Light Spirit Epic Chapter 18: The bad omen is in the dark (li)


Chapter 18: The Bad Omen Comes to the Darkness (inside)

Beitian Knights Base, No. 1? ? Mechanical warehouse.

“So——” Lancelot looked at Arthur with a terrifying expression that almost wanted to kill, and dropped the screwdriver in his hand, “You asked him to come to me?!”

“I’m sorry.” Arthur absently apologized, but he kept thinking about all kinds of persuasive excuses.

“Didn’t I tell you that this is a secret between the two of us? Why did you solemnly promise something. Always say back again and again?” The blond boy was even more angry.

“This is only the second time. And Kai also knows about you. So, the last time shouldn’t be counted, right?” Arthur pretended to be innocent and looked at his friend with **** eyes.

“The problem is not [the number of times]!!” Lancelot’s face was already the color of pig liver.

“I won’t say it. I promise.” Bedivere quickly persuaded him, “and, who would believe the nonsense of a lowly orc?”

“Don’t interrupt!” Lancelot was so angry that he even scolded Bedivere who interrupted.

The startled werewolf boy fell to the ground, raising a pile of dust on the ground.

“Ahem…Lancelot is a real murderer, he even bullies children.” Arthur pretended to have nothing to do with himself, “Why, he was obviously very gentle with animals when he was a child. Didn’t the puppy cry for three days and three nights when it died?”

Lancelot was annoyed and ashamed, and gave Arthur a vicious look: “You!——I will settle the account with you later!” Then he looked at the werewolf boy on the ground, ” Boy, how old are you?”

“Ten… Twelve,” Bedivere stammered.

“Isn’t that a little brat? I thought you would be older. Forget it, the Huns are taller than humans, maybe I should take that into account…  “

While Lancelot was talking to himself, Arthur leaned into Bedivere’s ear and whispered, “It’s up to you from now on. But remember one thing: don’t inquire anyway. Lancelot’s life experience. The word [father] is forbidden in front of Lancelot, so be careful if you don’t want to die.

——Then, I’ll go first. The Rangers still have things to deal with. “Arthur is about to run away.

“Going to do those boring system testing jobs again? I thought you wouldn’t last a week.” Lancelot interjected.

“No way, no matter how boring the job is, someone has to do it. The pay is good, there is nothing to complain about.” Arthur casually said.

Bedivere senses a subtle inconsistency in their conversation, but he decides not to go into it, lest he cause more trouble. He has lived in the human world for a long time since he was a child, and the werewolf boy at least knows this sophistication.

In the dimly lit room, Celestial Knight Leon Dickens sat alone on his large chair, shaking the wine glass in his hand. Ice cubes crackle in a glass full of whiskey.

“Drinking during working hours?” The young knight entered the room and looked at the heavenly knight through the dim light from the stove.

“How do you get through this **** winter without this.” Celestial Knight Leon Dickens said, his voice frivolous due to the influence of alcohol, “Would you like a drink?”

“I’m not yet an adult.” Arthur suppressed the disdain in his heart and replied coldly, “——Besides, it’s only early autumn.”

“Oh, I almost forgot,” said the Grand Duke of Leon Digens casually. “However, you are so indifferent. Leave that little kid behind? Don’t you need to tell him about the collar beforehand? You As his guardian, if he dies, you will be responsible.”

“Have you made up my mind again, Your Excellency the Grand Duke?”

Celestial Knight Leon Dickens took a sip of wine, the smell of alcohol wafting in the air. He said casually: “The Knights have always followed this rule: You must be responsible for the person you rescued to the end. However, you really picked up a troublesome thing and came What seal, what Key fragments, what the wall of the world.——In this way, wouldn’t it be a total war between us and the Hungarians?”

“That can’t be helped. No matter what the scenery looks like after the World Wall is opened, it will be a disaster for the world. Is the monster behind the World Wall that I don’t know exists more terrifying? Or get sunlight, Is the recuperation and growing army of orcs more terrifying?”

“Indeed.” The grand duke took a sip of whiskey, “so, you should pay more attention to that little boy, and don’t let him fall into the hands of the Hungarians.”

“If necessary, I will kill him with my own hands.” The young knight had a cold killing intent on his face, and he could do what he said.

“Let’s talk when necessary. The creed of knights is [justice], and your actions must not violate the creed, otherwise we are no different from mere murderers. Unless we can save all by sacrificing one, we cannot Sacrifice any innocent person.”

The expression on the young silver knight’s face changed subtly.

(This is called justice. It’s just a naive idea for idiots.)

(What an inefficient, stupid creed.)

(No wonder you are going to be loyal dogs to the council.)

“Follow the teachings of His Excellency the Grand Duke.” Although his heart was full of disdain, the young knight saluted and withdrew from the room.

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