Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1370: Trapped in the deceitful way (42)


Chapter 1370 Trapped in the trick (forty-two)

“The problem is that he can stand up entirely by the strength of his muscles.” Seeing that Albert was still at a loss, Phileos continued to explain: “The bones in his hands and feet are still in the original broken bones. The state is all pieces and they are not connected to each other. His legs are composed of 300 pieces of leg bones, and they are basically cartilage, as elastic as rubber, and can be stretched to a certain extent. But these bones can’t function at all. To support the body, Mutter needs to rely on muscles and ligaments on his feet that are dozens of times stronger than ordinary people. Do you know what this means?”

Philaos picked up the cat boy’s arm: “Don’t look at this skinny little arm, there may be more muscle in it than your arm. This kid’s arm originally only had three fingers of mine. It’s so thick together, he can train like this, and it takes hundreds of times more effort than ordinary people, do you know?”

Although there is no actual experience, Albert did hear about it from his friend Bedivere. The muscle structure of orcs is very dense, and it is actually very difficult to develop a little more muscle. On the other hand, a skinny orc could easily outperform a muscular human in muscular strength. Everything can’t be seen on the surface, probably this is the truth.

Philaos continued to hold Mutter’s arm gently: “More than 90% of this child’s arm is muscle and ligament, which means——“

“He’s also much more affected by muscle relaxants than normal people.” Albert finally understood.

The Leopard nodded knowingly.

At this point, the doctor had already bandaged Mutt’s softened arm. Mutter’s arm, which was softened almost like an octopus tentacle, had returned to its normal appearance under the influence of a special bandage. Although it was still twitching slightly, the blue veins on it were faintly visible through the fluff of the kittens of the feline boy.

“For normal people, after being poisoned by muscle relaxants, inject the antidote immediately, and they will be fine soon. But Mutter’s special body structure, once poisoned by muscle relaxants, can be troublesome. The so-called [antidote] only temporarily relieves the poisoning phenomenon, and actually does not remove the poisoning of muscle relaxants once and for all.”

Albert frowned: “Is there no stronger antidote?”

Neither the leopard nor the doctor responded. That kind of thing obviously doesn’t exist. The Ghana team used a very powerful poison. And it, like most of the things in this world that hurt people, is often inexplicable.

“Ugh…” Mutter was still groaning.. After receiving treatment, the cat boy’s condition has gradually stabilized. But the tiger could still see Mutter’s pain in the cat’s restless sleeping face.

“Don’t…it hurts…don’t touch me…” The cat boy boy was dreaming with tears in his eyes, as if he was having a terrible nightmare.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Albert.” Phileos shrugged at Tiger. “Mutter was supposed to be your personal assistant and make your life easier. But with his current body He is not able to maintain the work he is supposed to do. We must send him home, let the child rest for a night, and wait until tomorrow——“

“If you mean [home], you mean his broken house in the slum,” Albert interrupted: “That house has been burned to ashes.”

The Leopard Man shuddered: “What?”

“It’s true.” Seeing that the other party’s reaction was very strange, Albert continued to say tentatively: “What’s the matter, Mutter didn’t report this to you meow? You should know me and Mutter Have you been sniped in the elevators of Cairo’s underground Colosseum?”

“I’ve heard reports of that.” Phileosto sighed in thought: “But the fact that Mutter’s house was attacked is too strange. He has no reason to go back unless the enemy is spying on him. You, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to find that kind of place.”

“I don’t feel like I’ve been stalked.” Albert is a monster hunter and an expert in stalking and anti-stalking. If he is being followed, he should at least be aware of it.

That is to say, the group of attackers had been ambushed in Mutter’s house from the beginning, intending to attack Mutter and Albert.

Wait. Something is wrong. No one can be sure that the tiger will accompany the cat boy to the slum house to get Mutter’s change of clothes. Mutter needs to go back to get his most prized bear puppet, so he must go home once; but Albert is likely to part ways with the cat boy and go straight back to the hotel.

If Albert didn’t go to the slums with Mutter, wouldn’t the plan of the thieves in the slums to assassinate Albert fail? Or, the assassins lying in ambush in the slums didn’t target Albert from the beginning?

The young tiger man took a deep breath, as if he suddenly understood something incredible.

“I don’t understand.” Phileos probably also wanted to understand what Albert just wanted to understand, and couldn’t help frowning in doubt: “But it’s impossible? Although Mutter is a very important part of the team. He is not important enough to be assassinated. In previous seasons, he has been safe and sound, only bullied at most, why is he suddenly the target of assassination this season?”

“I don’t know.” Albert scratched his head: “I just know that this child needs more protection.”

Mutter’s “rubber man” has excellent resistance to blows and shocks, and is very suitable for American football games where body collisions are the mainstay. But the ability of the cat boy can be said to be useless in actual combat, any sharp blade can cut Mutter to pieces. In addition, he has never received combat training, Mutter’s combat effectiveness is basically zero, and he can’t even protect himself when he is attacked. Without proper protection, how will Mutter survive the blood and blood that is coming this season?

“I see.” Phileos sighed: “As soon as our sandboat returns to Cairo, we will send Mutter to the most heavily guarded medical facility for protection. Never again. Put this child in any danger.”

The tiger paused for a while, then looked at the sleeping cat boy.

“No. It’s safer for him to stay with me.”

“But Mr. Albert, Mutter, he needs absolute rest today, he can’t help you with your life…”

“Who said I needed this kid to take care of me? It’s more or less the same for me to take care of him.”

“But, Mr. Albert, you are our most important guest! How can we bother you——“

“I can say yes,” Tiger interrupted eagerly.

“Let me take care of him, at least today. If I hadn’t been busy and insisted on helping him remove the bandages, he wouldn’t have suffered this kind of crime. Just let him rest for a day, right? He went back to the hotel and let him get a good night’s sleep. What a big deal? Everything will be back to normal when I wake up tomorrow morning. I’m also looking forward to him making me breakfast.”

“That’s right in theory…” Phileos couldn’t find a reason to refute for a while. However, Albert was not a professional medical staff, and Tiger did not know how to take care of a paralyzed patient. Is this really okay?

“Yes. This child will be handed over to you.” At this moment, Father Sphinx walked in: “From now on, his life belongs to you, and his life belongs to you. No matter what. It’s your freedom to leave him here to fend for himself, or to send him to his death. You helped me win two important races, and it’s no exaggeration for me to reward this kid to you.”

Albert opened his mouth wide and was stunned for dozens of seconds. Then he reacted and began to protest: “Mutter is not your slave, Father Sphinx!”

However, is Mutter really not a slave to Papa Sphinx?

Ever since the kitten was saved by Daddy Lion, he has been so committed to the Sphinx that he even died for Daddy. He doesn’t want remuneration or a superior living environment, and would rather live the simplest life in a shabby bungalow, silently risking everything for Father Sphinx. Mutter may no longer be a slave in the material or legal sense, but he is definitely still a slave, the spiritual slave of Father Sphinx.

“Huhuhu, how do you want to understand my words, please listen to me.” Daddy Lion smiled mysteriously, his majestic fluffy lion mane occasionally mixed with white hair along with Daddy Lion’s Laughing and shaking slightly, showing extra majesty.

” But what I have to say has been said. When the child wakes up, you can pass on my words to him as they are. In this way, you will be his true master, even if you ask him to You go to He won’t refuse.” Dad turned around to leave, just as elusive when he came: “Of course, you can also choose not to tell him what I said, not to declare your love to him. Ownership. As such, he will remain [free].

What twisted his will and turned him into the most obedient tool? Or just let him live freely? Please choose for yourself. “

Dad has opened the door of the infirmary and stepped out of the door half-length. As if he suddenly remembered something, he turned his head and added: “By the way, in fact, can any of us ever truly have freedom?”

He dropped such a thought-provoking remark and walked away.

Not only was Albert looking blank, even Phileos’ face became extremely pale.

“To be honest, sometimes I’m quite afraid of Daddy Sphinx.” Phileos muttered in a volume that only he could hear. I also [give it away] to someone else, what should I do? I can’t imagine not being able to continue serving Father Sphinx’s life.”

He, in fact, was also a slave.


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