Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1376: Trapped in the deceitful way (48)


Chapter 1376 Trapped in the trick (forty-eight)

“Oh, that one.” Bedivere then remembered that there was indeed such a thing.

At that time, the silver knight Tarkas was caught in the laser trap net. In order to save his teammates, the werewolf youth activated [Time Magic] and rushed into the shrinking laser trap net alone. Tarcas was rescued, but Bedivere was unavoidable and was hit head-on by the laser fence.

He was supposed to be cut into dozens of pieces by the high-energy laser, and ended up being a tragic death. However, before being chopped up by the laser, he seems to have done something——

By the way, before being shredded by the laser, he activated the [Time Magic] again! Relying on the acceleration effect of time magic, he forcibly rushed through the fence composed of lasers!

“I understand!” The werewolf gave a high five and suddenly realized.

Yes, even that high-energy laser is actually controlled by time. Lasers, to put it bluntly, are nothing but highly dense particles of light (not photons) that are emitted in a certain direction like a high-pressure stream of water. Because the speed of light particles is very fast (the speed of light) and the particle flow is dense, the high-energy laser becomes a beam in people’s eyes, a high-energy beam with amazing cutting ability! Under normal circumstances, anyone who collided with this beam would be cut in half!

However, in the case of [Acceleration], things are completely different!

Bedivere was accelerated beyond normal time, sprinting forward at breakneck speed. As a result, the flow of light particles that fell on the werewolf’s hand was not as much as usual, and the laser’s ability to cut the body of Bedivere was greatly weakened! As a result, Bedivere forcibly rushed through the fence composed of high-energy lasers, but was not cut into countless pieces by the stream of light particles, but only burned the skin!

In short, as long as a person moves fast enough, he can even surpass [light], and it is not impossible to cross these laser fences!

“I’ll try it.” Bedivere walked to the laser trap net, ready to activate [time magic]: “I’ll accelerate myself out of [time] and break through this trap. “

“No! This is suicidal behavior!” Gwen quickly persuaded him: “I’d better wait here and find another way after reuniting with Prince Tristan and his team!”

“Tristan, where are you?” Bedivere asked, pressing down on the communicator.

“I’ve got the [metal detector], but—“The voice of the murloc prince and some fighting noises came from the communicator: “There’s some little trouble here, we’ll have to wait.”

“Looks like it’s going to be a long wait.” Bedivere shrugged at Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table. Of course, the werewolf had set up Tristan and Evan’s team from the very beginning, on the one hand, to let them go to the left [metal detector], on the other hand, to let the team take a long way, so that the enemy could Half of the troops were scattered. Without the separate Tristan team, Bedivere and the others would not have been able to reach the door of this data room so quickly and smoothly.

“And I won’t wait for them.” The werewolf said again: “Waiting any longer will only attract more enemy soldiers. The best way is to rush into the data room and turn off the alarm system immediately.”

“The premise is that you can really rush over.” Duke Gwyn looked at the dense laser array in front of him: “Are you sure this will not kill you?”

“I will try.” The werewolf youth ordered: “Lord Gwen, the smoke you released has a certain effect of shielding the light, can you release as much as possible?”

“I can even give you some.” Gwen said, pulling a spray device from his sleeve. “Although you can’t control the smoke, it’s fine to use this to generate smoke. Anyone can. Do it.”

“Great.” The werewolf took the smoke generator and put it on his arm: “I’m going to start.”

The Knight of the Round Table, Gwen, looked at each other with the knights and mages present, filled with a thousand doubts, and really didn’t know what Bedivere planned to do. In their opinion, no matter how powerful this werewolf is, it is absolutely impossible to force through the high-energy laser array with his fleshly body. Perhaps in the next second, Bedivere will be cut into hundreds of fist-sized pieces by the laser.

The werewolf took a deep breath and photographed the silver bracelet on his right hand.

Pop! The needle in the bracelet injected [accelerating water] into Bedivere’s body, the werewolf youth began to accelerate, and the whole world in his eyes began to slow down and stagnate!

Bediver threw a flashbang and blasted smoke on either side of the laser trap!

As he expected, the smoke was in an accelerated state when it was ejected at first, and they landed in the laser array, which blocked the laser beams to a certain extent!

The laser array in front of the werewolf is basically still in time, they are like frozen waterfalls, or waterfalls that flow very slowly because of freezing! The light particles in each laser that were supposed to move at the speed of light have now dropped to a less dangerous level, enough for Bedivere to pass safely!

The werewolf jumped in without thinking!

Smack zi zi zi zi! ————— He could really feel that countless lasers slipped past him, and it felt like a high-pressure water stream hit him! However, they can only burn the fur on Bedivere, and cannot cut off the werewolf’s body!

Swipe, swipe, swipe! ——Bedivere could feel that there were about two hundred lasers swept across his body at that moment, and he could also feel the scorching heat raging on him. But it took him less than a second to pass through this dense laser array and landed on the ground with a thud!

“Wow!——” Time returned to normal in an instant.

“Uu———” Bedivere got up from the ground, only to feel a burning pain all over his body, there were laser scorch marks on his skin, and there were countless burns all over his body. Road blue smoke! But no matter what, he did pass this deadly laser array and achieved a miracle that almost surpassed the conclusion of physics!

“It’s hard, unbelievable!” Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table, exclaimed outside the door.

“Really passed through!? This is unscientific——” The magician on the side was also stunned.

“Ow…” Bearing the pain in his body, Bedivere looked around. He found something similar to a lever switch on the wall beside him, and waved it casually. His tungsten tongue whip struck the switch with precision, knocking it off.

The high-energy laser trap array in front of the door is also closed.

“Heal him now!” Gwen yelled. The magician hurried over to heal the werewolf.

“I’m fine, it’s just some skin injuries.” Bedivere stood up and returned the smoke generator to Gwen: “Thanks, thanks to this, I didn’t get cut by the laser. .”

“I still don’t understand, what did you do just now?” Duke Gwyn looked incredulous.

“Hoohoo, secret.” The werewolf walked into the depths of the data room with the help of the magician: “Come on, let’s see where the kid at Gwengreen has gone. He’d better stay safe. Stay here, or I’ll beat him hard.”

Gwen did not speak, and moved his fingers to his mouth in a “silent” gesture.

Because at this time they all heard a faint and continuous voice from the depths of the reference room.

Clap-clack-clack-clack clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap litter.

It was the sound of the keyboard, and it seemed to be the kind of very old mechanical keyboard. It sounded like some kind of musical instrument was playing, quite rhythmically.

“Gwengreen.” The Knight of the Round Table whispered, walking towards the source of the keyboard tapping.

After they passed the countless machines of unknown purpose that were complicated, low noise, stuffy and smelled of oil, the group finally reached the center of the data room, in front of a huge light-emitting pillar. .

And there, facing the indescribably precise super-tech machinery on the pillars, Gwengreen is busy cracking the sand ship’s systems with a laptop and a few wires.

“Gwengreen, finally found you!” said the werewolf angrily.

No answer. The teenager was still staring at the screen without blinking. Thousands of program codes flashed across the fifteen-inch screen in front of him every second.

“It’s useless for you to call him, he is in serious mode now, completely isolated from outside interference.” Knight of the Round Table Gwen said: “Unless he has completed the cracking of the ship’s system, he must not I’ll stop and rest.”

Amazing focus. Bedivere sighed inwardly.

“But we have to make him stop.” The werewolf youth said unhappily: “He has caused such a big trouble here, should he just accept it? I don’t know how he did it. But he can’t hide here forever. When Eve discovers his existence, he will send more powerful Do we have to guard him at that time?!”

“It’s not unreasonable for you to say that. But,” Gwen went to sit down beside his adopted son, reached out and patted Gwen Green’s shoulder: “I know this child best, enter [serious mode] He cannot be interrupted in the middle. The only way to interrupt him is to unplug the connection between the computer and the server to interrupt the intrusion. However, in this way, his computer will be scrapped, and everything he has done before will be lost. Put it down.”

Bedivere was speechless at the thought of King Arthur’s purpose for infiltrating the sand ship. Although the unauthorized action has brought great trouble to everyone, it is precisely because everything Gwengreen is doing now is the result that King Arthur wants, so the King of Knights will let this genius boy do his best.

“Let’s wait a little longer.” Bedivere had to sigh.

“Uh, captain?” Tarkas, the silver knight at the back of the hall, couldn’t help shouting: “Maybe we should block the door first and then talk about this?”

“What?” The werewolf turned to look at the sound.

I saw a large group of golden scarab golems and several stag beetle golems struggling to squeeze into the data room in front of the door of the data room.


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