everything about Anzi in this letter. However, he was still hesitating whether he should hand this letter to Arthur.

Now Arthur, you know, it’s too early to understand all this. Just like the people they have met in various time and space, they will only laugh at Merlin’s words with disapproval, and ignore Merlin’s heartfelt advice.

Their ignorance brought about the destruction of the world again and again, but Merlin could only wait and watch.

Merlin and Arthur are both the [singularity] of the fate of this world (space-time), and only they can reverse the fate of this world’s demise. However, to truly reverse the fate of the entire world, one or two people cannot do it alone.

——[The world] must first save [the world] itself.

Arthur is a native of this time and space. He hasn’t fully awakened yet. Facing this [singularity] that had not awakened, Merlin still couldn’t figure out everything for Arthur.

So, Archmage Merlin put away the letter and waited for a better time.

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