Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1350: Trapped in the deceitful way (22)


Chapter 1350 Trapped in the trick (twenty-two)

Albert was completely stunned by this wonderful formation. [A lot of good novels]

Let Phileos fight in the attack round, what if he gets hurt. Will the Sphinx’s defense not need Phileos next round? You must know that the Leopard Phileos is the only player who can block the group of Black King Kong giants. Without his defense, the Sphinx team has no chance of winning.

Also, let Mutter, the outfield catcher, who was supposed to run out for a long pass from the quarterback, run to center. What kind of messed up tactics is this? Can that frail kitten really resist the onslaught of those huge Black King Kong monsters?

Crap, this line of attack and defense would collapse in an instant. Although Mutter’s special physique will not cause him to be seriously injured, as soon as the offensive and defensive line collapses, Albert and the others will suffer immediately.

“There will be a few people following you, don’t worry about them, just rush forward.” Shiloma leaned into Albert’s ear and said.

The white tiger nodded. He is full of doubts now. On the one hand, he doubts whether the attack will succeed, on the other hand, he is very curious about what plan the captain Hiromar has to turn things around. Anyway, Albert couldn’t understand this formation at all, and could only take one step at a time.

Kickoff. The first kick-off was, of course, played by Ghana. They made a big-footed clearance, hoping to kick the ball as deep as possible to give the Sphinx more time on offense.

Clap. However, the ball was caught by someone in mid-air.

“Hey hey hey.——” The one who laughed wickedly was Shiloma, the quarterback who caught the long pass in mid-air. Not the outfield catcher Mutter, who is best at high jumps and catches, but the quarterback Siloma, who uses his IQ to overwhelm his opponents. .

Ghana underestimated Thriller Park because Mutter wasn’t in the catcher position. They thought no one else on the Sphinx could jump up and catch the ball with such precision, so the long pass came straight and aimed precisely at the corner of the Sphinx’s baseline.

But this simple tee shot was so stupid that its trajectory was calculated by the calculating Siloma, so the quarterback caught the ball with ease.

However, Ghana’s players also expected the ball to be stopped halfway. When the ball fell into the hands of Shiloma with a clatter, Ghana’s offensive and defensive lines also worked together to impact the Sphinx’s offensive and defensive lines.

If the Sphinx line breaks down here, the Garner players will threaten the Sphinx quarterback. 800 Shiloma has not yet landed in mid-air, and will suffer a fatal attack immediately.

“Hold up.” Mutter yelled, arms outstretched. The five teammates on the offensive and defensive line began to move. The two offensive guards on the left and right closest to the center Mutter grabbed the arms of the cat boy and pulled them to both sides. The farther left and right tackles (offensive tackle) and another winger (tight end) stepped back and joined Phileos.

What happened next was interesting. Mutt’s rubber-band-like arms were forcibly stretched twice as long. Mutt and the left and right guards squatted together, just in time to catch up with the charge of the enemy’s offensive and defensive line. Mutter’s arm acted as a stumbling block, delivering a heavy wrestling to Garner’s unprepared Black King Kong giants.

lbs. . The five players on the offensive and defensive line of the Ghana team attacked aggressively, but fell in a state of despair. However, the Sphinx team temporarily retreated three players from the offensive and defensive line. They protected Phileos and Albert, and sprinted forward with Albert who had just received the ball.

[Philadelphia Tactics]()——a tactic that is very similar to [Sweeping Tactics] and is done by multiple people. If it is said that the [sweeping tactics] in the early stage of the game were a strong-attack tactic with the tiger man Gusta as the center, this [square formation tactics] were retreated by the three offensive and defensive line of the second army. The players, as well as Phileos, cooperated to form an intensive attacking tactic.

[Sweeping tactics] completely rely on Gusta’s strong strength and courage to maintain, and Gusta’s strength is always limited by himself, and he can’t fight for a long time.

And four people guarding Albert to move forward, this kind of complicated but relatively stable [phalanx tactics] can be used for a long time, and it has been tried and tested.

“Be careful not to get stabbed by the opponent’s anesthesia needle.” Phileos also confessed when he sprinted with the other three players.

Albert’s group rushed forward, running less than three yards before encountering an enemy interception. Five players from the Ghana team attacked one by one, trying to break up the phalanx.

“Humph.” One of the players led by the Sphinx rushed up immediately, scrambling with the enemy. This young elephant man was originally a good player on the offensive and defensive lines of the Second Army. There was no huge difference between his physique and the enemy. It was more than enough to block the impact of the Black King Kong giant. The moment he pinched the opponent’s guard, he also twisted and fell with the enemy.

Yes, it’s just one-on-one, where each sacrifice of a player in the phalanx buys more time for the attacking team. Although the attack speed is slow, the Sphinx can really push forward.

What’s even better is that every player in the phalanx can deal with an oncoming enemy with full body. In a one-on-one situation, the enemy will not dare to hide the poison needle in his hand. Take it easy.

lbs. pound pound. lb. The squad that formed the phalanx fought with the enemy guards, and finally fell one by one. But the Sphinx also managed to advance three yards. And not half of the players were injured.

“Humph.” Albert pushed away the enemy who stopped him and got up from the ground. Just now, his arm was almost stabbed by a player from the Ghana team with a poisonous needle with anesthesia. Fortunately, Tiger reacted quickly enough to avoid the blow.

“Next time you try to use that kind of thing on me, and see if I don’t catch you.” Tiger said angrily to the evil soldier king.

The Ghanaian player in front of him looked puzzled. It is also a question whether the player who takes banned drugs to make his body alienate into a monster can still speak.

Albert saw that talking to such a monster guy was like playing the piano to a cow, and he didn’t bother to pay any attention to it anymore, and hurried back to his position to join the team.

“Damn, I got a needle.” Mutter, a young cat-man who acted as a temporary center, was rubbing his arms and complaining.

“Are you okay,” Albert asked worriedly as he watched a group of medical staff come up to give Mutter an antidote.

“It’s still a little numb.” The cat boy rubbed the wound and said pitifully.

“I didn’t expect that even the guys on the offensive and defensive lines were also carrying poisonous needles, ready to stab people at any time.” Phileos scratched his head: “But your condition is not serious, and you have no mission to run the battle. , so it should be fine.”

Mutter protested: “It still hurts to be stabbed.”

“Huhuhu, don’t worry, they won’t dare to stab you with poison needles any more.” Sheloma said with a wicked smile.

“Why are you so sure,” Albert asked curiously.

“The next step is the original configuration, but the offensive and defensive line will be one-on-one with those guys, and the [Trimming Horse] will no longer be used.” Shiloma ignored Albert’s question and continued to give orders: “[ Both [Stumbling Horse] and [Phalanx] are just means to scare those arrogant guys. We have only one real purpose in this round.”

It’s procrastination. ———Albert thought to himself.

Yes, there are seven minutes left in the game. There’s no need for a quick offense and defense with Ghana to score points, just move forward slowly in this offensive round, and touch down before the time is almost exhausted.

The [Phalanx] tactic can ensure the team’s propulsion. No matter how strong the enemy’s defense is, it is absolutely not a problem to advance ten yards before the four falls to the ground to keep the Sphinx’s offensive right.

And as long as Mutter is placed in front of the center, the enemy will have to lift the Catman Boy’s [Kangma Suo] when charging. This forced the group of Ghana players, who believed that they had physical advantages after taking drugs, to be careful, stand on their heels and make steady progress. But if they do, their attack power will also be greatly reduced.

This is very similar to playing cards. Even if a player’s hand is far worse than the opponent’s, as long as he shows that he has a deadly trump card in his hand, even if he doesn’t play this trump card, he can still make his opponent dare not act rashly.

Hiloma, who is proficient in psychological tactics, of course also understands this basic method of intimidation. Even if his powerful tactics are not taken at risk, just standing there is still a huge threat to the enemy.

That’s There is no need to give Ghana another chance to counterattack. The only goal of the quarterback Shiloma now is to completely consume the last seven minutes by bluffing and slow advancing, and come to a finishing touch before the end of the game, and completely sentence the Ghana Black King Kong team to death.

Kickoff. Center Mutter threw the ball into the hands of Shiloma, but the Ghanaian Black King Kong giants in front of them did not dare to attack. They stood by and formed a thick wall of people.

“Hey hey hey hey hey.” Shiloma laughed, much more treacherous than usual. Instead of handing the ball to Albert, he made a big long pass to prepare. The Sphinx’s outfield receivers also ran deep into the enemy line.

That’s right. Since the Ghana team’s offensive and defensive line has some scruples and dare not attack, it means that Siloma is under absolutely safe protection. He could have waited for the receiver to move slowly and then make a nice long pass. The long pass, which was originally full of risks, has become a sure-fire tactic under the protection of a “solid” offensive and defensive line.

If the enemy is attacking, he will use the tripping cable to deal with it; if the enemy is afraid to attack, he will play a long pass.

No one on the Ghanaian Black Kings can stop Shiloma.


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