Light Spirit Epic Chapter 195: Apocalypse


Chapter 195: The Second Coming to Sadness (Part 1)

It’s two in the morning. Fox Man’s Research Institute.

“Oh, it’s so troublesome, there are too many parts to be remodeled, and such a huge workload can’t be expelled overnight.” A researcher’s voice said.

“Don’t complain, hurry up and work.” The voice of another researcher said, “This is an experiment ordered by Patriarch Reid himself, and it must be completed on time. This leopard man is a rare experiment, and he can use it skillfully. A wild beast, his tolerance to photons must be very good. As long as he remodels his internal organs, the [Pandora Project] will definitely be able to blossom and bear fruit on him.”

The Pandora Project?

Coves heard the name again. Although he had regained consciousness, he still closed his eyes tightly, kept calm, and continued to eavesdrop on the conversations of the fox researchers.

He felt his abdomen being cut open, and even though he was under local anesthesia, he could vaguely feel his liver being cut open and something implanted inside.

——“Dad, it hurts! It’s terrible!” Coves recalled the description of a nightmare his youngest son Lavis had, “Those researchers cut open my belly, The internal organs were taken out and turned over!”

“That’s not true, it’s just a nightmare.” Coves still disapproved of it at that time, comforting his younger son, “Go to sleep, and you can forget this nightmare with one more sleep.”

But he knew in his heart that it wasn’t a nightmare. Nightmares can’t come and harass a person again and again. Nightmares can’t make everything so terrifying and real.

He knew it well, but he didn’t want to admit the fact that his eldest son was living in some hell.

He’s right there now, he has to admit. What the foxes did to Tol’vir, now the same is happening to him!

“This is all retribution, Karma’s reincarnation. You deserve it all.” Bedivere’s words echoed in Coves’ mind.

It’s all my fault. Blame it on your own bad luck and incompetence. Coves was exhausted and gave up the struggle. He was completely desperate.

“By the way, why does this blue leopard look so familiar?” The fox man researcher who was still operating the operation suddenly said, “By the way, isn’t this the family of the experimental question No. 107? It is indeed called. ……Lord Coves or something? Uh ha ha ha ha, and pretending to think he’s a great, funny idiot.——The child was sent, and now it’s his turn to be sent Is it?”

“Stop talking, talk less, do more.” Another fox man urged.

“What does it matter, do you want me to spend such a long night in silence? How boring would that be?” said the foxman researcher, “Anyway, this guy is already half-dead, and he’s still tied so firmly. Are you afraid of what tricks he will play?”

The despairing Corvez had no plans to play any tricks at all. He knew that his death was coming, but he only had the only resentment in his heart, that he could not save Lavis at home.

We’ll meet again on Huangquan Road. Then apologize to the kid. Coves thought.

“Speaking of which, what a stupid person. He even came to Patriarch Reid to get a contraceptive pill, so that his frail wife could give birth smoothly.” The fox man suddenly sneered, “Who doesn’t know Patriarch Reid is a What about the insidious person? I believe he is courting his own death.”

Coves was shocked!

“Is that medicine really has Anzi in it?” Another fox said, “I clearly heard that the experiment of the medicine on the fetus was a huge failure, and the fetus who took the medicine was difficult to give birth— —“

The leopard warrior’s hand went wild in an instant, breaking free from the restraint of the operating table. He got up, killed one of the foxmen with one paw, and grabbed the neck of the other one with the other. He glared angrily, suppressed the anger in his heart, and asked the fox man in a low voice:

“What you just said, tell me again in detail?”

“I, I, I, I don’t know anything!! I just know, I know there was such a plan!” The fox man looked at the body of his companion on the ground, and immediately panicked, “You, if you want to check, Lord, there is an archive in the main database repository: ‘Pandora’s Project – Original Action’. I, I can give you the password and login password!”

“How do you know I’m not going to kill you if I get the code?” Coves asked.

“You, you, you must let me go!” The fox man panicked, “No, no, don’t kill me! Entering the main database requires my eyeball authentication!”

“Oh, I see, thank you.” Coves said, “You can die.” He crushed the fox man’s throat. Then he brutally gouged out the dead foxman’s eyeball.

(What have I done!)

“Uh.” At this moment, he felt a throbbing pain in his abdomen. Of course, his abdomen was still cut open.

(So scary. The world is so scary!)

He picked up the surgical tools on the side, roughly sewed up his body, then tore the fox people’s surgical white robes and quickly wrapped his body.

(Humans are cruel enough, even the orcs now?!)

It hurts. He found some painkillers and antibiotics to inject himself. He was so weak that he could barely stand, but anger burned quietly in him, sustaining his activity. When he felt better, he immediately groped outside the operating room.

(What the **** can I believe?!)

The institute was quiet and peaceful late at night. No one knew that there was such a **** of death that had come silently and wreaked havoc in the research institute.

(What the **** should I do?!)

Karma’s cycle begins to turn. The turn this time was as crazy as a flash flood, driving a desperate man into the abyss.

It’s two thirty in the morning.

“Whoosh!” The group teleported to the freezer at the base of the institute.

“Mage, if we had known you had this ability, we could have saved a lot of trouble!” Tristan said angrily.

“Oh, no, I just did it in the spirit of giving it a try. Some places have a perfect defensive barrier that I can’t teleport through, but like this half-bucket of water barrier, I can find loopholes to wear it. Get in.” Merlin said, “The teleportation spells in your world basically follow quantized high-speed mobile teleportation, but I’m using a completely different architecture, I’m using quantized movement plus continuous spatial iteration- —–“

“Okay, I’ll explain it later.” Arthur was afraid that Merlin would continue to instigate endlessly there, he interrupted quickly, “Beddie, you can’t let go of Merlin’s hand at any time, When it’s really dangerous, Merlin, you leave us and take Brady directly to teleport. This is the condition of bringing you together, and you must abide by it absolutely, understand?”

“Got it, Arthur.” Bedivere gripped Merlin’s arm tightly.

“Everyone try to keep a low profile, divide them into two teams, and set up bombs in these places of the research institute.” Arthur pointed to the blueprint and said, “We’ll gather here after we’re done, and run away immediately after the bomb detonates.”

“Another disturbing plan. I had to bite the bullet.” Evan said.

“It doesn’t matter, the orcs were killed and wounded in today’s battle. They were seriously injured, and they didn’t have time to lick their wounds. How could they not have expected us to attack the institute so soon.” Arthur analyzed, “Now is the only best chance. After tonight, it’s going to be hard to spoil this place.”

“You’re really a lunatic,” Tristan said.

“Logical madness is just right for me.” Arthur sneered.

Tristan, Evan and Renine, Arthur, Bedivere, and Merlin, began to split up and planted bombs in the base of the institute.

Arthur was right, he didn’t even know he was [right]. There are some right and wrong judgments that cannot be explained by rational analysis alone. Only instinct and intuition drive him to do so, as if some kind of fate is encouraging him.

“Well, don’t you think it’s quiet here?” Bedivere whispered as he followed behind Arthur, “It’s too quiet, it’s abnormally quiet.”

“What’s the matter? You don’t feel comfortable without being heavily guarded this time?” Arthur lowered his voice and crawled in the ventilation pipe.

“…No, it smells… bloody.” Bedivere said, “There should have been guards around here, but they were all quietly killed by someone.”

“Anyone other than us attacking the institute? That’s unlikely—”

“Yes.” Arthur bumped into something. He was startled and when he got a good look, he bumped into a guard’s boot. Only then did he discover that it was the body of a tiger guard… .

No, not the body of “one” guard, but dozens of guards. Judging from the wounds, the corpses were all killed quietly and beautifully. They all died peacefully. They might have moved their heads without even knowing that they were dead. There was not even a trace of surprise or fear on their faces. The piled-up corpses were stuffed inside the ventilation ducts and had not attracted anyone’s attention for the time being.

“Damn it, it seems that someone came ahead of us and started a killing spree.” Arthur said, “Let’s act fast, I’m afraid this kind of killing will soon be triggered. Alert.”

“I have reservations about this sentence.” Evan’s voice came from the communicator, “We are in the guard room now. It’s empty. I don’t know who killed all the guards. No, that’s weird. , the institute is empty, and I can’t see any sign of guards nearby!”

“…It’s a good thing…probably?” Arthur said, “Forget it, don’t worry about this for now, everyone should be vigilant, quickly install the bomb, and then quickly evacuate.”

“Arthur!” Bedivere pulled Arthur’s shirt, “This way!”

“Isn’t that where the bomb was buried?” Arthur asked suspiciously.

“No, here…it smells like someone you know. Guess who?” Bedi said.

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