Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1351: Trapped in the deceitful way (23)


Chapter 1351 Trapped in the trick (twenty-three)

It was only then that Albert noticed that the Sphinx had a so-called “shotgun formation” with three outfield catchers (one of whom was a winger).

Three receivers scurried wildly in the enemy line, the Ghana team couldn’t intercept them one by one, and Siloma was in control of everything, and the enemy had no way of predicting who to pass the ball to! What the Ghana team can do is to send defenders to mark these receivers one by one, hoping to eliminate the possibility of the receivers receiving the ball one by one in a one-on-one manner!

“Idiot!” The quarterback grinned even more triumphantly, swung his arms around for a long pass. Those three receivers may not be as capable as Mutter, but they certainly won’t be taken advantage of by the Ghana team one-on-one!

Just as the guards of the Ghana team were all looking in the direction of Shiloma’s throw, intending to lock the volley target, Shiloma suddenly made a short pass and sent the ball that should have been thrown to Alber. Special hand!

Because that wasn’t a long pass at all. Quarterback Siloma planned to shove the ball to Albert from the beginning and let the three receivers run around in the enemy line, but it was a feint battle!

And their basic tactics remain the same. With Phileos leading the way, Albert followed the Leopard and charged forward in groups of two, bypassing the enemy’s offensive and defensive lines. The Ghanaian guards, who had been scattered to chase the receivers, had to gather again to encircle Phileos and Albert, but it was too late – either Phileos or Ai Albert ran for three yards, touched the ground on his own before being surrounded, and suspended the game!

From the angry look of the group of Black King Kong giants, Albert has seen the flow of this game. Shiloma played with all the opponent’s applause. When this game will end, and in what form it will end, it is all within the calculation of the Tigers quarterback!

Keep teeing up! The same technique was used again, forcing the Garner team to be wary of the combination of Albert and Phileos this time. But they never expected that Shiloma really made a short pass, and the ball fell to one of the three receivers. The catcher received the order in advance, knelt on the ground the moment he got the ball, and stopped advancing. So the Sphinx advanced five yards, plus the six yards accumulated before, enough to refresh the first attack.

They will then have four more chances to advance another ten yards. And so on, until the game time is running out of position! Albert looked at the clock. The last five minutes were in, and they were forty-nine yards from the Ghana Black Kings’ baseline. Is this a rhythm that averages ten yards a minute?

No! Quarterback Siloma had just received the ball from Mutter and immediately started running with the ball. Under his instructions, Phileos and Albert also ran together, and together with three other receivers, they formed two attacking squads. This is a disguised [phalanx] tactic! Hiromar’s team and Albert’s team kept a three-yard distance and ran. There were three people in each team, and the group of receivers swayed around the moment Hiromar passed the ball, completely covering up. The moment the quarterback passes the ball.

Did the ball fall into Albert’s hands, or did it remain unplayed in Shiloma’s arms? The Ghana players simply couldn’t see through. All they can do is spread out and fight one-on-one attrition with the Sandstorm Sphinx players.

What is true is what is true, what is true is false, Hiromar kept changing patterns to attack, and after three consecutive sprints, the Sphinx advanced another fifteen yards!

There are still thirty-four yards to the bottom line of the opposing enemy line, and four minutes to go!

“Very good, the next touchdown will be in one breath.” The quarterback patted Albert on the shoulder and quietly instructed.

“There are still four minutes left, so meow?”

“Mutter is dying.” Shiloma glanced at the cat boy.

It was only then that Albert realized that there were four or five more needles in Mutter’s hand. It was estimated that they had been secretly pierced by the Garner team during the series of attacks just now. Mutter’s position is very bad. At the beginning of the battle, it will be surrounded by both the offensive and defensive sides to form a (camera’s) blind spot, giving the despicable guys a chance to do it. Although the medical team has always come to inject antidote to the cat boy, the poison is always the first to detoxify, and those powerful muscle relaxants will eventually break down the cat boy’s body!

Albert’s heart froze. Captain Shiloma has been creating a one-on-one situation for the running players and the enemy, and making Albert and the others keep their distance from the opponent. The reason he did this was to prevent Albert from letting the poison needle stick. If Albert is besieged by many people in the area, after several attacks, he will inevitably suffer several poisonous needles, and then the tiger will not be able to run! But the safety of Albert and the others is actually maintained by Mutter. If the cat boy falls now, then there will be less power to restrain the opponent on the offensive and defensive line, and the group of Black King Kong giants will be presumptuous again!

So, it must be decided before Mutter collapses completely! It’s the last four minutes of the game, if you don’t grab points now, you may never get points again!


Mutter’s hand holding the ball is shaking a little, and the muscle relaxant is affecting his nerves, and his arms are starting to get a little bit off. But the cat still gritted his teeth and passed the final ball. Although the fairway was slightly skewed, Shiloma still relied on his rich experience to catch it.

Again, he ran as soon as he got the ball! Combine Bedivere, Phileos, and three other receivers to form a two-team [phalanx] tactic! This time it’s not about stalling time, it’s a real final attack. But they ran unhurriedly, just to give the opponent the illusion that “the Sphinx is still dragging time”. The people in front of the phalanx who were in charge of fending off the first few defenders fell one by one, and in the end Shiloma, Albert, and Phileos were left running. But they were not too far apart from each other. At the moment when a [square] team disintegrated, the three of them ran together again to form another [square]!

Seeing that the Sphinx people actually ran a greater distance than usual, the Garner team finally realized Shiloma’s intentions. But it’s too late! Shiloma and Phileos were alone, and after blocking the last two defenders of the enemy, there was no one in front of Albert. On the last twelve yards leading to victory, there was not even a half-defensive enemy!

Win it! Albert accelerated sharply and rushed to the finish line! Seeing that we are about to reach the bottom line of the opponent’s position, but——

A black figure suddenly flashed past the tiger! !

How could anyone still be this fast on the Ghana team? ! The enemy really hid a hand!

Albert, who was startled, just wanted to launch [Shen Yin] to force a breakthrough, but he was a step behind! The black shadow rushed forward to restrain Albert, and the tiger discovered that the guy was alone!

That’s right, that’s just an ordinary human being who didn’t take drugs and transform into a black giant!

No, all the Ghana players on the field should have taken medicine, right?

That “ordinary human” didn’t mean that he didn’t take drugs, but because the drugs he took had expired, and he turned back into a human! It is precisely because he is a human that he can catch up with the tiger with his more agile and quick skills!

Touch! Five yards from the Ghana team’s baseline, the White Tiger was blocked and fell to the ground. He could not help feeling a tingling in his leg as he fell to the ground. He was still unavoidably stabbed by the opponent secretly!

Although he was not reconciled, Albert still had to admit that his opponent was formidable. He got up from the ground and looked at the player who was blocking him. Just as he was about to say something, he found that the player had twisted into a weird posture and died! The death of that person was extremely terrifying, and it seemed that he had endured great pain before he died!

“What meow?!” The tiger was almost scared to pee.

“Has the effect of the medicine finally passed?” Shiloma walked over to meet Albert, as if she had expected the tiger to be attacked, and even the medical team with the antidote was summoned.

Albert had time to detoxify material as Garner had to shout a long timeout. Not only did the player die just now, but the other ten players of the Ghana Black King Kong team all fell down, turned back into human beings, and gulped.

“You said just now that they would only fail for life, but didn’t you say they would die?” Albert asked in surprise.

“If you just inject [Purgatory], it will only lead to life-long failure.” Shiloma smiled disdainfully: “However, they also injected other stimulants before The drug interaction is probably the The cause of their death.——It’s nothing, anyway, those guys are the dead men. There are as many people as possible to replace them.”

As expected, when the “regular army” of the Ghana team died and left the field, the “Second Army” of the Ghana team also played. The basic physical ability and training of each player is irrelevant. What matters is whether they can still fight after taking enough stimulants. Before this group of Second Army troops were on the field, they took syringes and stabbed them into their arms one by one. All kinds of stimulants and banned drugs were used together. It didn’t take long for the muscles of these originally black humans to swell strangely, and they turned into a team of Black King Kong giants.

With just two and a half minutes left in the game, the Sphinx had the final twelve yards from Ghana’s bottom line, and they were facing a bunch of fresh, energetic Black King Kong giants! The situation has become worrying again!

Because, the last twelve yards is the hardest part!

Albert clicked his tongue as he watched the enemy’s position. With only twelve yards remaining, the area to be defended by Ghana became very small, and as a result, their defense line was also denser several times! It’s not easy to break through this — especially, when Albert was also shot with a poison needle and his left leg was a little out of shape!


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