Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1361: Trapped in the deceitful way (33)


Chapter 1361 Trapped in the Bewildering Way (Thirty-three)

At the same time, in the eastern suburbs of the black market in Cairo, Africa, in front of Father Odin’s stone house.

“Finally back meow!” Seglade shouted happily just before returning to the house, rushing into the house.

“Clothes, clothes meow.” He urged impatiently. The Leopard Man was still wearing the nightgown he wore when he escaped from Prince Said’s palace.

“Understood, don’t worry, you stupid cat.” Father Odin put both Longwu in his hand back on the shelf, and then he went to the closet and searched a few times to find a set. Hessian short-sleeved pants in a rather old style: “This is one of the few clothes Hank has left. Remember to wash it and return it to me when you’re done.”

“Understood meow.” Seglade couldn’t wait to rummage, took off his embarrassing nightgown, and put on his short-sleeved shirt first.

“Wait…it seems like something is missing?” the Leopard Man asked dissatisfiedly.

The old man gave the Leopard Man a white look. What could be missing? Of course it’s panties.

“Do you think I’ll keep my son’s underwear for hundreds of years without throwing it away?” Father Odin hummed, “Of course, that kind of thing has been gone for a long time. There are only a few pieces left. It’s just a souvenir. In terms of underwear, my old man usually wears some, but it doesn’t fit your figure, right?”

Seglade glanced at the old, muscular old man with a slight beer belly. Daddy Odin’s underwear, not to mention the question of whether Seglade can wear it, the most important problem is that Seglade doesn’t want to wear it at all.

“Forget it, I’ll change my underwear after returning to the hotel, meow.” The Leopard Man sighed. His crotch was sore again, after all, he was wearing the oldest loincloth used by the Egyptians, a strip of cloth wrapped around his waist to cover his shame. And also very tight. Seglade’s local pain was excruciatingly caught by the cloth as he walked.

“Then,” the young Leopard man put on his trousers and hurriedly retrieved his storage pocket (which contained all his belongings, including everyone’s Luna steel weapons) from the place where he had previously hidden the props, and planned to Leaving: “I’m gone, meow. Goodbye meow.”

“Going away so soon? Haven’t you forgotten anything?” said Father Odin.

“I…forgot what, meow?” Seglade tilted his head and thought for a while, but he couldn’t remember.

“I promised to teach you the recipes of [Dipterocarp] and [Enchanted Turpentine], forget it?” Father Odin hummed: “Of course, I can save some if you don’t want to learn it. matter.”

“Oh, right, right, meow—” Seglade remembered his previous deal with Father Odin: “Then write the recipe to me, meow.”

“It’s not that simple.” Father Odin picked up his cast iron hammer from his weapon rack: “Although it is a recipe, it must be taught along with the method of obtaining the materials. Otherwise those materials are too It’s hard to get it, it’s useless just to get the recipe. Quickly bring your token and come with me.”

“Token”, of course, refers to the golden cast iron hammer that Daddy Odin gave Seglade before, which can be transformed into countless tools. Seglade nodded knowingly and took the hammer from his storage pocket.

Meanwhile, Father Odin had picked up his hammer and struck the ground several times in a rhythmic manner.

dong dong dong. After a few knocks, a portal suddenly appeared out of thin air on the ground. A very small and inconspicuous portal, just enough for one person to jump in.

“Come with me.” After saying that, Father Odin jumped in first.

It turns out that there is another mystery behind Odin’s stone house? No, not necessarily. Seglade scratched his head. Since the portal is used for movement, the portal does not necessarily lead to the underground of the stone house. It might take Seglade somewhere thousands of miles away. God knows. But Seglade knew that Father Odin could be trusted, and that was enough. He swallowed and jumped into the portal.

Clap. The leopard youth landed firmly on the ground, and the soles of his feet hit the stone floor, making a heavy sound.

“What is this place, meow?” As soon as he landed, he was busy looking around, taking a look at the deep place before speaking.

The ancient stone chamber forms a huge space, four ancient semicircular arched stone pillars stand and surround the platform on which Seglade stands, and the platform at the foot of the leopard youth is a huge, carved The disc-shaped structure of the pictograph. Both the stone pillars and the stone discs at their feet are faintly glowing. This kind of light blue shimmer that can only be seen in a dark environment gradually disappeared with the arrival of Seglade. I am afraid it was just opened. The magic sigil responsible for making everything work while portaling.

Seglade was even more surprised when he gradually got used to the darkness of this huge stone room.

Because there are countless treasures neatly placed on the huge stone walls of the ancient stone chambers. These treasures can’t be named at all, and Seglade can only vaguely judge the shocking value of these treasures through their unique shapes and the faint light on them.

Having seen these hidden secrets and hard-edged treasures, Seglade has been able to guess a little. In addition, this ancient stone room seems to have a long history, and it needs to use the unique token of the dragon hunter family to transmit it in. Combining these clues, Seglade can simply conclude that this is the treasure room of the dragon hunters!

—— That’s right, the tens of thousands of treasures collected here are all dragon martial arts!

And they are not ordinary dragon weapons that an unknown craftsman made casually. They are dragon hunters who have been hunting giant dragons for millions of years, using dragon bones and flesh, and matching them with The secret method of the dragon hunter family, the most rare dragon martial arts, carefully crafted.

In this case, that is to say, every weapon here is the most proud of the ancestors of the dragon hunters, and is used to preserve the treasures of future generations to show off their craftsmanship.

Every weapon here is a legend, an artifact with a net worth of over 10 billion!

Seeing all this, Seglade was so surprised that the whole cat was stunned.

“What’s the matter, haven’t you seen the treasure of our dragon hunter family?” Father Odin sneered, and said with a little pride and arrogance: “It’s a very nice scenery, isn’t it? One of the most prosperous people in my family’s history. The weapon craftsman spends his whole life to forge the only weapon that he thinks is the best. Only after the strict review of the patriarchs is it qualified to display it in this Hall of Heroes. The weapons here have never been shown in the world, only Only the dragon hunters are qualified to come in to visit and worship.——Although, it is the first time in tens of thousands of years to invite outsiders like you into the Hall of Heroes.”

“I’m… meow?” Seglyde couldn’t help being flattered: “Is there really no problem in letting me in such an important place, meow?”

As if anticipating that Syglade would ask a similar question, a well-prepared smirk appeared on Father Odin’s face: “Huhuhu, did you try to touch those weapons in the past?”

Since Father Odin would say so, there must be some fraud. Seglade cautiously walked in front of a weapon displayed on the stone wall, slowly stretched out his finger, and poked at the extremely delicate dragon weapon.

Clap! ! —— As if he was hit by a strong electric current, he was instantly blown away.

As expected. These weapons have been applied with powerful protective magic, and outsiders will be severely punished if they want to touch them, not to mention stealing Longwu from this Hall of Heroes!

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” Seglade got up from the ground, his finger touched Longwu, it was swollen and painful as if he had been hit by a heavy hammer.

“Hahaha, I told you to touch it, are you really obedient to touch it?” Father Odin smiled viciously: “If the protective barrier on the Dragon Martial Art is more powerful, it will make you dare to touch the dragon. Wu people directly burned and electrocuted or something, can you still stand up now?”

Seglade gave Papa Odin a stern look.

“But to be honest, I still hope that someone can steal these things.” The old man said indifferently: “The dragon hunter family is about to go extinct. This is an inevitable and inevitable fact. That boy Solar is unsatisfactory, and he refuses to even try to keep this great family going. No matter how brilliant the ancestors are, what will the result be? When it is time to die, he still has to quietly withdraw from the stage of history .”

Seglade fell into a deeper silence, only dumbfounded. He could vaguely see the helplessness and sadness of the old man from Father Odin’s seemingly indifferent expression.

Veterans don’t die, they just fade away…?

“Come The old man waved the hammer in his hand, as if he was deliberately waving these unpleasant thoughts away: “This Hall of Heroes is just the only way we must pass before we reach our destination. There is still a long way to go before reaching the real destination. “

“How far is it?” The leopard youth patted the dust on his buttocks and said dissatisfiedly. The farther he went, the more uncomfortable he felt in the uncomfortable pants he was wearing.

“It’s almost there.” Father Odin walked out of the stone room along the wall of the stone room, and then took a hundred steps out along a corridor without any branches. He stopped in front of a huge stone gate, and secretly pulled down the hidden mechanism of Shimen Pound.

“You’d better close your eyes.”

As soon as Daddy Odin finished speaking, the light from the opened stone door shone into Seglade’s eyes for a while. The leopard youth had to narrow his eyes to adjust to the strong light, and when he finally got used to it, the magnificent landscape in front of him finally reflected in his retina:

Beyond the hidden base of the dragon hunters, there is a beautiful forest like a fairyland.

“Welcome to Norway.” Father Odin had walked into the forest and waved to the young Leopard Man.


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