Light Spirit Epic Chapter 137: Seeking the Way in Rhino (Part 1)


Chapter 137: Seeking the Way in Rhinoceros (Part 1)

Greenville took off her armor and went into the bathroom. The continuous knight training in the past few days made her muscles sore, and the smell of sweat made her unbearable for a young girl like her.

Her bathing frequency is starting to become three times a day.

“Really, this kind of work is not good for the skin.” The girl soaked in the hot water of the bathtub, and the rose petals floating on the water suddenly burst into a fragrance.

Just when she was about to enjoy the flower bath, her phone suddenly rang.

“Who is it?” She asked displeasedly, picking up her phone.

“Oh, Greenville? I’m Kai.” The voice on the other side of the phone said, “I want to ask, is my dad still in the Northern Heaven Knights?”

“Ser Arctor?” Greenville said indifferently, “It’s gone, he said, he has already taught all the knights in the Knights of the North who can learn holy enchantments, there is no need to waste time here. He yesterday I set off for the Knights of the West.”

“Dad is really busy… well, thank you, goodbye!” Kai said embarrassedly.

“Wait a minute!” Greenville hurriedly called, “How did you know my phone number? Is Arthur next to you?”

“No.” Kay suddenly felt bad and hurriedly lied, “I got separated from Arthur. He gave me the phone number and said that if there was anything, I would call you for emergency help.”

“That big piece of wood can’t be so slender!” Greenville said disdainfully, stirring the floating petals of the water with her hands without the phone, “You peeked at the phone book in his phone, right? Right? You bastard.”

“Yes, I’m sorry…” Kai quickly apologized.

“Forget it, I won’t bother with you for the time being. Look at your turbid breathing, you are seriously injured, right? Your liver was stabbed?”

“…I’ve already undergone cryo-surgery, so I can’t die.” Kai said bravely.

“Who cares if you will die. Is Arthur also in danger?” Greenville asked.

“…Not yet.” Kai said.

The girl blinked thoughtfully.

“Where are you? Tell me the coordinates and I’ll come to take care of your injury.” She said suddenly.

“What, what?” Kai said stunned, “No, don’t worry about me, I can’t die. And if you are the daughter of a heavenly knight, if you leave the Northern Heaven Knights like this—”

“Don’t be silly, your gallbladder is already inflamed, and the surgery wasn’t properly disinfected, right? Without antibiotics, you won’t be able to survive tonight. Do you really want to die?!” Greenville said angrily.

Two hours later, a cavalry quietly landed on the shore.

Evan was stunned when he saw Greenville who walked into the cave with full equipment.

“Uh, what poor sanitary conditions.” Greenville scolded as soon as she walked in. She hurriedly picked up the sterilizing spray and sprayed it everywhere.

“Sorry, we are being hunted by the Eastern Heavenly Knights, of course we can’t have a high bed and soft pillows in the hotel.” Kai said, trying to get up.

“Don’t move, do you want the wound to open again?” Greenwell said while examining the wound on Kay’s abdomen, “The technique was a bit rough, but the damaged internal organs were finally sutured well. Barely qualified.——What did you do?”

“I’m sorry, because the situation is urgent.” Evan blushed. It was the first time that this shy little boy was praised by a beautiful woman like Greenville.

“Even so, it would be a mess to do such an operation without sterilization.” Greenville muttered, busy injecting Kay with antibiotics, “Listen, now that antibiotics are injected, It may not be able to save you. Tonight is a dangerous period, you lie down for me and can’t move!”

“Got it.” Kay said weakly, “These antibiotics are so powerful, you can’t keep your eyelids open…”

“Go to sleep, your immune system is now fighting against the germs that invade your body. I hope you can win.”

Kay didn’t answer, he was groggy and fell asleep quickly.

Greenville propped up the tent-style sterile room she carried with her, and together with Ivan, used a stretcher to carry the seriously injured Kai into it, and thoroughly sterilized the entire tent with sterilization spray.

After it was done, the girl came over to deal with the other wounded.

“Now it’s your turn to tell me, what happened?” Greenville questioned Evan while dealing with Javier’s injury.

“Well…” Evan swallowed.

——About ten years ago.

At first it was just one person. Then, he was brought.

“This is Kai, from today you are Arthur’s brother, you have to take good care of Arthur, you know?” said the middle-aged man.

In front of the red-haired boy was a pale boy who was a head shorter than himself.

“You, hello, Arthur…” He greeted shyly.

The pale boy did not respond. His eyes were dull and wandering, as if the world in front of him did not exist at all, and his empty eyes were looking at another world far away.

“I forgot to say,” the middle-aged man added, “he’s become like this for some reason. He’s locked in his own world now and can’t come out. If you talk to him, he ignores you. , is normal, he may not hear you at all. Please don’t get mad at him. Give him some time. I think he will get better.”

——What happened to make a person look like that?

From that day on, the red-haired boy decided to redeem this [brother].

(Your empty eyes should not only look at the darkness. You deserve the light.)

(If this is what we can do for you, then, no matter the cost, we must pull you back from the darkness.)

(So, please, open your eyes and take a good look at the world.)

(I just want to see the light in your eyes.)

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