Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1383: Trapped in the deceitful way (55)


Chapter 1383 Trapped in the Bewildering Way (fifty-five)

Mutter began to evade: “Your assumption is not valid at all, Daddy Sphinx has no motivation or conditions to do so——”

“Just answer me, **** it!”

The cat boy looked at the tiger with aggrieved expression: “I…I don’t know.”

The two looked at each other and fell into a deep silence again.

After a long time, Albert took a long breath: “Are you my friend, Mutter? I don’t know what the **** is going on in your cat’s head, but I advise you, don’t be blind. Do what the Sphinx says to you. You are not his slave, you have long been free and have the right to do what you think is right.

If one day, your old sphinx is going to do something irreparable, I hope you can recognize the situation and stop him in time. If you really appreciate his life-saving grace, if you really love him, you will definitely do it. Preventing him from committing monstrous mistakes is the correct way to repay him. “

The teenage catman frowned deeply, with an indescribable grief on his face. Perhaps he has already realized something, vaguely aware that Father Sphinx is secretly brewing some great conspiracy. After Albert’s sharp point, Mutter’s heart was full of hesitation and confusion.

“Okay, it’s all cleaned up.” Albert put down the other cat’s leg of the cat boy and began to approach Mutter with a smirk: “The next two things need to be cleaned: your Armpits and inner thighs.”

“Uh!” Mutter’s face sank: “No no no, I have already washed that place, I really don’t need it!”

“Hehehe, why are you shy, boy?” Albert’s eyes flashed coldly: “I’m going to wash your **** for you, don’t thank me——“

Then he touched the crotch of the cat boy, and the cat boy was about to be killed———

“No ———————!” Mutter’s softened and paralyzed leg just regained consciousness at this time, and he raised his leg and moved towards The tiger kicked in the face!

Clap! ——Albert was kicked out of the bath and slammed into the bathroom wall!

“Ugh… what a… can’t be funny… laughing stinky little… ghost…  ! “Albert slipped slowly from the wall, spat out a mouthful of old blood, and passed out.

Ten minutes later.

Clap clap, clap clap clap clap. Someone was slapping the tiger in the face.

“Don’t bother me…” Albert whispered, “Sleep…five minutes…five minutes…!”

“Well, you forced me—” Mutter hummed, reaching for Albert’s tail.

Squeeze hard!

“Meow!!” The tiger only felt sore at the base of its tail, and the whole cat jumped up: “It hurts!! It hurts! Are you crazy meow?! Why are you pulling my tail?!”

“You won’t wake up if you don’t do this.” The cat boy looked at Albert coldly: “Just now a lady called and said she would be waiting for you at [the old place] in half an hour. I don’t I know what your relationship is with that lady, but it’s almost time, you better get ready now and rush from here.”

(Ms? Probably Chanel.)

“Even so, you don’t have to pull my tail, brat.” Albert still got up from the bed dissatisfied, only to realize that he was basically wearing nothing but a pair of pants. He was kicked out of the bathtub by the cat boy just now naked, and the back of his head hit the wall and fainted. Mutter must have done the aftermath.

“Oh, so you helped me put on my pants? Didn’t you slap me when I fainted?” Tiger said with a smirk.

“Idiot!” Mutter blushed and turned his face away: “Do you think everyone is as perverted as you?——Stop talking, you have twenty minutes left, best Don’t make the lady wait for you. If that [old place] is far away, I don’t know if those twenty minutes will be enough.”

“Yes, I’ll take care of it.” Tiger hurriedly put on his pants, thinking about where the [old place] Chanel was talking about was. He already had an idea in his mind, but he just couldn’t figure out why Chanel would ask him to meet at that kind of place. He could have found her in Chanel’s hotel room.

“So I’m going on a date, don’t you want to come along meow?” Albert put on his coat and asked with a smirk.

“Idiot, who wants to follow you on a date.” The cat boy pouted in dissatisfaction: “Even if Father Sphinx has an order to follow you to take care of you, I don’t need to be around 24 hours a day. Sticking to you? Not to mention that you are dating a girl——“

“So you’re jealous?”

“No!—” Mutter’s voice suddenly sharpened. Then he noticed his gaffe, and took a few steps back with a blushing face: “If you want to go, go quickly, and what are you talking about. I decided not to go anywhere for the rest of the day, so I fell asleep in my room. “

“Yes, take a good rest, little lazy cat.” Albert couldn’t help sneering, all of which was exactly what he wanted. Before that, he was still worried and didn’t know how to get rid of Mutter’s entanglement and go to Chanel to report the situation. Since Mutter is unwilling to follow him to make light bulbs, it is simply a good thing to ask for.

“Then I’m leaving.” Albert put on his civilian clothes, picked up his weapon and walked out the door: “Although the security of the Cairo Hotel seems to be very good, no bad guys will come in. It looks like that, but I advise you to be more open-minded and don’t open doors for strangers casually.”

He glanced at the bandages on the Catboy’s arms and legs. Mutter should not have fully recovered from the toxicity of the muscle relaxant, and he has to rely on that magic bandage to maintain the normal activities of his limbs; in other words, even if the cat boy fully recovered, he still has no fighting ability. Very worrying. If Mutter is attacked by assassins when he is alone, he will only be slaughtered.

Is it really okay to leave Mutter here alone?

But Albert shook his head, making excuses for himself. He didn’t plan to go out for a long time, he just went to tell Chanel about the situation and would be back soon. What can happen in this short period of time?

Albert then put all his worries behind him and pushed the door out.

But he just took a few steps, and then he thought about it again, as if there was something wrong?

So Albert turned back quietly, opened the door quietly, and glanced inside the room.

Sure enough, the stinky boy Mutter was fumbling around Albert’s bedside table, as if he was looking for something!

“Hey! What do you want meow!?” Albert rushed in angrily and stopped Mutter. At that time, the cat boy happened to turn a document out of the drawer of Albert’s bedside table!

That document, don’t ask any further questions, was naturally given to Albert by Vice President Castro, about the cat-man boy Ruff.

“Wow ah ah ah!” “Tiger hurried to the past, and when Matt opened the information, he hit the Catman teenager and took the document from his hand!

“Meow!” Mutter was also hit and flew out and landed on the wall! Albert was still rolling on the ground when he got up from the ground, and the scene couldn’t be more beautiful.

“Ha, ha, ha!” The tiger got up in embarrassment: “Damn boy, don’t you know how to respect other people’s **? Why do you just rummage through other people’s files!”

“But I didn’t plan to turn…” Mutter said innocently.

“You said no?! You are about to open it!” Tiger angrily said, “This is the secret information circulated within the Warcraft Hunter Organization. How can you just rummage without asking me one!”

“But I really don’t. Who wants to see your profile.”

Albert exploded with anger: “Bullshit! You are clearly turning the page, you are obviously sent by the Sphinx to watch me!”

Mutter was also annoyed: “You are the nonsense! When did Daddy Sphinx send me to watch you! If possible, I would like to stay away from such a bad guy as you. !”

“The evidence is solid, you still want to deny it?!”

“The evidence is conclusive, you meow! I’m obviously just——“


“Uh, I just…” Mutt faltered suddenly, at a loss for words. The kitten’s body was biting like insects and ants, and it was restlessly stirring.

“Look, there’s nothing left to say, you lying brat!” Tiger said angrily, having prepared a million-word speech in his heart, intending to give Mutt a good lesson.

“Ow…” The cat boy was stunned for a while, speechless.

Albert began to be proud and taught Mutt a lesson: “So, tell me honestly, what do you want to do———“

“Be careful behind your back!” Mutter shouted suddenly.

“Meow?” As soon as Albert turned his head, he saw a dark figure leap out of the drawer of his bedside and jumped on the tiger’s nose in an instant!

“Wow, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”! “Albert screamed, and the cat hair was erected straight!

It’s a scorpion! A pure black desert poisonous scorpion, the size of a fist! It’s showing its teeth and claws at Albert!

Anyone would be scared to death by a fist-sized scorpion at such close range. Albert couldn’t help but fell backwards in a panic!

“Don’t move!” Mutter loudly reminded: “Play dead and let it crawl away! It will sting those creatures it thinks will threaten its survival!”

The tiger didn’t dare to say a word, and the whole body was already frozen. However, it was useless for him to do so. The desert scorpion had long been provoked by Albert’s scream, and decided that the tiger was its enemy! It raised its poisonous scorpion tail and was about to stab Albert’s mouth!

“Humph!” Mutter quickly grabbed the document from the tiger’s hand, rolled it into a stick, and swept it beautifully before the desert scorpion’s scorpion needle pierced Albert. Shoot the scorpion away!


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