Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1369: Trapped in the deceitful way (41)


Chapter 1369 Trapped in the tricky way (forty one)

At the same time, Ghana in Africa.

After finishing the game, Albert and his party left the Ghana National Stadium and arrived in front of the sand boats at the dock without much effort.

The Tigers thought they were going to be sniped when they left, and the man behind it all — the big gangster — would stop at nothing to stop the Sphinx from returning. However, Seth’s men didn’t show up, and it was a little unbelievable that everything went smoothly.

Albert breathed a sigh of relief when he actually boarded the sand boat. Seth’s men probably thought that it was not an appropriate time to attack the Sphinx after the game, so they all gave up and went for another plan.


The sand boat finally set sail against the wind and left the port. The tiger man youth sat on the deck to rest, trying to recover as much energy as possible before going back. The only thing he has to do today is to participate in the American football game. Now that everything has been done, he can be said to be lighthearted. After returning, he must take a nice hot bath, then eat and sleep, so as to eliminate the fatigue accumulated from the game.

He could actually take a shower in the sandboat’s locker room. But after getting used to the luxurious bathroom suite of the Cairo Grand Hotel, he really disliked the small and narrow public bathroom.

The relaxed-faced tiger lay on the deck and stretched, then turned to look at the cat boy Mutter. Mutter obviously hadn’t taken a bath yet, and saw that the cat boy, like a wild cat with lice, kept reaching out to scratch the itch—mainly scratching his inner thighs. That picture couldn’t be more beautiful.

The tiger immediately retaliated and grinned: “Hey hey hey hey hey. How dare you say I’m disgusting? It’s you who didn’t disinfect the protective gear. It’s good, moss grows?”

“Nonsense!” The cat boy gave Albert a stern look: “I get itchy, it’s all because of these bandages. They’re too tight, and it makes people feel uncomfortable for a long time. .”

“Is it meow? If it’s because of those bandages, why don’t you take them off?” Albert recalled his previous games and found that Mutter’s injuries were basically skin injuries. That kind of small wound, any healer can heal Mutter without leaving a single healing magic.

If that’s the case, why is Mutter still wrapped in so many bandages? It doesn’t make sense at all.

“The doctor said it can’t be removed. In order to prevent the wound from becoming infected or something.” Mutter said with a serious face, but when he said this, the kitten’s paw was scratching his arm restlessly.

“Hmph, the wound must have healed. Dr. Shi Meow Ghost wants you to keep bandages all the time? You’re obviously being tricked, right?” Albert said with disdain, “Come on, you won’t remove it yourself. , I’ll dismantle it for you. Don’t be shy, meow~”

“No no no! Stop it! It’s really not good!” Mutter broke free from Albert’s hand: “Listen to the doctor’s orders! Maybe they have some special reason?”

“Special reasons suck! I say yes! Do you believe me or those quack doctors?”

“I believe in the doctor.” The cat boy said it without thinking.

Albert was stunned for a moment, then became angry: “You brought it on yourself!”

He pressed Mutter to the ground with one hand, and began to take the bandage from the cat boy’s arm with the other.

“Woooooooo! No, no wow!” Mutt was struggling feebly, how could he possibly be compared with the tiger man youth in terms of strength?

Half joking, half serious. Albert swiftly removed the bandage on Mutter’s left arm, and checked the cat boy’s arm. As he expected, the small wounds on Mutter’s arm had healed long ago, and not even the slightest scar was left. The doctors told Mutter that he had to be bandaged to prevent infection, which was a lie.

“Look, I’m not wrong?” Albert was a little smug: “There’s no wound at all, so how could you get an infection? You must have been tricked by the doctors.”

“But…” Mutter also got up suspiciously and looked at his arm. Sure enough there was no problem. Thankfully, he was still wearing that kind of tight and uncomfortable bandages. After the game, he had been surviving for half an hour. It feels so wrong.

“Humph.” The cat boy moved his arms and hummed dejectedly: “Okay. It’s better to remove these uncomfortable bandages. The doctors are too fussy, in fact, there is no need to do it at all. Such serious infection prevention measures were taken.”

“I’ll just say meow.” Albert grinned, his hand already touching Mutter’s armpit: “Come on, I’ll remove the rest of the bandages for you.”

“Don’t touch me, you pervert! I can remove the bandages myself, I don’t need your help!”

At this moment, the leopard Phileos just happened to be wearing short-sleeved casual clothes and a large towel. When he saw the cat man boy removing the bandage at the instigation of the tiger, his expression changed: “What are you doing? Stop it!”

“What meow? We are dismantling——“

“Wow ah ah ah ah!” Albert’s words were immediately interrupted by Mutter’s exclamation. The cat boy waved his left arm and screamed: “My hand! My hand meow!”

Albert certainly saw it too. Mutter’s arm hangs down like a kite with a broken string, swinging like a rope while waving it, looking both scary and funny.

Albert has ridiculed Mutter as an octopus before, because Mutter’s outstretched arms and waving are so similar to that aquatic mollusk. But the tiger never imagined that the cat-man boy’s hand would be stretched to the thickness of a twig like it is now, and it fell to the ground weakly, coiled into a ball, as if it was about to melt! This is not an octopus tentacle, what else could it be?

“Shh!” Mutter called out, and Phileos quickly covered the cat boy’s mouth with one hand. He picked up his own bath towel and put it on Mutter’s “melted” hand, urging: “It’s not safe to talk here. Come to the cabin and re-dress it!”

“It hurts… it hurts!” The cat boy’s arm not only softened into a ball, but was twitching. The twitching arm was very similar to a real octopus tentacle. Albert wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t smile when he saw Mutter’s face distorted in pain.

“Ooooooo!” The pain from the intense spasms of the entire arm is no joke. Mutter fainted in pain immediately.

“This is more serious than I imagined.” Phileos muttered in a low voice, and immediately picked up the unconscious cat boy and said to the tiger: “Follow me.”

Albert nodded and followed, and the two quickly entered the cabin. There is a small medical room in the sand boat. Although it is not complete with all medicines, the necessary medical supplies are still complete. Phileos placed Mutter on the hospital bed, and a ship doctor had come to do emergency treatment for Mutter’s arm.

“Now you can tell me meow, what’s this about meow?” Albert asked worriedly while looking at the sweaty cat boy.

Philaos closed the door of the infirmary and lowered his voice mysteriously: “Simply put, our enemies have found Mutter’s dead end.”

“Dead point?”

“It’s the kind of [muscle relaxant] that we used against the Ghana Black King Kong team before.” The Leopard Man glanced at the cat boy: “I don’t know if you heard from Mutter, Mr. Albert. But the boy was a slave, and the slave owner who owned him was a cruel pervert.”

“I heard. Mutter was knocked off and stuffed into an octopus pot, right.” Albert tried his best to remain calm. When he heard Mutter talk about this yesterday, he thought Catboy was joking. I didn’t expect this joke to be true.

“Since you’ve heard of it, it’s much easier for me to explain.” Phileos continued: “As you know, Mutter’s arm and leg bones have actually been knocked off. And they’re all irreversible comminuted fractures. The guys responsible for [executing] stuffing people into octopus pots are very professional, and their techniques can ensure that a person’s limb is completely destroyed and can never be restored. When the sphinx When Dad rescued the kitten, everyone thought that Mutter would be permanently disabled and would never be able to get out of the hospital bed for the rest of his life.

And yet he healed himself. In the process of being stuffed into an octopus and being abused and raped for a long time for several years and months, his originally shattered arm and leg bones gradually converged into tiny pieces, forming again His spine-like bone structure gradually merged with his muscular structure. “

“Like a snake,” Albert interjected.

“Well, it’s like a snake.” Phileos nodded and repeated: “Originally, this change was useless, just to reduce the chance of bone fragments stabbing muscles, making Mu, who was trapped in the octopus pot, useless. It’s only a little pain relief. But after we rescued him, during the long-term rehabilitation treatment, Mutter actually mastered the ability to use muscle power to drive his alienated limbs. It may be that the cat people are born with this aspect. Talented, he finally mastered his snake-like limbs so skillfully that he even got himself up and moving like a normal human being. It has to be a miracle.”

Not a miracle. Albert was very clear. Mutter is a person who has climbed out of the abyss of despair. He has endured huge humiliation and pain, but he still does not know how to give up. Such people do not need miracles given by God at all, they can create miracles in the first place.

Anyway, the cat boy, who had broken hands and feet and had to spend his whole life in a hospital bed, stood up on his own. But what does this have to do with the current situation? Albert still couldn’t understand.


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