Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1365: Trapped in the deceitful way (37)


Chapter 1365 Trapped in the Bewildering Way (37)

“Ha!” The young Leopard Man flew into the air and took a greedy breath. At least no more drowning in the lake!

And the angle he flew out was just the opposite of the angle at which he fell into the water, he broke away from the edge of the big lake in an instant, and landed on the ground with a clatter.

“Ummmmmm—-” As soon as Seglade got up from the ground, it was unbearably cold.

Fire! Must have a fire now!

He had learned a lot about wild life from the Turkic elephant people, and it came in handy right away. He had to strip off his soaked clothes within five minutes and gather firewood to build a fire to keep him warm. That’s the only way to protect him from hypothermia, from falling into a coma and freezing to death!

He took off his clothes while rushing to get firewood. A young and strong Leopard man was running in the wilderness. If he was running, the picture couldn’t be more beautiful. But in order to survive, that’s the only way!

He finally collected a pile of firewood, piled it on the rocky ground without ice and snow, and then rubbed the resin of fragrant pine to complete a firewood pile. However, the next part is the most difficult part. He is soaked and shivering constantly. What should he use to make a fire?

By the way, the kind of dagger that was given in the adventure of crossing half of Africa in three days of the round table trial had a lighter inside. There’s another hidden thing in it, in the storage pocket.

Seglade hastily fumbled through his pockets and quickly found the dagger. The dagger’s lighter still works, and there’s a bit of fuel in it. Really saved! Click, click. Seglade hurriedly flipped the device on the dagger, trying to make it spew even a trace of flame.

However, he realized that he was too naive. The dagger spewed several sparks, but the heat of the flame was far from enough to ignite the pine resin on the pyre. As time went by, Seglade became more and more desperate, and his arms became more and more frozen, and gradually he didn’t even have the strength to press the trigger!

No way! It’s already helpless, and can only wait to die like this. Seglade crouched beside the pyre, trembling wildly, so cold that he almost stopped thinking. The cold quickly eroded every nerve in his body, and he felt like he was turning into ice cubes and gradually became numb…


A voice has been heard.

The fire is lit.

The fire flickered, and the warmth began to spread around.

——Is this a dream meow?

Seglade’s consciousness swayed between lucidity and dimness.

——I’m dead meow?

Not true. Half of his body froze, but the other half gradually turned from numbness to tingling. There is no pain in heaven, and since there is pain, it must be a reality.

Seglade opened his eyes slightly to find the pyre in front of him on fire. He really didn’t die, and everything in front of him really wasn’t a dream. He soon caught a glimpse of a small lizard by the fire, that is, the little silver pseudo-dragon cub who had just teased Seglade ruthlessly.

“Is it your fire meow?” Seglade couldn’t help laughing bitterly: “I was almost killed by you, but I was rescued by you meow. We are even.”

“呱~?” The silver little pseudo-dragon looked sideways at the leopard youth. Of course it didn’t understand human language.

“I won’t catch you, take it easy meow.” Seglade added. Then he remembered that there was actually a little dry food in his storage pocket, so he took out another small bag containing dry food from his pocket, broke a few cookie crumbs, and sent it to the little lizard: “This is a greeting gift, eat it. Meow.”

The little thing stuck its head in and sniffed, and seemed to like the scent of the biscuits. It stuck out its tongue and licked it, and quickly swept away the biscuit crumbs in the palm of the Leopard Man youth.

“Cuck! Cuck!” It jumped up and down with excitement, asking for more.

“Okay, all for you, meow.” Seglade simply shoved the whole biscuit into the little thing. The small pseudo-dragon is only the size of an egg, and when it holds a cookie larger than itself, it has a different kind of cuteness. Seglade couldn’t help laughing.

The silver little pseudo-dragon moved closer to the fire again, nibbling biscuits next to the fire, and seemed to enjoy this rare delicacy. It was full after eating half of it, watching the bonfire blazing in the fire, and scurrying happily, spewing out the thick finger-like flames from its mouth.

“So you can breathe fire, too?” Seglade reached out and played with the little pseudo-dragon, so happy that the little thing was spinning around. Just gave it a little food to buy this little guy completely, and the young pseudo-dragon is really easy to tame.

“Quack quack quack~” The little lizard climbed up along Seglade’s hand, and quickly ran onto the shoulders of the leopard youth.

“Hahahaha, don’t be like this, good, itchy meow!” Seglade was also amused and laughed. At this point he didn’t know how bad things had gotten. By the time he discovered the problem, it was probably too late.

Relying on the heat of the flames, half of the leopard man’s body was already dry, he couldn’t help stretching freely, turned his body over, and baked the uncooked side.

“Hugua~” The little pseudo-dragon yawned and slept lazily on Seglade’s shoulders.

“Oh, don’t sleep meow yet.” If the little thing fell asleep on the shoulders of the Leopard youth, he would be in trouble. Seglade carefully picked up the pseudo-dragon, trying to make another bed for it, but he couldn’t find anything that could be used as a cushion. In desperation, he had to spread the food bag on the stone and use it as a mattress for the little pseudo-dragon. The food in the bag is empty, but the bag itself is very soft, making it a good mattress for the little pseudo-dragon. The little guy yawned again with satisfaction, and fell asleep instantly.

“Phew.” Seglade breathed a sigh of relief. His body is almost done, it’s time to clean up the mess.

When he looked back, the top and shorts he had taken off were still scattered on the snow. Because of the critical situation just now, he took off all his clothes except for his shorts and belt (it is very important to have storage pockets on the belt).

These clothes need to be dried. Seglade sighed and went over to clean up the mess.

There was no one around, and Seglade even wanted to remove the loincloth around his waist if he could. But the method of wrapping the crotch is too complicated, and the wrapping is very tight after getting wet, and it was wrapped by someone else for Seglade, and Seglade himself didn’t know how to wear it. Once taken off, trying to put it back on is difficult. Before returning to the Cairo Hotel, Seglade didn’t want to walk bare-backed, he would rather endure it for a while with a half-dry, half-wet loincloth.


Seglade picked up his shirt and trousers and looked and looked. These clothes were borrowed from Father Odin and belonged to the old man’s son Hank. Hank’s figure should not be much different from Seglyde, they were just right (or even slightly narrower) on the Leopard Youth. However, why? ——Seglade now holds these clothes in his hands, but feels that they are out of thin air?

Maybe it’s an illusion? Seglade frowned and thought to himself. Perhaps the weather was so cold that his body felt numb, and his ability to distinguish the size of things was subtly deviated. Anyway, these **** clothes have to be dried right away, they’re all about to get a layer of ice.

Segley worked nimbly, picking up some branches to set up clothes racks, and hanging all the clothes on them, baking them under the heat of the fire. He went to collect some branches and pine resin, and made the fire more vigorous, so as to drive away the cold from him. After baking for about ten minutes, he felt that the clothes should be almost dry, so he took the shirt off the hanger and planned to put it on.

What happened next made the leopard youth feel a lot of cold.


A short-sleeved top that was supposed to fit well and was slightly narrow, but now it doesn’t fit! !

The clothes are a whole lot bigger! !

What the **** is going on here? ! Do clothes swell after soaking in water? !

But how is that possible! From what Seglade knows, newly bought clothes shrink when soaked in water, but they generally shrink, not grow? ! Clothes that will grow larger after soaking in water, do they really exist in this world meow? !

This is the relic of Father Odin’s son. The old man has told me to return it after use! However, after the clothes were soaked in water, they turned into such a ghost. Seglade felt that he would be killed by Father Odin when he went back!

Seglade was shocked, and immediately took the shorts off the shelf and tried to put them on, praying that they wouldn’t shrink or swell.

But it’s still swollen, a full circle bigger than it used to be, and it’s draped over Seglade’s body so loosely that it will even fall off if you don’t hold it up!

How bad! Too bad meow! Seglyde secretly complained in his Not only is the shirt swollen, but even the pants have turned into this ghost! After returning, he will definitely be killed by Father Odin!

But wait…seems like something’s wrong?

The leopard youth stretched out a hand and took a closer look.

Sure enough, something is wrong. Are his cat paws so small? Seglade seemed to understand something, he didn’t care about the pants that were about to fall, and hurriedly rushed to the big lake!

The wind and waves are calm and the level is like a mirror, and the lake surface reflects the face of the young Leopard Man in a real and cruel way. His guess was absolutely correct, though it was the one he least wanted to see come true.

—— That’s right, it’s not that Mr. Hank’s clothes have gotten bigger, it’s that Seglade has gotten smaller.

The reflection of the leopard youth in the water is not the original eighteen-year-old young man at all, but a little leopard who is only about ten years old.

——Seglade is rejuvenated!


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