Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1375: Trapped in the deceitful way (47)


Chapter 1375 Trapped in the Bewildering Way (forty-seven)

If there is action, there is reaction. The combined weight of Bedivere and Tarkas (connected equipment) is 500 kilograms. The mass of 500 kilograms slammed into the needle wall at high speed, which was almost unstoppable. But Bedivere’s tungsten tortoise-tongued whip shrunk like a spring, and the taut spring finally accumulated a strong elastic force enough to support the weight of 500 kilograms, and the two bounced back in reverse! Moreover, the direction of this elastic force is exactly the opposite of the direction they originally flew out, making the two fly towards the fallen golden stag beetle!

“Tarkas, your shield!” yelled Bedivere.

“Hmm!” The silver knight, who was terrified at first, quickly raised his shield and prepared to withstand the impact. And the Knight of the Round Table, Gwen, who was riding on the back of the golden stag beetle, also jumped to get away from the stag beetle as quickly as possible!

Pounds! ! The two people who flew out hit the head of the stag beetle head-on, or it was Tarkas’ shield that hit the head of the stag beetle, smashing the golem’s head to pieces! Countless mechanical fragments flew out, and the two and the rest of the golem slid back three yards together before stopping!

“Ow… it hurts…” The werewolf got up from the ground and rubbed his waist.

“Well done, Mr. Bedivere. What an amazing new move.” Duke Gwynn came over to help up the silver knight and said by the way.

“It’s just a matter of urgency,” Bedivere said, pretending to be modest. In fact, he also sighed inwardly at his own wit, but he didn’t expect that the tungsten turtle tongue whip could still be used in this way.

Gwen looked at Bedivere with admiration: “I was going to say that what you’re doing is against the conduct of a commander, but since you have this ability to turn the tide without hurting yourself, I have nothing to do with it. Good to say.”

Bediver wiped the tinge of blood from his nose, which was the tip of his nose cut by a needle when he nearly hit a wall of needles. This is really just a minor injury, although what happened just now is indeed dangerous, if the werewolf’s mind is delayed by half a second, he and Tarkas may be seriously injured, or worse.

“Hmm,” but Bedivere decided to change the subject and keep it all in his heart, lest Duke Gwyn continue to gossip: “For a **** transport ship, here’s the The security is so tight that it’s perverted. I really don’t know what Eve’s **** computer woman is planning. Come on, the data room should be not far in front of this corridor, just a few steps away.”

They passed all the way, and the golden stag beetle golem that they just destroyed was the last enemy. On the road in front of them, in theory, there should be no more enemies in the way.

“Wait, wait a minute—” The Silver Knight clenched his hands hard, trying to retrieve his large shield from the smashed stag beetle’s head: “I’ll be able to… “

“Throw away the shield.” Bedivere gave the silver knight Tarkas an annoyed look: “If you can, you’d better get rid of your heavy armor. Damn, that heavy, deadly armor. Almost killed us all!”


“Do as the Commander says.” Knight of the Round Table Gwen said dispassionately.

“…Yes.” Tarcus had no choice but to give up his plans to retrieve the Great Shield. He sighed and removed the breastplate, leaving only the armguards, legplates, and helmet.

“Again, you’re quite right.” Gwen and Bedivere were at the head of the line, and the old knight of the round table continued: “Although this sand ship is not equipped with any external armament, it can be seen that it is much more than a [conveyor]. Once again, the ancients and their creatures lied to us.”

“[Again]?” The werewolf frowned suspiciously.

“Again.” Duke Gwen snorted softly: “Since Mr. Bedivere and His Majesty the King of Knights are trusting each other, you probably already know that. There is an ancient man who left behind in the magic swamp of the Turkic Swamp. The ruins of the past, which contain a huge database.”

The werewolf nodded. It was Vivian and Palamides who discovered the ruins seven years ago and cracked the secrets in the ruins. The rapid development of science and technology in Great Britain in recent years is mostly due to the super-civilization technology of the ancient god-human race obtained from the relic database.

“That database was supposed to be a great treasure house for the benefit of all of us. However, the ancients had reservations about us. Even in that database, countless logical traps and false information were added. We have not yet The only way to completely decipher that huge database is to parse the information in it as much as possible, and get as much information from it as possible. At first, the deciphering process was very difficult. Later, because of the genius of Gwengreen, our The cracking efficiency has improved a lot. Still, it took Britannia seven years to actually unlock less than one percent of the data from that huge database.”

“Damn.” Bedivere snorted.

“Then here comes the problem.” The Knights of the Round Table asked in an inductive tone, “According to the legend, since the ancient gods are inevitably destroyed, since they have all decided to destroy their homeland When it’s all left to us new humans, why do you still have reservations for us? Why don’t you just give us all the information, so that we can easily destroy the dark creatures on the earth, in exchange for lasting and permanent peace ?The ancient gods, as a race destined to perish, still hid their secrets and kept them from us after perishing. Why?”

Bedivere remembered where he had heard similar questions before. That’s right, he once met a wonderful scholar in the cannibal village of Pegmi on the East African plateau. The professor named John Paul asked Bedivere and Palamidis a similar question.

“Perhaps it’s just because… the current people are still too stupid, not only technology, but also culture and cultivation have not reached the level that can withstand the technology of ancient people.” Bedivere tried to answer: ” If such a high level of technology is passed on to people from the beginning, they will definitely abuse those technologies, or they will blow up the earth. Step by step, let people unlock the ancient people in the process of developing their own civilization step by step. Super-civilization heritage, will this be safer?”

“You’re right, Mr. Bedivere.” Duke Gwyn nodded convincingly, without asking any further questions.

Although Bedivere wasn’t satisfied with the answer he gave. Seriously, what are the ancient gods who have perished still plotting? Although it has perished, it has reservations about its creations. Let such huge ruins be hidden deep underground so that no one can find them, and let this kind of “transport ship” sneak in the desert. What did the ancients do all this for?

If what Bedivere just said is true, then all is well. But what if Bedivere was wrong?

Perhaps, none of this is reserved for modern people at all. All of this is the legacy that the ancient gods left to themselves. In order to allow these ancients to make a comeback one day, they can still outperform modern humans in science and technology, so as to rule mankind?

It’s really terrifying. The werewolf shivered and walked to the door of the reference room.

“Oh, that’s great.” He knew that this data room would never let them in easily.

This is Eveb’s last line of defense, but it’s unbreakable. Because the passage that was less than two yards long in front of the reference room was densely covered with high-energy laser traps.

The output power of those red lasers is so high that Bedivere doesn’t need the smoke from Duke Gwyn at all to see the lasers directly with the naked eye. Moreover, the lasers are constantly and neatly arranged horizontally and vertically, and the gap between each laser is only half a foot. No matter how you look at it, it is not a gap that a normal person can drill through!

Impossible to pass. Unless Bedivere can turn himself into a rat-sized creature and slip through those little slits. Otherwise, a group of people would never be able to pass through this heinously tight laser trap array!

“Looks like this is a dead end.” Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table, stroked his bearded chin: “What should I do? Is there another way to get in?”

“It’s the only way.” Bedivere knew exactly what the ship was made of. Although there are vents in the boat, the ventilation system of the boat is perfect. It does not need large vents for ventilation, so those vents are basically only the size of a human Don’t say adults. , even a six-year-old couldn’t get into those small vents.

The road in front of them is the only way into the data room. And this road is also sealed by strict laser traps, and it is impossible to pass.

“It looks like the only way to stop the ship’s power system and cut off the energy supply.” Gwen proposed again.

“Oh, trust me, you don’t want to touch the power system of this boat.” Bedivere sighed, “That **** power stove nearly killed me a few hours ago. It stopped working. And I think the ship’s backup power supply is probably the same dangerous thing, if it explodes, half of Africa will be razed to the ground.”

The Knights of the Round Table snorted and said nothing.

Just when everyone had nothing to do and stood in a daze in front of the door, the magician in the team finally spoke up: “Captain, what about the strange life-saving method you used before? I’m pretty sure you’re relying on your own ** Passing through the trap net made of lasers, the skin of the body was also scorched a lot, but you were not cut into pieces. What happened?”

Bediver froze for a moment, suddenly remembering something.


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