Light Spirit Epic Chapter 138: Seeking the Way in Rhino (middle)


Chapter 138: Seeking the Way in Rhinoceros (Part 2)

When Kai opened his eyes, he found himself on the dragon’s back, and it was already morning. The abdominal pain is still dull, but the swelling is gone. It is estimated that this is the effect of the antibiotic given by Greenville, which effectively suppressed the inflammation.

“Are you awake? We are now moving to the base of the Western Heavenly Knights.” Evan grabbed Jade Wind Dragon’s shoulders and said.

“In fact, if you leave this kid behind, you will fly faster.” Javier Javier sarcastically said, “Humans are really weak creatures!”

“It’s so noisy, you were paralyzed like a dead fish yesterday, how dare you talk to me?” Kai scolded back, turning his head to look at the source of the noise. It turned out that Greenville was driving an iron cavalry and followed him unhurriedly.

“Is Her Royal Highness still here?” Kai sighed, “When are you going to follow us?”

“You don’t care where I’m going,” Greenville said. “If you leave it alone like this, what stupid thing is going to do to assassinate Gunther? I don’t care about you two petty criminals. OK?”

“Evan, you big mouth!” Kai said angrily, but when he got angry, his wound was so painful that it seemed like it was about to split open. How much did she say?”

“I’m sorry, but she took a weapon and forced me to say, I don’t want to die.” Ivan said helplessly, and then he lowered his voice: “Don’t worry, it’s just what we [did]. As for our [why] do this], I didn’t tell her.”

It’s just fine. However, I always felt an ominous foreboding. Kay thought.

“However, the kind of guy who opens a hole in his head and doesn’t die, is really a succubus?” Greenville asked, “If you guess wrong, isn’t it a waste of time to study [divine] ?”

“If my feeling is correct, that guy is a succubus.” Javier Javier said flatly, “I don’t know how he did it, I guess he just transformed into a human and made a The shell in human form is just moving. The real key, the [core] of the succubus, is probably not in the head, but subtly hidden elsewhere.”

“There is no point in guessing.” Kai said, “Anyway, let’s try to learn [Sacred] first. Whether it can be learned or not is a question.”

Attenborough, the base of the Knights of the West.

“Just land there, don’t get close.” Gaia knight Owen shouted.

Evan silently jumped off the dragon’s back, then helped Kai down, turning his head to look at his brother.

“I want to see Ser Arctor,” he said.

Greenville, who was on the side, also jumped off the iron cavalry lightly, while sweeping away the dust on the armor.

“Ser Arctor? He is now busy teaching the Knights of the Order of [Holy] Enchanting.” Owen said.

“That’s right, I came to him to learn [divine].” Evan said, “The situation is urgent, I want to see him right away.”

“No.” Ao Yun looked at the dragon that Ivan was riding just now and the black dragon armor on the knights, and stopped: “You are no longer a member of the Western Knights, I can’t let you Hanging around the base like this.”

“What?!” Evan looked surprised.

“Everyone of the [Knights of Arthur], please come back. If you want to find Sir Arctor, you must first apply to the top.” Knight Oyun said coldly.

“What…[The Knights of Arthur]?” Ivan was at a loss.

“Isn’t the [Battle of the Five Kings] already started?” the knight Aoyun explained, “Although it is only in name, it has never been seen in history — but, after the consultation of the heavenly knights , for the time being, the identity of the [Temporary Celestial Knight] was drawn up for the knight Arthur. He is now leading an independent knight order as a Celestial Knight.”

“And you are the knights in his knight order.” Owen said, “So, even if it is a younger brother, it is not appropriate to let knights of other knight orders hang out in our base without first applying.”

“The Knights of the Western Heavens are my home, and they used to be.” Evan’s anger erupted, “You guys kicked me out of here for such a silly reason and won’t let me come back? It’s too bad. That’s it!”

Ao Yun looked at his half-brother, silent.

“Don’t stand stupidly, what are you saying!?” Evan continued to roar.

“I feel like you’ve changed a lot, Evan.” Gaia knight Aoyun said, “I know I’m talking back. Is this really the little idiot Evan who huddled in the corner and cried in the corner after a few rebukes?”

“I don’t need you to worry about my affairs!” Evan said angrily.

“Okay, let them in.” The Celestial Knight Grand Duke Yones walked into the mechanical warehouse and sneered.

“But, the Grand Duke——“

“It is possible to enter the but you are entering the base of the Knights as a ‘civilian’ to visit. We will keep the armor and weapons you carry with you. This is a condition that cannot be compromised. .” said the Duke of Yones.

“Dad… Grand Duke Ewens.” Evan muttered.

“Did you kill the old black dragon Smog? Well done. That old guy should rest in peace.” Celestial Knight Youns looked at the black dragon armor on Ivan and said, “You have really grown up a lot. I Guess you must have experienced a lot of interesting things around Knight Arthur. Come and have a good chat with me at dinner today.”

“You’re trying to tell me what to say, right? You’re wrong if you think you can understand Arthur’s strength just by listening.” Evan said indifferently.

“Hehehe, even so, it’s still an adventure story worth listening to.” The Duke of Yones smiled slyly, “Come with me. Let’s take you to Akto first.”

“The eldest lady of the Northern Sky Knights over there,” Grand Duke Younes turned around and asked, “Are you also here to find Aktor? Do you want to come into the base?”

Greenville thought annoyed, and then she said, “It’s not a problem to turn in the weapon, but I will never take off this armor. I’m sweating hot, and the shirt inside is probably half Transparent.”

Kai hurriedly covered the wound in his abdomen, and the hilarious laughter caused his wound to open seriously.

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