Light Spirit Epic Chapter 203: Broken to Dreams (Part 1)


Chapter 203: Broken Dreams (Part 1)

Arthur, who was in an uneasy mood, walked to the door of the medical room.

He thought that it would be a good choice to check on Coves’s condition, so he walked in.

As a father, Coves is sitting in front of Laville’s hospital bed, quietly watching his comatose son.

This ferocious Leopard warrior once terrorized countless adversaries. However, now he is just a father who is immersed in sadness, with a look of distress and confusion. Even his hair, which originally exuded a bright blue brilliance, now looks decayed and dull, and the gray-blue haired Leopard Man looks like he is over a hundred years old.

Arthur was stunned that someone had made such a huge change overnight.

“You can’t get out of bed yet, lie back quickly.” Arthur said.

“…Let me sit here.” Coves said, “I just want to take a good look at my son in my lifetime. I’ve been busy raising money to buy medicine to prolong his life. , never stopped at home to see Lavis sleeping. What a failure for a dad like me.”

“…You did fail.” Arthur recalled what Bedivere told about the days he was captive.

All the clues are linked together to form the tragic story of the three leopards. However, Arthur didn’t feel sad for Coves at all, all he had was anger, and what he couldn’t forgive was Coves’ ignorance.

This foolish father mistakenly believed in a traitor and made his eldest son a monster from birth. Then he actually sent such a monster son to the research institute, allowing Tovir to spend his childhood alone in that hellish place. Tovir turned into a real monster and came to seek revenge on Coves, killing his mother and knocking his younger brother into a coma. So this stupid father, in anger, once again drove his eldest son into the abyss of death.

However, fate went round and round, and the clues provided by Tol’vir finally allowed Arthur and others to find and destroy the Foxman’s research institute, defeated Corvez, and greatly defeated the Hungarian army. This is also Tol’vir’s revenge. With Arthur’s hand, he destroyed those things that had hurt the leopard boy.

Karma’s reincarnation is so cruel, yet so fair. Who says fate is always unfair?

“I…I want to see the Tol’vir,” Coves said suddenly. It can be seen from his trembling tone that he mustered a lot of courage before finally saying this.

“Do you want to see him? What’s the use of seeing him?” Arthur said, “It’s just to add to the sadness.”

“I want to apologize to the kid.” Coves whispered, “Everything is my fault. I should bear all the sins.”

“And then? Let him stab you to death so that you can be freed?” Arthur said ruthlessly, “Covis, Covis, you are so naive. Even if you want to see Tol’vir, Torvir Will may not want to see you at all. A leopard scum dad like you, he wants you to die right away. I didn’t kill you at the beginning because you still have a young son to take care of, and you can’t leave him alone. Don’t leave him alone. It’s a good idea.”

The Leopard Man wanted to say something else, but he remembered his oath to be loyal to Arthur until his death. He suppressed his anger and whispered: “Yes, everything is subject to Lord Arthur’s arrangement.”

“It’s good to know.” Arthur said in a commanding tone, “Now, don’t sit here anymore, lay down on the bed for me to rest. Your body is already close to death, if you move around, Don’t blame me for really dead.”

Coves clutched his stomach and slowly walked back to the hospital bed and lay down, closing his eyes and not speaking. He was afraid that he would be scolded by Arthur again if he talked nonsense again.

Arthur looked at Coves, then at Lavis. He sighed and stepped out of the medical room.

At the same time, Archmage Merlin’s laboratory.

With the help of a large group of small golems, the dragon man golem removes the backpack. The backpack was the wings he used to fly, but now it’s folded.

“How do you feel when you use the F-type equipment for the first time?” The Archmage asked while looking at the Dragon Man Golem.

“Well, very good.” Boles said.

“Very good? Your expression doesn’t look like you want to say ‘very good’.” Merlin said, “Speak up, I will accept any opinion. I just need more suggestions to improve the equipment.”

“Then…” Boles said, “First of all, it takes too much time to install and disassemble this thing. I can’t assemble and disassemble it myself. I need the help of other golems. It is really easy to use. Too much trouble.”

“Secondly,” Boles criticized mercilessly, “the nerve linkage was a beat too slow. The controls were so awkward when trying to land that I slammed my head into the ground. If it wasn’t for the I had reserved a distance in advance, and that poor landing would crush the target, including allies, into meat sauce.”

“Oh, no wonder it’s so popular, it’s because of this.” The mage sneered, he knew the reason why Boles was angry, Merlin knew it, and even Boles himself didn’t know.

“Okay, I’ll try to adjust it. It would be better to change the wings directly to brainwave control, but it will increase the burden on your thinking circuit… It is designed to be a switch-type automatic flight. Well, all you need to control when flying is altitude and direction——“

Instead of listening to the mage’s self-talk, Boles looked at the sky outside the window.

(—that strange werewolf boy, why did he cry?)

His logic circuit cannot be understood. Even if a powerful quantum-level central processing unit is embedded, there are some things in this world that cannot be calculated by the intelligent program of the dragon man golem.

After returning to the room, Bedivere approached enthusiastically.

“I know what you want to ask.” Arthur pushed Bedivere away and said, “The rabbit is no longer life-threatening. When he regains his strength, he is scheduled to have a craniotomy tonight.”

“Do you really have to open his head? That’s horrific,” Bedivere said.

“If I don’t take out the controller-like thing in his head, he’ll turn into that black monster, and I’ll have to kill him again.” Arthur said.

Seeing that Bedivere couldn’t argue any more, he had to let the footpath: “Okay. Please save Ryder.”

“He betrayed you so many You still defend him like this. What did he ever do to you?” Arthur asked inexplicably.

“He was my only friend when I was young,” Bedivere said. “Every kid in the village liked Papaloff, not me. Only Ryder would play with me and play with my brother– —–Although we didn’t get along for a long time, but…he was really my only good friend at that time. I don’t want to lose him like this.”

“Okay, don’t cry.” Arthur sighed, “Although I can’t promise you anything, I still urge Greenville and Constantine to do their best to rescue Ryder. Is this okay? ?”

“…Well.” Bedivere said, wiping tears, “Arthur, Ryder betrayed us because that thing was manipulating him, right?”

Arthur thought. If Greenville’s lie detector is correct, it should. The things that the Rabbit Man did without self-consciousness can indeed match his previous words.

But it is also possible that Ryder is simply a nonsense, nonsense guy who is not shy. The possibility is terrifying.

Unable to draw any conclusions, Arthur said, “Bedevier, you should believe what you believe.”

Even if there is no evidence, people still blindly believe in something, that is [belief].

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