Light Spirit Epic Chapter 194: Fighting in a foreign land (Part 2)


Chapter 194: Fierce Fighting in Foreign Lands (Part 2)

“The last minute of the booster formation! Come back everyone! We’re about to teleport away!” Merlin shouted through the communicator.

Arthur trotted back to his position and settled down with Bedivere’s support, only then did he find time to look up at the sky.

The celestial knights are still fighting with the orc chiefs, and swords, lights, swords and shadows are shooting everywhere. Arthur knew in his heart that the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens and the Grand Duke of Yones, who had fought against him, did not show their real skills at that time.

The Heavenly Knights didn’t take that kind of showdown on the arena seriously. Only in this kind of desperate struggle, what they have brought out is the real housekeeping skills.

…It’s a pity that the distance is too far to see clearly. It would be a waste not to see such a wonderful battle, Arthur sighed.

Grand Duke Hall pushed back Hackett with a sword and retreated to the position. The Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens and the Grand Duke of Yones also retreated at about the same time. The knights who were engaged in guerrilla warfare not far away also began to retreat when the time came. Those who were in the position used various long-range weapons to support the retreat of their teammates. Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

The knights all returned in less than ten seconds. The battle pattern that was originally so loose could become so organized at the critical moment. Arthur couldn’t help but admire the well-trained training of these knights.

——Of course, this is the most elite combat member selected from the three knights. If even they do not perform well, the future of Pantoracken will be worrisome.

“The booster array is complete, start teleporting now!” Merlin looked at everyone, and he was too lazy to count down, “Teleport!”

In a blink of an eye, everyone returned to the battle meeting room of the Southern Sky Knights.

The knights looked at each other, counting the wounds on each other’s bodies. Although many people were seriously injured, all of them are still alive. still alive, so they shouted excitedly:

“——Long live Pantoracken!!”

“—–May the brilliance of Pantoracken shine in the sky forever!”

Ignoring the stupid cries of the knights, Arthur sat down on the ground and was finally able to catch his breath.

“I chopped off Roble’s arm!” The Duke of Yones boasted, although he also had a deep wound on his abdomen.

“What’s the matter, Tut’s nose and ears were ripped off by me!” The Grand Duke of Leon Digens did not show weakness. bleeding.

“Um… How about Hall?” Yones turned around and asked the Grand Duke of Hall’s record.

“…I don’t want to talk about that,” Hall said. Half of his body was covered in blood.

“Aren’t you going to…kill Hackett!?” asked Leon Dickens, who clearly recognized that Hall didn’t have any wounds, which meant that it was a horrific amount. The blood did not flow from him.

“No, how could it be killed?! We happened to be hit by a giant beast that didn’t know how to play, and accidentally dismembered it… and then blood splattered all over it.” A knight Hall said, “Hackett is more exaggerated, he has become a **** man.”

“In that case, you’re not without a record, right?” The Duke of Yones laughed, “At least you smeared Hackett’s face with blood! Hahahaha!”

While listening absently to the knights’ rhetoric, Arthur took a long rest before uttering a sentence: “Beddy, welcome back.”

“Arthur, I knew you would come back to save me.” Bedivere cried and laughed under Tristan and Evan’s embrace, feeling like he was finally home, and was so excited Inexplicable.

“Uh.” Arthur got up, “I’m starving, so let’s hurry up and have a big dinner——“

Before he could finish speaking, Arthur’s heart stopped for a while. It was only at this time that the fragments of the key had a negative impact, making Arthur lose consciousness and black out. He fell to the ground with a snap, and even the screams of everyone after that were completely inaudible.

At the same time, in the Underdark, the orcs were cleaning up the battlefield.

Roble, the head of the tiger people who lost an arm, looked at the head of the tiger people, Hackett, who fell in a pool of blood and was tragically dismembered into hundreds of pieces.

“How is this possible?” Tut, the patriarch of the Elephant Race, said while bandaging the wound on his nose, “Before the knights of Pantoracken teleported away, Hackett was obviously fine.”

“He was hacked to death by the Hall guy long ago, but he didn’t know the fact that he was dead, and he brazenly dragged his chopped body to continue his activities.” Patriarch Roble said, “He was just in the As soon as he hit the ground and realized his own death, his body began to shatter into pieces. Hall’s [death countdown]…the power is still as terrible as it was fifty years ago.”

“Stop talking about that, let’s take a look.” Tut went over and kicked Corvez, who couldn’t afford to fall to the ground, “How do you deal with this guy?”

“We were destined to win all the seven fragments.” Roble said resentfully, “but the last one was snatched away by a human kid. The battle lost so much, and the result was a failure. This idiot will take the blame for this battle. Anyway, he has already failed twice and is no longer worth using.”

“Let me do how you want to deal with him.” The head of the fox clan, Reid, walked over slowly with a few subordinates, “I just need a young and strong guy to do the experiment.”

The foxes dragged the seriously wounded Corveth away, ignoring the lives of the leopard warriors. They didn’t even notice Coves’ awakening.

“Ravi…S…” Coves, who was so angry, muttered vaguely. He knew that his situation was not good, but what he was most worried about at this moment was not himself, but the youngest son in the family.

Arthur opened his eyes and saw a vague figure.

“Beddie?” he called.

“What!? It’s too much!” Greenville was angry, “The first thing you thought of when you woke up was not me, but your puppy? What kind of mentality do you have?!”

“Uh…is that Greenville?” Arthur covered his head and said, “I’m sorry, I thought it was Bedivere. That kid is always there when I’m sick or fainting. Stay by my bed and get used to it.”

“Really? Your relationship is really good.” Greenville sarcastically said.

“Beddie is just my companion.” Arthur replied naively, not understanding Greenville’s sarcasm.

Greenville makes a “you’re boring” emoji.

“What about me?” Greenville asked suddenly.

“You?…you are…” Arthur hesitated for a long time, he knew that if he answered wrongly, it would be a **** for him, “…you A goddess.”

“Pfft…huhuhuhuhuhu,” Greenville was amused, “you have a richer sense of humor. Well, I won’t make things difficult for you, you continue to lie down and have a good time. Rest!”

“Wait a minute. How long have I been in a coma?!” Arthur asked hurriedly.

“It’s not long, it’s only five hours.” Greenville pointed to the deep night outside the window, “The mage will help you transplant the spell in your body to Bedivere, and you will be out of danger. The wound on the abdomen has also basically healed.”

“What? Brady transplanted a shard into his heart again?!” Arthur said in shock, “How could you let him do that! That shard is very exhausting! I could clearly feel it yesterday, When I was attached to the pieces, my heart felt as if it was being held tightly!”

“So, no human being can bear it, only orcs can bear it.” Greenville put away her smile and said solemnly, “Don’t argue with that puppy, you thought you helped him carry a key fragment, Will he be happy when he is finally drained of his vitality and dies?”

Arthur sighed. No wonder Bedivere avoided him, but Greenville was here. It turned out that Greenville was planning to do ideological work on herself?

He knows that if he really wants to argue, he can’t win against Greenville, especially this kind of discussion that doesn’t have much chance of winning.

He has other things to do right away. He was very busy, so he compromised.

“——Okay, I won’t argue with you about this, but I want to see Bedivere right away.”

The werewolf boy stuck his head out of the door of the medical room and looked at Arthur a little embarrassedly.

“Don’t hide! Come out quickly, you little idiot!” Arthur said.

“Hey,” Bedivere said, “It’s great that Arthur looks so energetic.”

Arthur was about to scold but when he got angry, the wound in his abdomen started to hurt. He knew that the wound in his abdomen had already healed, but the pain of the wound had not subsided. Unlike muscle skin, nerve tissue recovers too slowly.

“Damn, it hurts to death.——Can you make me less angry once in a while, kid?” Arthur said, “Stop talking about that. Beddy, are the others still around?”

“Everyone just finished the banquet and ate a lot of wine. . . . Should be still there (if they’re drunk, it’s counted as [being]).” Bedivere said.

“Very good. You go and gather Evan, Tristan, Lian Yin and Merlin immediately. Merlin will explain the details to you on the way.” Arthur tied his abdomen with a bandage to stop his abdomen. The pain, while putting on his black dragon armor.

“Uh, what do you want to do?” Greenville asked in confusion, “Now is not the time to go around! Your injury is serious!——You should lie in bed and continue to rest! ?”

“How can you waste time resting! The real decisive battle begins now, Greenville!” Arthur said.

His crazy idea long before the final battle plan proposed by the Grand Duke Hall. Originally, this battle was just a double insurance, but now it has become a battle that severely damaged the orc forces.

At least Arthur thinks so. He raced against the clock to prepare.

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