Light Spirit Epic Chapter 181: Infiltrating the Far Border (Part 2)


Chapter 181 Infiltration into the Far Border (Part 2)

The crowd appeared in the sky not far from the institute.

The dark area has a chance to see the sun at noon. It is now four in the morning. It can be said that it is completely dark, so the group of people who appeared in the air did not attract any attention.

Lian Yin used a light fall technique, and everyone landed silently in the jungle.

“This is the Underdark.” Tristan looked at the barren world around him, and even the jungle was a sparse coniferous forest.

What a desolate and desolate scene, compared with the glorious region, it is the difference between heaven and hell. No wonder the Hungarians are so eager to open the walls of the world.

“Dig the hole and keep your voice down. Orcs have such sensitive ears that they can be detected at any time.”

“Let them notice,” Tristan summoned the Ice Mole and let it start burrowing, while saying indifferently: “Who would have thought that our group of lunatics would dig a hole and sneak into the research institute in the early morning. ?”

The Ice Mole lived up to its reputation, digging dozens of feet of tunnels in an instant, and keeping the surrounding earth barriers neat, spacious and clean. Judging from this progress, it takes less than half an hour to invade the research institute.

“Then,” the Grand Duke Hall asked in a low voice, “This is the facility where the fox people conduct research on super warriors and the keys to the Wall of the World? Its appearance does not seem to be of the expected scale.”

“My assumption is that a large part of it is hidden underground.” Arthur said, “So——“

“Shh, be quiet!” Ivan whispered, “There is something walking on the ground, it’s a huge creature.”

“It’s just a variety of beasts in the Underdark, don’t worry about it.” Bedivere said, “They usually come out at this time to hunt for food.”

“Give us good cover, great,” Arthur said.

Half an hour later, something was really dug up by the ice mole rat.

“Wall?” Arthur walked over to check, “Want to break it down?”

“After going out, it’s a room, it looks like a utility room. Smash it, there’s no one around.” Evan said.

Arthur controlled the force and smashed the concrete wall quietly and quickly.

However, Evan was only half right. This so-called utility room is not filled with sundries, but huge bottles. Inside the bottle, soaked with preservatives, were the corpses of terrifying-looking monsters.

Tol’vir panted and leaned beside Arthur, grabbing Arthur’s hand. He looked scared.

“Don’t be afraid, they are already dead,” Arthur comforted.

But he clearly felt that the tol’vir wasn’t afraid of that because of the ugly looks of these things. The leopard boy was afraid of something deeper.

“Are these the failures of super soldier research? What a cruel experiment.” The Duke of Hall said, “The foxes of this institute will pay for this price with their lives.”

“…I thought you were a pacifist, Grand Duke?” Arthur asked tentatively.

“Yes. But some unforgivable people are still unforgivable.” The Grand Duke said again, “Don’t say it, time is running out, hurry up and focus on your battles.”

“…Evan, have you observed any traces of the cold storage?” Arthur asked.

“…Not yet. The walls of this institute are too thick, which seriously affects my eyesight.” Evan said, “But it seems that there are more facilities deeper underground. “

“So serious, the cold storage should also be there.” Arthur said, “Let’s go to the basement while moving carefully.”

Around five in the morning.

The Khajiit guards, who were about to change their shifts, yawned and looked exhausted. When he closed his eyes, his throat had been cut by the lightsaber. Because of the high-output lightsaber, the blood solidified in an instant of high heat, and not a single drop was spilled.

“Come on, here!” Arthur opened the vent aside and whispered.

Bedivere picked up the body and hurriedly dragged it into the vent.

“This is the fourteenth,” Arthur said displeasedly. “If you don’t do this, you can’t pass the How many more? The guards are so heavily guarded that our actions will be discovered sooner or later. It’s just a problem.”

“There is one more layer, it’s almost the end.” Evan said, “I can clearly see the location of the freezer.”

“Okay, let’s go!” Arthur arrived, crawling silently along the ventilation duct.

After climbing for about ten minutes under Ivan’s instructions, the crowd who walked through the complicated ventilation ducts finally reached the freezer.

Arthur opened the vent and climbed out. The freezer looked unguarded, filled with white fog and very cold.

“Okay, Evan is in charge of tracking, and the others split up to find something about the shape of a key fragment. It should look like a heart-sized ice brick, maybe there are other containers holding it.” Arthur said.

After the crowd dispersed, they split up and searched. Arthur was walking aimlessly, but a strange feeling began to grab his footsteps.

He followed the ominous premonition and came to a huge container.

The container was frozen in ice and looked like some kind of huge creature. The frost sealed the container layer by layer, so that only the outline of the monster could be seen.

Even so, Arthur felt a chill.

He reached out and wiped the sign next to him, revealing the words hidden by the frost:

Project Pandora: Subject Zero.

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