Light Spirit Epic Chapter 17: Ominous omen in the dark (table)


Chapter 17 The Omen of Darkness (List)

Darkness is coming. Devoured everything the boy knew.

His past, present, and future are all gone, and all that is left is the boundless darkness and the infinite void.

Living has become never alive, denying all existence, pure chaos and silence.

Such a world is really terrible (sad).

“Ah!” Having a nightmare, the werewolf boy Bedivere suddenly opened his eyes, his forehead was full of beads of sweat, and the sweat seeped out from the ends of his hair, sticking his hair into clumps, messy and sloppy .

“Awake?” a voice asked.

The werewolf boy was still full of confusion, looking at the young knight who was slightly older than him in front of him, he was stunned for half an hour before he gradually remembered everything that happened before.

“This is…?”

“The base of the North Sky Knights of Pantoracken.” Knight Arthur replied briefly.

“How long have I been in a coma?”

“One week.”

“A week?!” The werewolf boy was startled and almost jumped up from the hospital bed, but the pain suppressed him back.

“…the village. What about the village?”

“I’m sorry, but there are no survivors except you.” The knight looked indifferent, as if the villagers’ life and death had nothing to do with him: “The remains that could be found were buried well.”

“Really.” A gloomy look appeared on Bedivere’s face. “Thank you, young knight. I owe you a favor.”

“It’s not [young knight], I’m Arthur Kelton, the silver knight.” The knight Arthur said, “Take a good rest. The healer said that your bones have been successfully regenerated, but if you move around, say Somewhere the bones will be broken.”

“No,” the werewolf boy got up with the pain all over his body, “I want to see your boss.”

Arthur sneered disdainfully: “Oh, do you think the Celestial Knight would meet you so easily?”

“Don’t laugh! This matter is very important!” The werewolf boy hurriedly said, “The Fierce Fangs are planning to open [the Grand Wall]!”

“The wall of the world?” Arthur cast his eyes out of the window, “You mean [the end of the world]?”

At the far end of the sky, an ancient wall rises from the ground, extending into the deep space and continuing on the endless horizon. It isolates the life of the earth in this walled land, dividing the whole earth in two halves.

Arthur looked out the window at the looming shadow on the wall far away.

Does the world really have an end?

“No matter what you call it, that thing is the [Wall of the World].” Bedivere went on to say, “Since you know about the Wall of the World, you should also know that, thanks to that, Eastern Europe is the only There is such a large area of ​​[The Underdark], where the sun can only be seen for six hours a day, and the entire Underdark is either a barren wasteland or a poisonous swamp filled with miasma.”

“——I know. The living environment of the Hungarians is indeed very harsh, that’s why you continue to invade the Radiance Region (Western European countries), **** food and weapons.” The young knight grabbed the white.

“No! It’s only the Fierce Fang who **** it away, most of the other races live peacefully in the Underdark!” Bedivere defended the orcs, “Although life is tough, everyone lives their lives honestly. to live with that limited resource for generations. Until —–“


“Until one day, the Romani tribe (Fox people) discovered the ruins of an ancient man. They read the information in the ruins and discovered a fact that made them furious.

The [Wall of the World] didn’t exist in the first place. That’s what your ancestors, the Anglians, the Celts, the Romans, the Egyptians…and the rest of the ancients, built it together. The orcs were originally slaves of the ancient people and were forced to undergo genetic modification in order to live in the Underdark and manage the walls of the world. “

“Why? It’s just a broken wall, is it so important?” Arthur asked inexplicably.

“No one knows. Some people say that outside the wall of the world is the end of the world, and the wall of the world is used to block the flood from the end of the world. Others say that the world has no end, and the other side of the wall of the world is the end of the world. On one side is the golden continent of the East, where gold is everywhere, and food and wine are endless.”

“——Both assumptions sound like lies.” Arthur sneered dismissively.

“Whatever the facts are,” Bedivere continued, “there are many among the orcs who believe that the wall of the world should be opened. It doesn’t matter what’s on the other side of the wall; what matters is that as long as the wall is no longer there, the darkness The region will have more sunshine, and everyone’s life will not be so difficult.”

“Nice idea. However, such an idea is inherently impossible. Are you talking about—that—a—the wall of the world? No matter how powerful an attack is, you can’t scrape a single trace of it. Flower marks, an unbelievably hard wall. The technology of the ancients cannot be surpassed in another thousand years.”

“Of course it can’t be opened by force,” Bedivere said mysteriously, “but what if I told you there was a key to open it?”


“Guarded by the seven orc clans, a magic coat of arms passed down from generation to generation among the clan chiefs. That is the key fragment that unlocks the seal on the wall of the world. Together, the seven fragments are a complete key. .”

Arthur used his sharp eyes to penetrate the heart of the werewolf boy: “That’s why the tigers hunted you down?”

“Well, you already know. My clan has been exterminated, and I’m probably the only survivor in the clan. I can’t tell you where the key fragments of my clan are, but the other key fragments have fallen into In the hands of the Fierce Fang.

Originally, four of the seven major clans did not agree to open the wall of the world. But those despicable Fiercefangs! —— They plotted against the patriarchs when they were attending the clan meeting, and the key fragments of the patriarchs were all robbed.

My father…the patriarch of our clan, predicted that he would be killed before the meeting, and gave me the last key fragment for safekeeping, thus preventing the last fragment from falling into the fangs in the hands of the clan. But our clan was immediately besieged by the Fierce Fangs, and finally the clan was wiped out. “

“So it is. You have had a hard time too.” The knight disapproved, he did not show any mercy, or he never knew what mercy was: “Then, just put your hand If you hide the key fragments on the top, the plan of the Huns will never be carried out? Isn’t that easy, if you have been hidden in the Pantoracken Knights——“

“Will it go so smoothly?” Bedivere sighed in despair, “The orcs, including the three clans who originally supported the plan, plus the loss of the clan leader and fear of being exterminated, had to support the other three clans in the plan. Clan, they add up to an army of three million.

The fighting power of each orc individual is stronger than your human.

Even if you form a joint army with European countries, the number will not exceed two million, and you still cannot balance the huge gap in military strength.

In the past, they did not make particularly conspicuous actions against the Western European countries in order not to be alarmed. But now, they have sensed my presence, and will stop at nothing to get the last key fragment in my hand. ——What should you do then? “

Arthur looked at Bedivere with no emotion on his face: “At that time, I had to kill them all.”

“——Are you serious? Are you crazy?!”

Arthur is silent. However, the werewolf boy could see from the knight’s eyes that the other party’s words were definitely not just casual words.

This young knight, at least he has seriously considered, the near-madness of fighting an army of millions of orcs alone.


The knight in front of really easily killed the tiger man leader with a single sword.

Bedivere himself, the leader who had no chance of winning, was indeed killed by this seemingly helpless young knight in a simple and almost boring way.

——What is this sacred? The ace of the Pantoracken Knights?

——Or, are the knights of Pantoracken so strong, as strong as monsters? !

Perhaps, there is really a glimmer of hope.

Perhaps, everything is not as bad as imagined.

The werewolf boy climbed out of bed and knelt on the ground: “Knight Arthur, please teach me swordsmanship. I want to become stronger, no, I have to become stronger, I have to stop the orcs.”

Arthur was at a loss for a while: “Even if I ask me to teach, I don’t know how to do it. My swordsmanship is… quite special, a technique developed to match my own physique. Even if others try to learn it reluctantly, it will not be able to play its due effect.”

The knight paused.

“Uh, yes. I can’t teach you [my] swordsmanship, but I know someone can teach you [your only] swordsmanship.”

“Only my swordsmanship?”

“That’s right. That person is a genius [instructing others in martial arts],” Arthur said.

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