Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1364: Trapped in the deceitful way (36)


Chapter 1364: Trapped in the Bewildering Way (Thirty-six)

It may be a young pseudo-dragon. This little thing is even smaller than the pseudo-dragon called “Hot Melon” that Glade had just seen. It is not even the size of a fist, and is only bigger than an egg. bigger. It didn’t even have hard scales, and when it got up, it was soft and soft, just like the skin of a newborn baby.

It obviously hasn’t seen the world before, and it’s not afraid to see a stranger like Seglade.

However, can such a small pseudo-dragon be used to enchant pine resin? Seglyde couldn’t help but wonder.

But this is an opportunity to study the ecology of pseudo-dragons. After all, this little thing is not afraid of people, which means that the probability of catching it is definitely higher than the probability of catching other pseudo-dragons. Even if it doesn’t help the enchanted turpentine, with this little thing as a dragon quality, it can lead other adult pseudo-dragons out, right?

Never mind. Anyway, grab it first! Seglade pretended to be friendly and approached the little silver lizard slowly: “Okay, little guy, stay still, meow~”

“Huh?” It tilted its head and curled its tail, looking at the Leopard Man with joy. Another stranger came to play with it.

“Okay, okay, just stay still meow—-” Seglade continued in a low voice, extending his cat’s claws closer to the lizard, about five inches away. distance to touch it.

Click! I didn’t expect this naughty little thing to bite the moment before it was touched, leaving a row of teeth marks on the palm of the leopard youth!

“Ow! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Let me go, let go meow———” Seglade struggled. However, three of his limbs had to hold the tree hard to avoid slipping, and the angle and position of his remaining arm were not suitable for exerting force, so he could only twist in a very awkward position. With his “inappropriate” struggling power, he can’t beat the mouth power of the little pseudo-dragon at all. The more the pseudo-dragon bites, the more proud it becomes, and finally tear it apart! Ripped a piece of meat from Seglade’s palm.

“Ow!” the leopard youth shouted in surprise, after all, a piece of meat was torn from his hand!

However, when he looked again, he realized that it was a false alarm. What the pseudo-dragon bites off is not meat, just a bit of fur. The little thing bit the cat fur in its mouth and tried to swallow it, but found that the cat fur was not tasty at all, and immediately spit it out. Then it looked at Seglade with disgust.

“What’s the matter? You bite me and think I’m unpalatable meow?” The leopard youth protested with a grin.

“呱~!” The silver little pseudo-dragon turned and fled, and immediately ran into the bushes.

“Don’t run, wait, meow!” Seglade was anxious, and hurriedly stretched out his hand. With the feeling of being caught, he successfully grabbed the tail of the little pseudo-dragon.

“Cuck! Cuck!” The little thing continued to struggle, trying to break free. But this time it was Seglade’s strength that had the upper hand. After all, before he reached out and fished it out, he adjusted his behavior to make himself stronger.

“I got you, meow.” Seglade grabbed the pseudo-dragon’s tail and dragged it back, and immediately dragged the pseudo-dragon out of the bushes.

“Wow ~~ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

“Don’t be like this, I won’t hurt you, meow.” Seglade adjusted his posture again, freeing up another cat’s paw to hug the little pseudo-dragon: “Come here, big brother, Let me take a good look at what you are meow~”

The silver pseudo-dragon caught by Segred with both hands gave up its struggle. It probably knew that it couldn’t break free. It blankly let Seglade pick him up, and then——

Puff zi zi zi zi ——— A transparent arc sprayed from the little lizard’s thighs and landed on Seglade’s face.

“Ow! My eyes! My eyes meow!!” Drenched in the pseudo-dragon’s pee, Seglade was so frightened that he stretched out his hands to rub his eyes, and his waist involuntarily fell back. Then tragedy struck. The leopard youth lost his balance and fell from the tree with a thud!

“Ow!…” Fortunately, he was quick enough to react. As a cat, he was able to turn his body over before landing to avoid landing himself head first. Instead of his head, his **** hit the ground first. The uncomfortable loincloth he was wearing clamped deeply into his part due to the impact of the ground, and pressed against his lumbar vertebrae, hurting. Made him sweat.

“Mmmmmmm…” He rubbed his buttocks and struggled on the ground for dozens of seconds before he could barely get up.

“Wuhuhuhuhu~~” The **** little pseudo-dragon had already followed him down from the tree, looking at Seglade’s embarrassed appearance, and snickering.

“You little bastard!” Seglade shouted angrily, enduring the stench on his face.

“Ah~!” The silver little pseudo-dragon was startled, and ran into the bushes again, running away.

“But—evil—meow!” Seglyde was really furious. Not only did his plan to capture the pseudo-dragon fall short, but he was also drenched in pseudo-dragon urine. And his **** was dominated by a swollen and numb feeling, probably a large bruise.

“Whether you are catching the pseudo-dragons, or are a group of pseudo-dragons teasing you, let’s wait and see.” Father Odin’s words echoed in Seglade’s mind again. mockery.

And it stinks. If I remember correctly, the mixture of pseudo dragon urine and pine resin is thunder pine resin. There is magic in the pseudo-dragon’s urine, and it’s no small matter to get it on Seglade’s face. If you don’t find a way to wash it off immediately, maybe a single collision will cause the magic of thunder and lightning to take effect, and the effect of thunder and lightning will be attached to Seglade’s cat face.

Water. Gotta find water to wash your face right away. Seglade half-squinted looking for water. He initially wanted to wash his face with melted water from ice and snow, but he rubbed a handful of snow on his face and regretted it instantly.

“Wow ah ah ah ————” He screamed in pain. That’s right, suddenly rubbing ice and snow on his face is a really bad idea.

It was freezing cold, and the temperature on his face was not high after the cold wind had been blowing for a long time; in addition, his face was drenched with the urine of the pseudo-dragon. The moment the ice met the water, there was a physical reaction. The ice and snow did not melt into water, but in a semi-melted state, turning into countless ice **** and sticking to the face of the young Leopard Man! The feeling of extreme cold and the feeling of being scorched by fire are actually almost the same, making Seglade feel like being in **** in an instant!

“woo woo woo ——” His face was scorched by the ice, his eyes could not be opened, and his body instinctively ran towards the direction of the water, hoping to borrow the living water in nature. defuse this crisis. It was the big lake he was running to. Father Odin had indeed warned him not to go near that lake, there were monsters in it. But now the leopard youth is in even more trouble, and he has no time to worry about whether there will be monsters in the lake attacking him!

Seglade is not very smart, but his memory and ability to identify directions are not bad. He closed his eyes and ran for about 100 yards with ease. Counting the number of steps, he should have come to the edge of the big lake——


But he still miscalculated. In his panic, he skipped a few steps, allowing him to reach the edge of the lake ahead of schedule. But this lake is not the kind of beach-like structure from shallow to deep that he imagined. Its edge is similar to a ladder. The previous step is still a long distance from the water surface, but the next step is straight to the end! Seglade’s fell straight from the lake into the lake!

It’s so cold! The icy cold quickly swept through his body, grabbing his entire body firmly!

Crap! This is worse than the previous experience of drowning in a desert oasis lake! Seglade groaned inwardly. The last time was next to the palace, and no matter how unfortunate it was, at least someone came to rescue him. But this time he drowned in a barren mountain, and it was also a bone-chilling ice lake! ! It is impossible for someone to rescue him, and if he does not escape by himself immediately, he will freeze to death within five minutes! !

Too bad! He found that his hands and feet had begun to disobey! It’s only been a few seconds since I fell into the water! He sank about two yards into the water, but the distance between these two yards was like the sky! With his frozen limbs, he couldn’t swim back to the water in time!

But Seglade is a survivor after all, having survived similar critical situations several times. The more dangerous it is, the faster his mind spins, trying to find a way to save himself!

That’s right! This is it! ! There is also a storage pocket around his waist, which hides everyone’s Luna steel weapons. If you want to escape from this trap, the only thing you can rely on is this! !

Seglade immediately moved his stiff arms, reaching to his waist to retrieve the bag. The process actually only took less than a second, but the arduous task and the huge risks to be undertaken in the event of failure made Seglade feel that the time of less than one second was like years!

But he still made it! He pulled out his Luna Steel Tomahawk from his storage pocket!

Yes, this is it!

“Go!” Seglade muttered silently in the water, using the last bit of strength in his body, waving his long tomahawk toward the water.

Pounds! There was a loud noise in the water!

What exactly the effect of swinging a Luna steel weapon in the water would Seglade really never expected.

Generally speaking, the sharp weapon just swipes through the water, draws an arc, creates a few splashes at most, and it’s done.

However, Luna steel weapons are inherently special. The moment they touch other objects, an unstable “mass release phenomenon” occurs. The huge mass originally compressed by the subspace magic will be instantly released along the contact surface of the object, adding up the speed of the impact in a geometric series, and finally creating a huge destructive force!

When the Moon God’s Steel Tomahawk hits a solid, it can directly cut the object like a sharp weapon;

When it sweeps through the gas, it has little effect, and the most powerful sword wind is a little stronger than ordinary weapons;

However, when it sweeps across a liquid, the impact is somewhere between a solid and a gas, creating a massive shock wave!

Whoa! ! If there is an impact force, there is a counter-impact force. Seglade slashed hard and created a huge wave in the water. He himself was pushed away by the corresponding impact force, and jumped straight from the bottom of the water to the surface!


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