Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1362: Trapped in the deceitful way (34)



Chapter 1362 Trapped in the Bewildering Way (34)

Norway Kingdom, also known as “The Resting Land of the Ancient Gods”, is an ancient kingdom that has been precipitated by millions of years of history. [A lot of good novels]

Excluding the Kingdom of Iceland, it is the northernmost country connected to the interior of Europe; it is a pure land covered by ice and snow, but densely covered with jungles, which is both rich and indisputable.

Seglade remembered that the magic swordsman Solar had said that Norwe was the home of the dragon hunters. Although the dragon hunters are scattered all over the world to hunt dragons, their base is always in this country. Since this is the place where the dragon hunters take root, it is only logical that they will locate the most important treasure house of weapons in the clan, the [Hall of Valor].

In other words, did the previous portal send the Leopard youth from Egypt to Norway? A teleport from a long distance.

“What are you stunned for? Hurry up and follow.” Father Odin was already walking in the forest, waving and urging from a distance.

“Where are you going, meow.” Seglade chased after him with a few strides. He was getting farther and farther from the mountain where the dragon hunter base was hidden behind him. He couldn’t help but wonder. This forest is not too dense, looking around, the leopard youth did not find any buildings. It would make sense if Papa Odin was going to hand the recipes and ingredients to Syglade from the ruins of some dragon hunter; but what could come out of this forest of nothing? .

The leopard youth reluctantly followed. It’s no use guessing too much, you can only wait for Father Odin to reveal the answer himself. Just as Seglade stepped into the forest, a pair of snake-like eyes opened from a dark corner of the forest and glanced at the two intruders. The snake eyes with slits focused their attention on the leopard youth, it squinted, and soon disappeared into the depths of the woods.

“Sneez.” Seglade sneezed.

“Your physique is so bad, this temperature will make you catch a cold.” Father Odin sneered.

The leopard youth is too lazy to talk to the old man. Seglade is currently wearing a short-sleeved shirt and trousers, traveling from an extremely hot world to this new world covered with snow and green under the silver to cross the fire line of biochemical gun gods. The thickest piece of cloth on his body was just the loincloth he was wearing, and that kind of thing wasn’t warm. If this kind of acid-poor clothes can also keep a person from catching a cold or sneezing in a near-zero environment, what is the use of cold protection equipment.

“First of all, let me explain: the main ingredients of the [Dipterocarp] paint you want are the saliva and brain fluid of the dragon. That is to say, it is a rare product that needs to be hunted and killed. So I This kind of [raw material] won’t take you anywhere, so don’t bother about hunting dragons.”

“This is a little different from what I said, meow.” The leopard youth rubbed his bruised nose and protested.

“Hum, it’s really a bit different. However, there are too many dragons in the world. The flying lizards are hunted and killed casually in the Dragon Continent. It’s not difficult to find, so I don’t need to take you to find them.”

Seglade did not respond, and continued to walk forward silently to express his dissatisfaction.

“So, let’s not talk about dipterocarp. Let’s turn to [turpentine].” Father Odin stopped in front of a big tree. Seglade looked at the big tree curiously. The straight trunk, the needle-like leaves, the burly tall and straight tree shape, sure enough, this is a pine tree.

“This tree is a three-thousand-year-old tree. Its main feature is that it emits a scent similar to camphor wood.” Father Odin took a dagger from his waist and scratched the bark. When he scratched the bark, sure enough, a refreshing fragrance began to spread. Although Seglade’s kitten’s nose was dulled by frostbite, he could easily sense its strong but not pungent fragrance.

“And it’s resinous color and very unique, it’s grown like this.” The old man continued, slashing the knife a few more times on the cut in the bark, deepening the cut.

Soon, some kind of golden-yellow semi-colloid flowed out of the trunk. At first glance, Seglade thought it was honey. It looked so clear, so beautiful a pure golden yellow, that Seglade could not help delusion that it was a treasure as sweet and delicious as honey.

“What’s the matter, you want to lick it.” Father Odin suppressed the smirk on his mouth, scraped the resin with a knife with a serious face, and handed it to the leopard youth: “Then try it, At least it’s not poisonous.”

“This really eats meow.” Seglyde, who had been deceived once, couldn’t help but be a little skeptical.

“I can eat it.” Father Odin replied dispassionately: “Twenty thousand years ago, our people were forced to retreat to a forest of fragrant pine after a defeat in a war, and they were almost wiped out. For food and drink, they can only quench their thirst by melting the snow and ice on the trees; and their only source of food is this resin. After more than a month of hard fighting by gnawing on the bark and sucking the resin, my clan finally got the Surviving the victory of the battle, this is the prosperity of the dragon hunters today. Therefore, we will plant a large-scale plant every ten years to express our gratitude to this generous plant. .”

“Understood—just give me a try, it’s rambunctious.” The more he listened, the more impatient Seglade picked up the resin-stained knife and licked it with his tongue.

But he regretted it instantly. A startlingly bitter taste crept down his throat. Just a drop of resin the size of a soy bean brings a taste that is thousands of times more bitter than the bitterest plant in the Turkic Everglades, Sophora flavescens.

“Yeah bah. bah bah bah—————” Seglade was so miserable that he didn’t even have time to take care of his manners, so he could only spit, Trying to get those horrible bitter tastes out of my mouth.

“My meow. It’s a **** meow. It’s so bitter meow.” After spitting up a round of saliva, Seglade had time to complain.

“Ahahaha, look at you, a greedy cat, dare to eat something of unknown origin.” Father Odin seems to be very happy – he is obviously playing a trick on Seglade for fun.

“You bastard. It’s really a liar, meow.” Seglade was still cleaning his mouth, “The story just now is also fake meow. How could your people let go of such a bitter thing, meow.”

“The story is true.” The old man replied lightly, scraping more resin from the tree trunk flowing with golden turpentine, and putting a finger-sized piece of resin into his mouth: “When you are hungry When you wake up, no matter how unpalatable you are, you can swallow the Lich Tavern. Living is a kind of torment, and in comparison, this bitterness is nothing.”

He chewed casually, as if he was chewing a piece of beeswax, and the young Leopard Man was dumbfounded.

“Oh, it can also sterilize and deodorize, and form a long-term antibacterial protective layer in the mouth, which is very good for the teeth.” Father Odin continued to say to the leopard youth in a persuasive tone: “You really Do you want to eat more?”

“No thanks, meow.” Seglade knew that the old man was obviously lying to him this time, and of course he wouldn’t be fooled.

“Anyway, this is the resin we’re looking for.” Father Odin took out the bag he had prepared earlier and hung it on the edge of the cut bark, supporting the bag against the clever angle of the cut in the trunk. , allowing the bag to hang on the tree trunk for a long time to automatically collect the resin flowing down.

“Dry the collected resin and grind it into powder, and the turpentine powder for enchanting is half finished.” Father Odin continued: “But of course, this is only the [medium] responsible for preserving the magic power, light It is impossible to apply this resin.”

“I knew it, meow.” Seglade hummed even more dissatisfiedly. There are three kinds of turpentine for enchanting that he knows, lightning, freezing and flame turpentine. But the pine resin in front of him that can be put into his mouth and eaten obviously does not have special magic power.

“So, we need to add other [ingredients] to the turpentine.” Dad Odin continued to explain. Then he stretched out his hands and clapped twice, as if calling for something.

Something suddenly fell from the tree.

The sudden, unforeseen shadow had startled Seglade at first—he thought it was some kind of poisonous snake living in a tree.

However, when the thing rested on Father Odin’s shoulder, and the young Rong Leopard could see it clearly, Seglade’s heart calmed down.

That thing isn’t a viper at all. Contrary to the ugly looking viper, it was some kind of clever little lizard with pitifully small wings. The fist-sized lizard also had big, water-clear eyes, and was now staring at Seglade stupidly. It has dark red scales that reflect beautiful fire in the sunlight. Judging by the eyes of those who don’t hate lizards, this little lizard is actually quite beautiful.

Is this… a However, it’s a hilarious size, a far cry from the dragons Seglade knows. A full-grown, powerful dragon might have the ability to magically bring itself to this size, but most dragons don’t. After all, doing so is equivalent to showing weakness in front of strangers, and the Dragon Race, who is desperate for face, would rather die than shame on their own reputation.

So, this is a young and ignorant young dragon who doesn’t understand the world.

Not true either. Aren’t the dragon hunters specialized in hunting dragons? They and the Dragon Clan should be deadly enemies. It is impossible for a young dragon to be so close to the old dragon hunter.

Seeing Seglade’s puzzled face, it is estimated that he could not guess the origin of this creature, and the old man Odin squeezed out a victorious smile:

“Here is Hotmelon, my little pet. As you can see, he’s a fakedragon.”



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