Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1344: Trapped in the deceitful way (16)


Chapter 1344: Trapped in the Bewildering Way (16)

The corpses of the thieves were terrifyingly dead, and the wounds on their bodies were inexplicably huge and tragic, and most of them were brutally dismembered. .It seems that it has been hours since these corpses died, and the corpses are rapidly decomposing in the sweltering cave system, and the stench is disgusting. Ordinary people would probably vomit at the sight of it, and even the highly trained British knights would inevitably feel uneasy when they saw this terrible situation.

“Woo!” Jefferson the Dark Iron Knight couldn’t help covering his mouth and turned on the air filter in his helmet: “Oh my God! These corpses! This stench! Is it all the work of that kid Daniel?!”

“It’s possible.” Tarkas, the dark iron knight who was with him, carefully observed a corpse on the ground: “From the wound on the corpse’s neck, no matter the strength or angle of the attack, it is the same as that of the corpse. Daniel’s body type is very suitable. However, this murder method is extremely vicious. Did the child suffer from any stimulation?”

“It seems that the matter has been exposed. Mr. Daniel was besieged by more than 100 people, and it was inevitable to be impatient during the battle.” Bach, the dark iron knight, continued to analyze Tarkas’s words: “So…he fought Won? Survived? Looking at the number of dead here, he should have wiped out most of the thieves’ troops?”

“Not necessarily. When we broke in just now, weren’t there guards outside? I’m afraid Daniel didn’t wipe out the thieves group, so the order of the thieves group was temporarily restored to normal.” Jefferson questioned: “But I can’t see it. They hung up Daniel’s body to warn the intruders. The boy was probably exhausted from fighting and was caught.”

“So… Mr. Daniel is in danger?” Dore the Dark Iron Knight asked timidly: “Where is the prison? We have to save him!”

“There is no need to worry, Mr. Dore.” Tarkas analyzed calmly: “If the enemy wanted to kill him, he would have been killed long ago. If the enemy wanted to save his life to make a deal with us, He should be fine by now. He may suffer a little, but he’s still alive.”

“What are you all muttering about?” Following the officers behind the group of black iron knights, a silver knight shouted dissatisfiedly: “Don’t desert, search immediately! God knows if those cunning thieves will still have Ambush!”

“Yes, sir.” The Dark Iron Knight Jefferson pretended to be submissive, raising his large shield in warning. ; Tablet E-book Yet there was a look of contempt on his face as he turned his back to his superior.

“Searching for survivors, I met resistance and killed without mercy!” The silver knight stood at a safe distance and was protected by three of his own men, but instructed Jefferson and others to do dangerous work: “And , beware of those guys who steal corpses and sneak attacks!”

“Yes, yes, sir,” Jefferson replied bluntly, raising his shield and walking forward. He walked into the pile of corpses and kicked away the overlapping corpses with his feet, confirming that the thieves were all dead.

However, a hand stretched out from the pile of corpses and suddenly grabbed his feet!

“Wow!” The young dark iron knight was taken aback, and the lightsaber in his hand slashed reflexively, slashing the rotten and pale stone hand away!

The rancid black blood splattered everywhere, soiling Jefferson’s leg armor and spilling it all over the floor.

“Ooooooooooooooooooo———-” I was stimulated by the smell of blood, and there was movement in the originally silent pile of corpses!

“Omg!” Jefferson exclaimed, backing away in fright.

The corpses groaned and got up one by one!

A large group of necromancers, about 200 people, in this hall that was once stained with blood, came back to life again! !

This is exactly the plan of Oscar, head of the southeastern branch of the Starscream Rogues. He knew that these thieves were useless in life, only to be slaughtered by the knights. But after they became corpses, things changed!

You must know that the knights of Great Britain who came here today, except for a silver knight in charge of command, are the lowest-ranked black iron knights. Most of them are newcomers who have never really been on the battlefield and have never killed anyone. Several, let alone dealing with necromancers. Few of them knew how to use [Holy].

Furthermore, no matter how good the newcomers are, their mental qualities are still not good enough. When they saw the carrion and undead that were constantly wriggling in front of them, it was inevitable that they had some scruples in their hearts. And inner hesitation often leads to their demise.

These necromancers will make the knights of Great Britain suffer more than the undead mortals! Oscar knew that this group of thieves were not the opponents of the Knights of Great Britain. Since the fall of this base was inevitable, he decided to turn the table gorgeously before leaving, killing a few more Knights of Great Britain!

“Are necromancers?” The silver knight commander who took the lead saw this, and immediately became complacent: “Stay back, you can’t kill them with your weapons. Let me come.”

He cast a holy enchantment on his lightsaber, and the pale green lightsaber instantly turned holy pure white. Holy is the best way to deal with succubus and necromancers created by succubus, it can disintegrate the succubus’ evil poisonous photons, which can disintegrate the undead just by hitting. This silver knight learned to use [Sacred] after several months, and now has a rare opportunity, and of course he has to show it off in front of his subordinates.

“You shield me from both sides,” ordered the Silver Knight.

“Yes, sir.” Despite their reluctance, the Dark Iron Knights Jefferson and Dore replied at the same time.

And the group of undead warriors also crawled forward with weapons in hand, and slowly gathered. With people on the left and right, the silver knight was unscrupulous. He raised his lightsaber and aimed at a undead warrior with a stab. The [Holy] enchantment is extremely effective. One blow immediately decomposes the inherent photons of the succubus in the body of the undead, and the undead warrior turns into a cold corpse and falls down.

But two other Necromancers are already attacking with weapons. The White Shadow Knight took a step back and let his two shield-wielding men block the attack. Then he leaned down and stabbed the enemy in the lower plate with his sword. The Holy is in effect again, and two more Necromancers have fallen!

“Hahaha, vulnerable, really vulnerable!” The Silver Knight began to flutter a little. As a descendant of a high-ranking knight, the hereditary title of Silver Knight makes this knight feel superior. Although he did not have much combat training, and even less actual combat, he learned [Holy] easily. There are about ten people in the British Knights who have learned [Holy Enchantment], so this silver knight who knows how to use the sacred already has enough capital to show off among his colleagues.

He felt too good about himself, and his self-esteem began to swell. In order to show how powerful he was in front of his subordinates, he began to slash into the enemy line with particularly large movements. A dozen or so Necro Knights fell within minutes, but the officer’s excessive risk-taking made the two Dark Iron Knights in charge of guarding their shields exhausted.

Jefferson was young and strong, so he was fine;

But the dark iron knight Dore is over middle age, and his physical strength is not as good as before. Plus he still has an injury on his leg. The simple bandaging before the battle is just to keep the injury on his leg from hindering his movement, not to deal with this kind of continuous and rapid running! He ran after the officer for a while, and started to lose track!

“Hurry up!” The silver knight at the forefront was just surrounded by five undead warriors, struggling to avoid the swords and spears of the undead, and began to feel powerless.

“Come, come!” Jefferson rushed in panting, raising his shield to fend off the attack on the left.

“Waiting—“Doree, who hurried to catch up, fell, sprinting through this bloody, slippery cave, inevitably falling. A fall!

Boom! His shield didn’t hold steady, and he flew out at the same time as he fell. The other two necromancers had already been eyeing this opportunity, wielding their long swords and attacking Dolei!

“Crap!” Jefferson hurriedly took out his pistol and fired two shots. With two bangs, the light bullet hit the head of the undead warrior, blasting the two who were originally corpses away. But the necromancer will continue to be resurrected, and hitting hard with bullets is just an expedient measure! Dore hurriedly took out his lightsaber and cut off the feet of the undead!

“What are you doing?! It should be me, not him!” The silver warrior who took the lead was very opinionated on this: “Follow up!”

“But—” Jefferson just wanted to argue but he knew that the other party was his boss, and he was the kind of boss who only knew how to give orders without thinking. use. He had to sigh in his heart, hurried to catch up, and secretly prayed for his colleague Dore. However, Dore, who was inconvenient to move, was besieged by three or four undead warriors. He could only wave his lightsaber to temporarily drive the enemy away and wait for the rescue of his companions. How long he can last is a big question!

Jefferson was hesitant to pull back the leader who was rushing in front and go save Dore together. Unexpectedly, his hesitation at this moment, immediately caused a tragic result. The silver knight who fought vigorously and completely disregarded his own safety had just killed two undead with his sword, but he did not notice the danger on his head at all!

A necromancer raised his battle axe and made a leap, the rusty but heavy battle axe just landed on the silver knight’s forehead!

“Ugh!————” The Silver Knight let out a half scream. He couldn’t even finish screaming, this vicious blow killed him immediately!

“Damn—!” Jefferson, the Dark Iron Knight, exclaimed.

“Oh, **** it!” The dark iron knights who were holding large shields in the distance to form a battle formation on guard couldn’t help but exclaimed.


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