Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1330: Trapped in the deceitful way (2)


Chapter 1330 Trapped in the trick (2)

“Oh,” the middle-aged man in the black robe rolled his eyes at Solar, seeing that the magic swordsman was just a young man dressed in tatters, holding very backward earthen equipment in his hand, he couldn’t help but I look down on Solar a little bit. (Baidu search network updates the fastest and most stable) warm color novel network

“You go first, I’ll take care of this kid.” The middle-aged man instructed.

The group of workers carrying the white bears immediately ran, showing that they were also professionally trained, not ordinary people.

Solar frowned, just about to chase. But the middle-aged man stretched out a stainless steel staff from his sleeve, blocking the magic swordsman’s path: “Don’t worry, young man. Let me meet you.”

The magic swordsman snorted in dissatisfaction. Seeing that Elaine was about to be kidnapped, he could only make a quick decision and get rid of the guy in front of him with a few knives.

He slashed two slashes impatiently. His swordsmanship is very consummate, even if it is a reckless attack without consideration, he also strikes at every vital part of the opponent’s body, which is full of threats.

However, the middle-aged man waved his steel staff and blocked Solar’s attack with a double dang. Lang Lang said, “Oh, not bad.”

Solar frowned suspiciously. Although the guy in front of him looks like a mage with a staff in his hand, his skills are surprisingly good. I am afraid he has received good combat training. The magic swordsman glanced at the group of workers who kidnapped Elaine again. The workers were also well-trained, carrying the fat and heavy bear on a stretcher and still able to walk fast. These people are all professional traffickers. They have been trained for a long time and possess unique skills. I am afraid that a mere magic swordsman, Solal, cannot easily stop their plans.

Oops, so bad. Solar knew that there was indeed a gap in strength between himself and the black-robed man, and if he spent a lot of time and effort, he could indeed save the middle-aged man. But in this way, Elaine may have been taken away by the traffickers and disappeared without a trace.

——— Can’t solve the battle quickly, and can’t save Elaine without being obstructed by this black-robed man, what should I do?

“No way.” Looking at the group of human traffickers who were gradually leaving, Solar sighed: “Although I really don’t want to use that trick, but——“

He crossed the two lizard-tooth scimitars to his chest: “Let me teach you the secret swordsmanship of the dragon hunters. ——— Sparker.” “

“What,.” The black-robed man looked at the sudden disappearance of Solar in front of him, a little confused. However, his eyesight was excellent, and it was only half a second that he was confused by the disappearance of Solar.

But this is not the end, but the beginning. The initial disappearance of Solar’s figure was not to confuse the enemy, but to accelerate the run-up process for the next series of actions. Warm Color Novel Network

Wah la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. —————————— Something was scraping the ground, making a harsh rubbing sound. The man in black robe heard the sound and looked, only to see countless sparks on the ground out of thin air.

Solar was running at a speed that was almost invisible to ordinary people, and at the same time lowered the two scimitars, allowing them to collide and rub against the ground, sending out such a brilliant trajectory of sparks. The trajectory of the sparks quickly formed arcs of fire, circles of fire, surrounding the black-robed man.

Solar is already fast enough, and with the dazzling sparks, it’s very eye-catching. When the other party was dazzled, the two lizard-tooth scimitars in the Demon Swordsman’s hand became extremely hot due to the long-term intense friction, ready to deliver a fatal blow at any time.

“Haha…————” the magic swordsman shouted, and drew a sword. He was actually five yards away from his opponent, a distance that no matter how long the Lizard Scimitar could reach. But he drew this sword at an astonishing speed, and with a scorching high heat, Mars hit the opponent with a sharp airflow along with the heat.

“What,.” The middle-aged man in black robe raised his staff to block, but he knew the power of this high thermal airflow, so he didn’t dare to neglect it. While blocking with the staff, he also set up a magic shield.

Boom. The high-temperature and high-pressure airflow slammed into the magic shield, making a thick and low sound as if it had hit a heavy steel shield.

But this blow is not the end, but the beginning. Solar had already circled behind the black-robed man at high speed, and drew another sword. The equally deadly high-heat and high-pressure knife wind rushes in, tearing apart the atmosphere mercilessly, biting at the enemy like a rabid dog.

“Humph.” The black-robed man wasn’t easy to mess with either. He immediately created another shield behind him, blocking the second shock wave.

But it’s not over yet. Solar had already fled to another angle, and once again drew another sword. As he hit the shock wave, he moved again, and hit more shock waves from the other direction.

Boom, boom, boom boom, boom boom boom boom. The sound of the impact began to rise and fall, gradually changing from low to sharp, mixed with the whistling sound of airflow, as if telling the danger of its approaching critical point. A tornado is blowing around, and it has a tendency to intensify.

Wash la la la la. ———Solar sprinted again in the storm, dragging a long arc of sparks across the ground. His preparations are over, and it’s time to finish off his opponent with a powerful move.

“Do you know why this move is called [Sparkling Dragon Sword],” Solar’s voice came from all directions: “There will really be a dragon.”

The man in the black robe didn’t answer, he concentrated on using a stronger protective shield. With high mana, he is very confident, and thinks that the protective cover he made can withstand the childish sword moves of Solar.

——However, he will be disappointed.

“Rising Dragon. ————————” The magic swordsman suddenly stabbed the ground violently with his double sword, accompanied by his own swiftness. run. His heated lizard-tooth knives cracked the ground like cracking egg shells, complementing the destructive force that had been accumulating before, causing damage at a geometric growth rate.

With countless sparks, the cracked ground was gradually sucked away by the tornado, which was already deadly enough to engulf a large number of sharp and hot rocks, becoming more deadly. And Solar walked in this tornado, constantly swinging his sword and attacking his opponent. He blasted out countless shock waves, and at the same time knocked on the rocks in the tornado, shooting them out like bullets. The scorching gravel, like raindrops, drew millions of arcs and gathered towards the opponent, smashing on the protective cover of the black-robed man, creating countless cracks on the surface of the protective cover.

“Hmm…” The middle-aged man in the black robe could not help shedding cold sweat on his forehead. The absolute confidence he had previously thought he could block Solar’s attack was gone.

And after launching countless onslaughts at the opponent, all the preparations for Solal have been completed, and it is time to deliver the finishing touch.

“Go.——” He stopped suddenly, swung the machete in both hands, and slashed **** the ground.

Huh la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. . ——————————————— With that black robe With middle-aged people at the center, the entire ground began to collapse. It cracked so evenly and orderly that every rock cracked along the trajectory that Solar had drawn before. It split into tens of millions of uncountable rocks in an instant, and the original ground has turned into a rolling torrent of rocks. It was dragged by an irresistible force of nature and soared along the tornado. Like a living, ascending dragon.

吼啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊————————— ——————————

The heavy move, like the sky and the earth, also creates an abnormal sound like the roar of a giant dragon. The scorching rock flow was swept up by the violent storm and flew straight towards the cloudless blue sky of Cairo. And Solar also jumped a few steps back, away from the dangerous tornado.

“Elaine——” After he breathed a sigh of relief, he immediately turned to look.

Can still catch up. The sword move just now seemed extremely complicated, but in fact, it only took half a minute from the beginning to the end of the enemy.

The few workers who escaped with the polar bears were still 60 yards away, their figures had not completely disappeared, and they could still catch up.

Solar glanced at the two knives in his hands, which were shattered from being able to withstand such a violent strike. The magic swordsman sighed, abandoned his two knives, and only pulled out the spare lizard tooth dagger from his waist, and hurriedly chased after him.

“You guys. —————” Solar hurried to chase, and spent dozens of seconds chasing behind the group of traffickers: “Let go of my friends…”

The group of workers glanced back at the magic swordsman in surprise. They probably never dreamed that Solar would have the ability to defeat their boss. Let’s chase him to this point. And Solar had approached one of the workers at the back of the stretcher, swinging his lizard-tooth dagger in one blow.


His dagger was blocked by a staff made of steel.

“What,.” Solar looked at the black-robed man standing in front of him in surprise.

This guy ate one of the magic swordsman’s most powerful sword moves, yet he was still alive. And how he got here ———————–

“It’s really dangerous.” After the black-robed man blocked Solar’s attack, the figure immediately disappeared. When he reappeared, he had already moved behind the magic swordsman out of thin air.

“Teleportation??” Solar smacked his lips unpleasantly. No wonder the middle-aged man was able to survive the attack of the Sparkling Dragon Sword———because he used teleportation to run away before he was hit.

“You’re really good, young man.” The black-robed man waved his staff and seemed to be planning to use some kind of move: “But you can’t use magic, it’s your fault. Don’t get in the way of our plan, give I’ll disappear.” Accompanied by his dancing staff, a jet of black smoke headed towards Solar, instantly surrounding the magic swordsmen. Knowing that there was a fraud, Solar hurriedly raised his dagger to defend. But his action was already half an instant late, and this half-moment of hesitation was fatal. There was a sharp pain in the back of his head, and he had already been hit with a stick (staff).

“Ugh.——” The magic swordsman fell forward.

As abrupt as it appeared, the black mist dissipated very quickly. The moment it dissipated, Solar, whose head was bleeding, also smeared his left eye with his own blood. The last thing he saw with his right eye, which was still able to see, was the moment Elaine was carried away by a group of human traffickers.

“Eli…” He stretched out a hand, as if trying to grasp something emptiness that he could no longer grasp. However, everything was in vain, his eyes darkened, and he instantly lost consciousness.

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