Light Spirit Epic Chapter 180: Infiltrate into the far border (middle)


Chapter 180: Infiltration into the Far Border (Part 2)

It was three o’clock in the morning the next day. The battle meeting room of the Southern Sky Knights.

“Oh, so sleepy. Is it necessary to get up so early?” Tristan said.

“Don’t be arrogant, now is the time when every second counts.” Arthur turned to Lian Yin and said, “Lian Yin, please confirm again, you can really use Tolvir’s memory to teleport to a fixed point, and to offset the teleportation location. A kilometer?”

“Yes. It has been tested in the old imperial capital before. The maximum radius of one kilometer offset can be made on the original teleportation point. The success rate is 80%, which is the limit.”

“Okay, it’s enough to avoid the enchantment of the research institute. Try to offset as much as possible in the space above, lest the teleport fail and trap us in the ground.” Arthur said.

Grand Duke Hall listened quietly, without any intention to interrupt or help.

“After we teleported and landed,” Arthur explained, pointing to the blueprint, “first move to the surrounding jungle to hide, and then use Tristan’s familiar to dig a hole. Tristan, you need to dig a kilometer. The distance left and right, is there really no problem with your familiar?”

“It’s only one kilometer. My ice mole rat can dig a dozen kilometers a day in the eternal ice wall as hard as diamonds, not to mention the soft soil!” Tristan boasted.

“Okay.” Arthur said, “After using the tunnel to successfully enter the institute, Bedi and Evan will be responsible for guarding and finding the safest route to minimize contact with the enemy. Once exposed, we must quickly deal with the guards. Raise the alarm and it’s all over.”

“There is a huge error in your plan.” Ryder on the side couldn’t help but say, “Do you think the orcs just rely on their ears and eyes to search for enemies? Their noses are so sensitive, you go there , whichever way you walk, will be easily noticed.”

“Oh, what can you do?” Arthur asked quietly.

“Humph, if it’s someone else, there’s no way to do it, but for me, there is this—-” The rabbit took out a bottle of green potion, “like the secret medicine of the human race, drink this. The human body slowly emits a special kind of photon that neutralizes the odor molecules emitted by the body. Effective for the whole day. Except for the odor emitted by unnatural things such as clothes, your body odor will disappear within a day. Don’t try it?”

“Evan, try it, hurry up,” Arthur said.

“Why… tsk, okay!” Evan took the potion and took a sip.

“Well, it didn’t work?” Bedivere sniffed and said.

“The clothes on his body need to be changed. It is best to find one that has not been worn for a long time and completely eliminates the smell.”

“I’ll prepare this for you. Is the knight uniform of the Southern Heaven Knights ok? There are several brand new sets.” Said the Gaia knight Cador. (The knight is still serving as Ryder’s bodyguard, so to speak.)

Ten minutes later.

“Well, there is no smell, although the new uniform has its own smell, but this smell is too common, even if you smell it, you won’t be suspicious.” Bedivere said.

“Okay, how much did I sell this potion for?” Arthur asked.

“Wait a minute, listen to me first.” Ryder said, “This potion also has a side effect: it will close the pores of the body. For those of you who rely on pores to dissipate heat, this is a Deadly. Even the orcs who rely on the ends of their hair to dissipate heat are potentially at risk of overheating. Remember not to do strenuous exercise after drinking the potion, otherwise the body will faint from heat stroke. If you have to fight, drink this bottle of antidote.”

Rabbit took out another bottle of purple potion.

“Considering that you need to fight and drink medicine again, you’d better prepare fourteen bottles of pure medicine and seven bottles of antidote. One bottle of pure medicine costs 500 Pantoraken gold coins, and one bottle of antidote requires 300 gold coins. A total of 9,100 gold coins. Count your 9,000 gold coins.” Rabbit sneered.

“Oh, so it turns out, you kid will really seize the opportunity to grab money.” Arthur gave Ryder a sharp look, “Nine thousand gold coins are nine thousand gold coins. But you give me another bottle of antidote, just in case. Unexpected.”

“… That’s it.” Ryder said.

“Then——” Arthur was about to take out his purse, when the Grand Duke of Hall came over: “I’ll pay for the money, it can be considered as a support for your battle.”

“Your Excellency the Grand Duke, that’s a lot of money…Are you sure?” Arthur asked, “This is our battle——“

“Don’t worry about it, I can still afford it,” Hall said as he pushed the purse to Ryder, “and aren’t you in a hurry? It’ll be dawn if you push it further.”

“…Okay, thanks in advance to the Grand Duke.” Arthur said.

Everyone drank the deodorant, took a quick shower, put on new uniforms, and gathered again. It was already four in the morning.

“Everyone is ready, we’re going to leave soon.” Arthur said, “Lian Yin?”

“Prepare to teleport.” Lian Yin motioned for everyone to join hands in a circle.

“Three, two, one, send!”

The crowd disappeared in an instant, leaving only the Rabbit Ryder and the knight Cador in the battle hall.

“A really worrisome battle. Will such a chaotic battle succeed?” Ryder said as he collected his purse.

“With Grand Duke Hall following, they shouldn’t be in danger, don’t worry.” Gaia knight Cador said.

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