Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1384: Trapped in the deceitful way (56)


Chapter 1384: Trapped in the Way (fifty-six)

Clap. The desert scorpion landed on the wall, making a strange noise. Mutter chased away in an instant, his hand fell, and the desert poisonous scorpion was smashed with one blow! Black bug splattered everywhere, creating a large smudge on the walls.

“Oh, disgusting!” Albert walked over to take a look. This is good, even his document has been contaminated by the body fluids of the poisonous scorpion, and it has become extremely disgusting.

“What are all these meows?” Albert swallowed.

“As you can see, this is a species unique to the Sahara Desert, with a highly venomous desert scorpion.” Mutt sighed, “You don’t have to get out of bed for half a year if you get stuck.”

“And why is it crawling out of my drawer?”

“Because it’s spring, it’s their spawning season. Desert scorpions have a habit of preferring shade when they lay their eggs, and they like to invade and hide in the cabinets of residential houses. If you don’t deal with them in time, you will spend a few weeks After opening that drawer, you will find hundreds of small scorpions crawling out of it…”

“Don’t, don’t say it!” Albert’s scalp tingled just imagining the scene of the swarms of scorpions pouring out of the closet.

“You…you just opened my drawer just for this…?” Albert gave the cat boy another suspicious glance.

“Of course. Otherwise, what do you think it’s for? To peek at the confidential documents of your Warcraft Hunter Organization?” Mutter replied slightly sarcastically.

The tiger turned red in an instant, ashamed and ashamed: “But…but you can tell it early, it’s not a big deal, it’s necessary to be so mysterious meow.. …”

“No big deal? This matter is related to the reputation of the Cairo Grand Hotel.” Mutra said with a long face: “I don’t know how the hotel staff did it, but this dangerous desert poison The scorpion could never have appeared in the luxury suite on the top floor of the hotel. If this news spread, who would dare to stay at the Cairo Hotel? I saw the shadow of the poisonous scorpion the moment you closed the drawer. I’ll deal with this scorpion secretly after I go out, but now… it’s a pity.”

“It seems we have a lot of things to hide from each other meow.” Albert scratched his head embarrassedly: “Well, I won’t tell you about it — and you , give me that.”

He snatches his files from Mutter. He endured huge nausea and glanced at the document rolled into a cylinder. There was still the sap of the desert scorpion on the document, and it spread in a large area, and some viscous juice kept dripping onto the ground. fall.


“I’m sorry to have soiled your confidential documents.” Mutter sarcastically said, “Then what are you going to do with it? Wash it and dry it, maybe you can still see it.”

“No need.” Albert walked to the open kitchen of the suite, turned on the stove and lit a fire, stuffing the entire document into the flames. The body fluids of the desert poisonous scorpion evaporated quickly, and the rough recycled paper used by the World of Warcraft Hunters Organization to protect (money) from the environment was very flammable, and the fire quickly burned very vigorously, and it burned out within a few seconds. Burned the entire document to ashes.

Albert sighed inwardly at his own stupidity, when he should have done so long ago. It’s not that he doesn’t know where Luffy’s home is, and he can find it without this document. Keeping this thing will only be a problem…both materially and spiritually.

After dealing with the troublesome manuscript, Albert turned to Mutter: “I’m sorry for doubting you…but we’re still good buddies, right?”

“Yes…………” Mutra raised his face and replied in a long tone, obviously very unhappy: “Anyway, I’m just an old Sphinx pie. It’s a matter of course for those who came to monitor you to be suspected by you, no need to thank you.”

“You’re such a cheapskate.” Albert pouted: “Okay, I’ll make it up to you. I’m going out now, do you want me to bring something delicious back for you to eat meow? “

“No thanks, there are still ingredients in the refrigerator, so I can cook and eat without starving to death.” Mutter was very stubborn.

“Humph, then it’s up to you.” The tiger turned angrily and walked away, slamming the door hard within seconds and disappearing without a trace.

Mutter pursed his lips and was silent for a while. He was about to do something, but suddenly found something on the ground. He subconsciously reached out to pick it up, only to find that it was actually——

A photo! A photo of a cat boy!

The cat boy in the photo looks very similar to Mutter, but Mutter certainly recognizes what he looks like. He can recognize some subtle differences between himself and the other person from the photo!

However, the cat boy in the photo does look a lot like Mutter! It was so similar that even Mutter was surprised! He almost thought it was some kind of disgusting joke from Albert, and he changed Mutter’s photo a little here!

But Mutter instantly rejected that assumption! Of course not! The photo is a little old, very naturally old, it looks like it should have been taken six or seven years ago, and Mutter hasn’t taken a photo like this in all these years — he hasn’t taken a photo in all these years. Mutually!

So, where did this plausible old photo come from? ! The cat boy figured it out in an instant.

This photo was dropped from the document just now! Because Mutter snatched the documents with great strength at that time, and hit the poisonous scorpion with the stick made from the documents, the force was not small, so some light objects caught in the documents fell out!

So, this photo is from that classified document of the hunter group? but why——?

“Do you have a brother or something?” The strange question Albert asked when he first met Mutter suddenly replayed in the cat boy’s mind. Then it all makes sense!

——Albert once knew the cat boy in the photo who looked very similar to Mutter! Tiger was so nervous about this document just now because he didn’t want Mutter to know the truth of the matter!

“I see, you bastard.” The cat boy quietly put away the photo and muttered in a low voice.

At the same time, after Albert went out, he immediately walked towards the [Lost Paradise] bar not far from the Cairo Hotel. The journey is not too far, he did not walk much to get there. The bar is also open during the day, but the “service” it provides during the day is much more robust than at night. There are no girls dancing around the poles in the bar hall, and there is also a lack of companions to accompany guests to drink and have fun at the bar seats. Wine girls. Maybe it’s because hiring so many girls to serve customers during the day isn’t worth it, or maybe it’s because the people who come here to drink during the day don’t come for that kind of service, God knows. Albert couldn’t help shaking his head, looking around for Chanel in the slightly dim bar.

At this moment, someone in the dark beckoned the tiger man youth. Although Albert’s night vision ability is not very good, he can clearly identify that it is Chanel’s slender hand, so he slowly and quietly walked towards the backstage of the bar to meet the dark elf girl .

“Why did you invite me to such a ghost place?” Albert asked straight to the point as soon as he came up.

“Shh!” Chanel put her finger in front of her thin cherry lips and blew softly, making a silent gesture. She lowered her voice and said to the tiger: “Don’t ask anything, come with me first.”

“Wow, mysterious ——” Albert was very upset, but since Chanel said so, Tiger had to follow. They walked through a dark and deep corridor. On both sides of the corridor were the special VIP rooms of this bar. Although it was broad daylight, the VIP rooms were not open to the public.

No, words can’t be so deadly. As a result, there was still a VIP room in use at the end of the corridor, and a trace of light shone through the gap between its closed doors, making it particularly conspicuous in the dark and deep corridor.

“Are all the cats inside?” Albert couldn’t help lowering his voice and asked curiously.

“You’ll know right away.” Chanel didn’t answer directly, but walked to a small room next to the VIP room and opened the small door leading to it.

“You must be joking with me,” Albert whispered. That’s right, this small room was the kind of small utility room where the two of them hid in it last time to peek at Phileos and Palamides chatting. When Albert and Chanel huddled together in such a small, cramped utility room to check on the enemy, they already had too many not-so-good memories. Now, is he going to squeeze into such a ghost place again? !

“Come in! What are you waiting for?” Chanel had already squeezed in, and had also cleared some of the mop buckets in the utility room to make room for more people to enter.

“In such a narrow place, you have to take advantage of me again…” Albert whispered.

The tiger’s words were exchanged for a fierce stare from the dark elf girl.

“Okay.” Albert scratched his head and walked in He gently closed the door behind him, huddled with the dark elf girl with a **** body In darkness.

Chanel reached out and groped around, and felt something strange in the darkness, which almost made Albert scream. However, the tiger tried his best to restrain himself and did not make a sound. The dark elf girl obviously didn’t mind. She might not even know what she had just touched. She continued to fumble, and finally found what she was looking for in front of a trap door in the utility room. As she pulled down the mechanism and pushed it gently, a subtle light shot in from outside.

Yes, she opened a crack in the wall just enough for those in the utility room to catch a glimpse of everything going on in the VIP room.

Chanel turned to look at Albert, and made a graceful gesture to the tiger, indicating: You should look first.

The tiger frowned, really not knowing what medicine the dark elf girl was buying from the gourd. Suspiciously, he put the cat’s face towards the crack of the door and glanced at it.

No one else was drinking and having fun in that VIP room. It turned out to be Sandstorm Sphinx quarterback Siloma, center Gusta, and another familiar stranger—– – The “courier boy” who was in charge of delivering Albert and Mutter’s jerseys today, Doha, Dragon Knight? !


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