Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1343: Trapped in the deceitful way (15)


Chapter 1343 Trapped in the trick (fifteen)

The succubus was not too surprised, but said very calmly: “Dragon? Dragons who are so proficient in transformation are really rare.”

“It’s rare for a succubus to change like this.” Sha Xing replied coldly.

“Sha, Sha Xing Grand Duke!?” At this moment, Daniel saw Xinghuilong, as if he saw a life-saving straw before drowning: “Save, save me!”

A venomous snake that was still swimming on the bed tied Daniel’s neck, preventing him from making a sound.

“It’s none of your business here, stupid dragon.” Oscar warned: “Get back quickly, or I’ll be rude to you.”

“Retire? Yes – provided you can beat me.” Xinghuilong held a lightsaber in one hand and pinched a dragon fireball in the other. He imitated Oscar’s tone and said, “Let’s play. From now until tomorrow morning, you will stay awake and scream under the nourishment of my love. Let me see if you can handle it. How long will you live!”

“Shut up!” Oscar rushed in front of the evil star, raised his rapier and stabbed it! That speed is as fast as lightning, and ordinary people die before they can even see it clearly!

Boom! But Sha Xing easily swung his lightsaber and bounced off the opponent’s attack!

“Huh?” Oscar dodged dozens of yards in an instant.

“Oh, my skill is average, but I feel very sharp.” Sha Xing retracted the other hand holding the dragon fire ball. Xinghuilong used the fireball in his hand as some kind of glove-like weapon, and was supposed to grab it towards his opponent. And it was an almost bare-handed blow, faster than any weapon could cast. If Oscar didn’t dodge in time, the fireball would have stuck on the succubus’ face.

“The dragons don’t fight with their real bodies, but instead play swords here?” Oscar kept a distance and observed Xinghuilong: “The usage of dragon flames is so special, you are really a strange flower among dragons. You don’t have to hide your strength, how about fighting me with your huge real body?”

“Thank you—-I think I should say thank you?” Xinghuilong was very calm, and didn’t care about the opponent’s provocation at all: “But still no, thank you. Cheng Julong fights with you, won’t you take advantage of it?”

Shaxing sneered, and the dragon fireball in one hand wiped away the lightsaber in the other hand. Soon, the turquoise lightsaber body was dyed with the color of flame. In fact, the high-heat flame was trapped by the enchantment of the lightsaber, and merged with the violent photon flow in the lightsaber, becoming a Flaming blade.

Yes, except for the [Holy] enchantment designed to kill the succubus family, the weakness of the succubus is fire. The body burned by the high heat will not only suffer great pain, but it also regenerates relatively slowly, so using flames to suppress the succubus with amazing regeneration ability is really the most suitable.

The head of the Bandit Branch frowned. The origin of the dragon in front of him must not be simple. From Sha Xing’s calm and calm fighting posture, it can be seen that this dragon has experienced hundreds of battles. And this guy must be very familiar with succubus. Although he doesn’t know how to use [Sacred], he also knows other strategies that make succubus suffer.

“Oh, by the way.” Shaxing just finished enchanting the fire on the weapon, and immediately waved a few times, setting up several knee-high walls of fire around him: “I advise you not to stand in front of Lao Tzu. It’s better to use teleportation magic indiscriminately. This room is already full of traps.”

“It’s [Blink].” Oscar corrected: “We usually call this short-distance teleportation magic [Blink], thank you.”

“Whatever.” Shaxing is too lazy to take care of such trivial matters. He brandished his flaming lightsaber: “Come on, let’s fight to the death!”

“No, thank you.” The succubus took a step back: “I’m not interested in rough guys, the duel will be another day.”

“Bye!” He flashed back ten steps away, and when the evil star wanted to set off to chase, Oscar had already used teleportation magic to escape.

“Hmph, so clever.” Xinghuilong snorted and put away the surrounding wall of fire: “From the first blow and the next formation, he clearly knew the strength gap between himself and me, so he was wise. Did you choose to escape?”

It’s a problem to keep a guy like Oscar, Shaxing thought, one day he will have to settle the account with this succubus.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!——” Daniel struggled a few times on the bed, for fear that the evil star would forget him.

Xinghuilong walked to the bed, grabbed the big snake wrapped around the boy’s mouth with one hand, and immediately threw it into the air, slashing the black poisonous snake into ashes with one sword.

“Are you okay?” The dragon glanced at the boy of the dark iron knight.

“It’s okay…” Daniel, who was almost on the verge of suffocation, panted. He was both ashamed and disturbed by the lack of oxygen, and his face that should have been red had turned into a dark red color.

Shaxing couldn’t help laughing maliciously: “Look at what you have become, you can also encounter such unfortunate things when you go out to do a task, and you almost get violated by that kind of pervert.”

“Please, please don’t mention it again!” Daniel looked like he wanted to cry.

Shaxing scratched his head and looked at the knight boy who was almost naked with cold eyes: “However, this trivial matter is second. Daniel, who are you? — No, what are you? something?”

Daniel’s face sank: “You…have you seen it?”

“Of course I saw it.” Shaxing said in a flat tone: “I have only seen two people in my life who can kill indiscriminately like that. One of them is you, and the other is Arthur. . King Arthur’s soul is very special, he has reasons for his ruthlessness. But what the **** are you? Can you still be a person?”

He looked at Daniel like he was looking at a monster. Maybe he’s right, Daniel is just a murderous monster in human skin, and he doesn’t have any of the characteristics necessary for a human being. Shaxing hasn’t released Daniel yet, he is hesitating whether he should release the monster.

“You may be right, I’ve…” The teenager made a sad expression: “When my mother died, I felt as if something had disappeared in my heart. I don’t Know what I’ve become. Maybe I’ve already become as scary as that Oscar?”

“Is your change temporary or permanent?” Xinghuilong asked in a cold tone: “If you are lost and confused because of your mother’s death, and do some stupid things that you would not normally do, I will It’s understandable. But I always think there’s something wrong with you kid. You’re like this, and it’s not just the shock of your mother’s death that can explain it.——So I’ll ask you again, who are you? What?”

Daniel fell silent for a while. He thought for a long time before replying in a low voice: “I don’t know.”

The evil star sighed: “Okay. I’ll probably regret saving you today. But okay.”

He loosened the boy’s bonds in the past: “But what are you going to do? The [poison] that the perverted guy said is probably true. You have been poisoned by the succubus, and you may not survive tomorrow morning. You Do you want to persevere until the last moment, and die with dignity; or do you want to live and succumb in front of that pervert and become his tool?”

“Never!” The young knight got up from the bed and roared weakly: “If I submit to that kind of person, I’m afraid I will be treated badly in the future! — I’d rather die!”

“Very well, at least you still have the backbone.” Shaxing squeezed out a complex smile between sarcasm and admiration: “Can you still go? I’ll take you back to Elsenburg first. Great Britain’s With such advanced medical technology, it may be possible to find a solution to the succubus poison.”

Daniel replied feebly: “There is an archduke of the laborer.”

“Then sit down——” Xinghuilong was about to transform and take Daniel away.

Boom! ! —— However, at this moment, an explosion sounded outside the base of the thieves group, interrupting the movement of the two.

“Is someone from the Knights attacking the thieves?” Shaxing smacked his lips irritably: “It’s really not the right time.”

“Is it the other way around, Grand Duke Shaxing?” Daniel couldn’t help but wonder. He had already killed most of the southeastern branch of the Starscream Rogues before, and Archduke Shaxing had just driven Oscar, the branch chief of the Rogues. There are less than a hundred thieves left in the base, and that little force is not to be feared at all. It is a good time for the people of the Knights to clean up the mess.

Since it’s a good time, why does Xinghuilong say that they “come at the wrong time”?

“Let’s take a look outside.” The evil star frowned meaningfully, picked up a piece of clothing from the seat beside him, and threw it to Daniel: “After you have seen the truth, you will know what I am talking about. It’s the same thing.”

Daniel Exhausted, he struggled to remove his sweat-soaked pants and put on clean clothes. Although the clothes seemed to have been prepared by Oscar for Daniel, with an embarrassing scent of perfume on them, it was better than wearing slightly see-through pants that were soaked with sweat and stuck to the buttocks.

Daniel blushed, remembering the shame of being almost violated. He reluctantly put on the short-sleeved white shirt and shorts, and glanced back at the evil star.

Xinghuilong turned his head away absentmindedly, looking into the empty distance: “Have you changed your clothes?”

“Yeah.” The dark iron knight boy replied in a low voice.

“Let’s go then.” Xinghui Longshaxing turned into a small flying dragon and fell on the boy’s head, as if he didn’t want to be seen by the group of knights who broke into the base.

Daniel sighed helplessly, leaning against the wall and walking out with a sour step.

And in the thieves base, in the hall where they originally gathered, a group of British knights also quickly arrived. They effortlessly killed a few thieves guarding the gate, thinking that there were more troops waiting for them to annihilate in this hall, but they saw more than 200 corpses lying here and there.


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