Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1329: Trapped in the deceitful way (1)


——————[PART 1: Worldview]—————–


1/01: Multiple Parallel Universes (Parallel)

1/01/01: The composition of multiple parallel universes (1): space-time axis gravity ( )

A manifestation of the “self-correcting behavior of the world”, also known as “historical driving force”.

In countless parallel time and space, there is a main axis of time and space, which is the “mainstream of the world”. The result of its existence is to pull other branches of parallel time and space to the mainstream, and finally assimilate with the mainstream.

Therefore, although there are countless branches of time and space in the parallel universe (Parallel), most of the branches will eventually approach the mainstream infinitely and merge with the mainstream. The principle is like the water of the river will eventually flow into the sea.

Those times and spaces that deviate too much from the main axis of time and space have only two results: either because some major historical events that should have happened did not happen, resulting in an imbalance of space and time, which eventually led to the collapse of this space and time; or a completely different major event occurred. Historical events, and completely emerge from the main axis of time and space, and eventually form a new parallel universe with this time and space as the new main axis.

In the infinitely continuous history, the parallel universes divided by innumerable space-time main axes, the sum of them is called “multiple parallel universes”.

1/01/02: The Composition of Multiple Parallel Universes (2): The Law of Eternal Return (of Eternal Return)

The time of the multiverse is not infinite, its beginning and end are fixed and end-to-end.

If the “Big Bang” is regarded as the beginning of time, then the completely silent thermal entropy balanced universe, “Vyupas Ama”, is the end. All time expands and expands from the beginning point, and finally compresses to infinitely small at the end point, and then begins a new round of the cycle.

The so-called history is actually the history repeated infinitely in the past cycle. But history is not the only one. Because the existence of parallel time and space has led to the diversity of history, in fact, in infinite cycles, the mainstream of history is uncertain, and these uncertain factors can even cause slight deviations in the large cycle of multiple parallel universes. Cause “silence” to happen earlier or later.

1/01/03: The composition of multiple parallel universes (3): Karma’s reincarnation (of Karma)

“Karma” Karma, a term coined by the ancients to express the laws of quantum leaps. Karma can be written as “source”, “edge” and “circle” at the same time, expressing the starting state, the intermediate process, and the ending state of things respectively. Therefore, Karma’s expression method is actually very general, and it also means that the ancients regarded things as a continuously changing existence, rather than just a one-sided observation of a certain state.

The ancients were good at using Kama to predict the state of things and the way of reform. Although from the point of view of modern people, they would think that this is something like divination and superstition, but the ancients did calculate with their own superb wisdom. Many big events in the future, which are still inexplicable to modern people.

The process in which a thing goes through “source”, “edge” and finally reaches “circle” is called a “reincarnation”. Combined with the ancient people’s law of eternal return, Karma’s reincarnation can be connected end to end and cycle forever go down.

Current quantum physics believes that all events are a continuum of random changes in quantum. However, the photon physics (Karma/Protoss), which is respected by the ancients, is just the opposite, and believes that all events are the continuation of the inevitable changes of photons.

Simply put, it is——[The flow of photons will change the world, and photons will promote historical changes. This change is inevitable and follows a great will].

From this, the ancients believed that the flow of photons would form a photon network in the universe. In the deepest part of this network, something similar to a [terminal] was controlling the changes of the world. They call the terminal of this photon network the [Great Protoss] ().


1/02: photon()

1/02/01: Photon (1)——Photon Overview

Universal in multiple parallel universes, it is a medium particle capable of expressing quantum transition. Has extremely strong particles xìng.

Photons can induce various physical phenomena, and photons can be converted into pure energy. Photons exist in the particles of matter and are part of the composition of matter. Photons have almost no mass.

In the universe, photons, energy, matter, and space-time maintain a constant total amount, which can be transformed into each other, but the total amount of the four remains unchanged before and after the transformation.

Photons can also be classified into [zìyóu photons] and [intrinsic photons] according to their xìng quality.

[zìyóu photons] refer to photons that are ubiquitous in the world, can enter and exit living organisms, and cannot be retained in living organisms for a long time. Their structures are generally relatively simple.

[Intrinsic photons] are generally generated in epic-level organisms, and are generally composed of [zìyóu photons], photons that can stay in the organism for a long time. Whether or not it can produce [intrinsic photons] independently is the criterion for determining whether a creature is an epic photon creature. The process of splitting intrinsic photons into zìyóu photons can generate a lot of energy, which is one of the reasons why epic creatures are so powerful.

1/02/02: Photon (2) – Application of Photon

In the Pantoracken-Orim space-time, photons are generally used in two ways: photon mirrors and photon diversion techniques.

1/02/02A: Application of Photon (A): Photon Mirror

The technology comes from an ore called [Light Stone]. The light stone has the special property of inverting the photons in nature.

The light stone is made, tiled on a flat surface, and powered on, the light stone matrix can stably and continuously generate the anti-shè effect, the photons of the matrix panel are constantly reflected outward, and the photons are constantly replenished from other planes , and finally form a continuous flow of photons perpendicular to the matrix panel.

The photon flow can be maintained only by power consumption, and the photon flow can generate a propulsive force in the opposite direction. Therefore, most of the early photon mirrors are used in the propulsion system of the spacecraft. Anti-gravity flight engines have appeared in the very early history of Pantoracken-Orim, but the development of anti-gravity engines was hindered by the backward power supply technology at that time.

1/02/02A1: (A1) Photon mirror application 1: photon gun

Photon mirrors were used in weapon systems in the Middle Ages. The original photon weapon was to send out the photon stream through a large number of anti-shè mirrors, creating a beam cannon-like effect. However, at that time, the photon compression technology, the photon diversion technique and the enchantment formation technique were not fully developed, and the power of the beam cannon was not ideal, at most the degree to which the food was cooked.

With the development of modern technology, the photon flow can be compressed to a very deadly level. The high-pressure photon flow emitted can rub against the atmosphere within a certain distance, producing high-heat ionized matter, making the light gun a very lethal weapon. But beyond the shè process, the photon flow will decay rapidly, and the power will be greatly reduced.

However, there is a technical bottleneck in photon ammunition: due to the photon in the atmosphere and the emitted photon flow [photon friction phenomenon] ( ), the speed of the emitted photon flow is always limited to the speed of light One-sixtieth, no matter how high the compression law or how high the energy of the photon flow, it is impossible to exceed this speed, because the higher the compression law, the higher the initial speed, the more obvious the friction phenomenon that the photon flow is subjected to. Someone once imagined using the enchantment technique to create a photon vacuum area on the track of the photon stream in order to increase the speed of the photon weapon. This is the concept of the so-called [orbital gun]. However, there has not been much breakthrough in the long-distance application of enchantment, and rail guns have never been practically used.

1/02/02A2: (A2) Photon Mirror Application 2: Photon Shield and Photon Armor

After light projectiles became a deadly long-range attack method, enchantment formation provided the possibility of defending against light projectiles: by encircling the photon stream within a hood-shaped enchantment, most light projectiles could be simply defended against .

Due to the mutual repulsion between the two high-density photon streams, the photon shield has a buffering effect on the light bombs, making the light bombs bounce off the user, or decay quickly, making them less deadly.

So the modern battle soon turned into a technical crossover between the Photon Gun and the Photon Shield. In fact, it is impossible for both sides to cause great damage to the enemy through long-range weapons at once. Usually, it is necessary to cut off the opponent’s photon shield before making a fatal blow to the opponent.

Photon armor, light stone is mixed into the alloy of the armor as a raw material. The constantly recharged armor during combat can provide reliable protection for the user, but the armor will become “heavy” as the photons are charged, which is not a kind of mass heaviness, but because of the photon friction effect Instead, the user suffers a penalty of slowing down while moving. The more photons charged into the photon armor, the better the protection and the more obvious the deceleration. If you just increase the defense, the equipment user may enter the dilemma of being completely immobile and being slaughtered by others.

1/02/02A3: (A3) Photon Mirror Application 3: Light Blade

In view of the low efficiency of photon firearms in combat, some people have proposed the idea of ​​combining the high-level enchantment forming technique developed in modern times to make photon melee weapons: by confining the photon flow to a fixed energy field (the knot In the world), the photon can be compressed to a very terrifying level. The photon blade that continuously emits excess light in the barrier surrounded by high energy can easily cut through any matter, even the high-energy photon shield will become vulnerable.

In the era when photon shields and photon firearms are technically mutually exclusive, photon melee weapons have become the mainstream. Of course, the price of this powerful attack method is that it needs to be close to the opponent to be effective.

Through very rigorous training and high-level photon armor, the knights of Pendraken have long been accustomed to this high-speed approach, one-shot kill tactics. They even trained the spiritual response to the extreme, and could easily dodge the oncoming light bomb, or use the light blade to bounce the light bomb back. The knights of Pendrakin, rampaging through the hail of bullets, once terrorized the entire continent of Europe, even though that was five centuries ago.

1/02/02A4: (A4) Photon Application 4: Photon Buffering Effect ( )

It is actually an extension of photon friction. The core of this effect is that when a group of highly concentrated photons (hereafter referred to as photon flow A) moves in conventional space, it will inevitably rub against the zìyóu photons in the space, so the moving speed of A will inevitably slow down.

The higher the concentration of A, the greater the friction effect and the faster the decay rate.

Therefore, even if a powerful ultra-high concentrated photon flow can be produced, if the shot cannot be sent out, or the shot is extremely short and the bullet speed is extremely slow, it is of no practical significance.

The same is true for melee weapons of the light blade type: even if they can gather extremely high concentrations of photons to produce amazing lethality, but because of the buffering effect, no one can swing them, so it can not be a weapon.

Similarly, Photon Shield and Photon Armor will also increase the photon buffer effect during the process of charging photons. Blindly trying to strengthen the protective power of the armor will only make the user immobile in the end.

There is another interesting phenomenon about photon buffering. Suppose there are two high-concentration photon streams A and B confined in two dúlì enchantments: When A and B intersect at a certain speed, due to the mutual buffering effect and the photon friction in the atmosphere, they will eventually This causes A, B to bounce off each other.

Simply put, the intersection of the light blade and the light blade will not pass through each other, but bounce off each other (this process is very similar to the collision and rebound of physical swords), but the side with a relatively small photon concentration will suffer a greater reaction force.

The same principle, if the light blade is cut on the armor with a high concentration of photons, it may be bounced off, so the experienced fighters usually choose the weaker part of the opponent’s armor to attack.

1/02/02A5: (A5) The application of photons: the damage determination of photon weapons: basically xìng

After the photon weapon hits the target, it actually comes with a series of complex damage.

(1) Cutting damage. It is generally manifested in melee weapons such as the light blade. The high-speed flow of photons in the enchantment is like a dúlì saw blade, which can easily cut the surface of an object.

(2) Burn damage. The high-energy photon flow transfers energy while contacting the surface of the object, causing the molecular-level dissolution of the target surface, followed by vaporization or plasmaization. The situation is like an object being welded by electric welding. This damage is generally evident when hitting objects with low protection.

(3) Impact damage. The defense of the target is very high. When the composition of the object contains a large number of photons, the phenomenon of cutting and dissolving is not obvious, but one impact damage is reflected because of the photon buffering effect. The situation is like high-pressure water hitting a rock. Light bullets are generally bounced, and when a melee weapon is chopped on a thick armor, both sides will receive a certain degree of reaction force. (See 1/02/02A4: Photon Buffering Effect)

Because the impact force generated may penetrate the armor and cause local internal injury to the opponent, there is also a strategy of using a large photon hammer to break through the armor, which has significant lethality to targets wearing heavy armor. But the weight of the photon hammer is not the arm strength of ordinary people can swing.

The three items of slashing, fusing, and impact are the basic attributes of photon weapons, and they are essential to any photon weapon. How each attribute is manifested depends on the opponent’s protective equipment.

1/02/02A6: (A6) Application of Photon: Photon Weapon Damage Judgment: Additional Attributes – “Filter” and “Enchantment”

In addition to the three basic items of slashing, melting and impact, a beam of photons used to attack can also have additional physical effects. These effects are generally achieved by two means, namely [filter] and [enchantment].

[Filter] is a device, generally used in lightsabers and other devices that purely output photon flow. When the photon flow passes through the filter, the xìng quality of some photons is changed to generate high temperature/freezing/electric shock, etc. A series of special physical phenomena, which is somewhat similar to the process of magicians using magic.

Since the photon output of the weapon is constant, the filter is equivalent to sacrificing a part of the lethality of the weapon itself to create a special physical effect.

[Enchant] is applied to relatively ancient physical weapons to increase the power of the weapon. For example, a large number of photons are charged on the iron sword to improve the sharpness and hardness of the iron sword. Similar to [Filter], [Enchant] can also produce various special physical phenomena, but the physical quality of the physical weapon itself limits the enchantment strength of the weapon. That is, it is impossible to attach enchantments that physical weapons cannot withstand. If a high-heat enchantment is attached but the blade cannot withstand the high temperature, the sword will dissolve immediately and cannot be used.

An additional problem with adding enchantments to physical weapons is that they make the weapon [heavy]. Although the actual weight does not increase or decrease after charging the photon, the weapon will become heavy and difficult to swing due to the photon buffer effect during the swing of the weapon. The stronger the enchantment, the heavier the weapon becomes, so the warriors who used physical swords in ancient times generally had amazing arm strength.

1/02/02B: Applications of Photons (B): Photon Diversion (Magic) ()

It has been handed down since ancient times, using the biological neural network as the conductor of photon flow, and the brain quantum wave as the control catalyst to induce various physical phenomena.

1/02/02B1: (B1) Magic Summary 1: The Origin of Magic

“Magic” originates from an ancient superstitious saying that the legend is that the devil gave humans the technology of controlling photons. Scientifically prosperous people now believe that magic is taught to humans by alien visitors or visitors from other time and space. It is not ruled out that it was just accidentally discovered by the ancients in practice.

Before the scientific community officially recognized the existence of photons, magic users were often caught as “witches” and “witches” and burned to death in public. High-ranking people of various religions claim to be able to use “miracles”, but in the end, they are actually a variant of photon diversion, which is essentially no different from magic.

Of course, magic still holds many unsolvable secrets. The predecessors’ use of magic is entirely based on the accumulation of experience, but the principle that magic induces physical phenomena follows, so far, only a very small part of it can be explained. A more convincing statement is that the quantum waves and photon flow in the practitioner’s brain caused a series of complex chain reactions, which eventually distorted part of the physical laws of the world and caused special physical phenomena. For example, the fireball technique distorts the ignition point of the catalyst, causing the catalyst to burn in an instant. (To send the fireball out, it actually needs to launch another “orbital acceleration” magic, but it is generally considered to be part of the fireball technique and cast together)

1/02/02B2: (B2) Magic Summary 2: The Pros and Cons of Magic

Unlike fixed output photon weapons, magic has no output cap. The magic caster is just a channel, and the flow of photons in the space passes through the nerves of the caster, producing magic. The photons in nature are almost infinite, so the output of magic is also infinite. As long as a spellcaster is willing to take the time to learn knowledge and prepare the necessary catalysts, he can cast powerful spells, such as the ultimate magic “nuclear fusion”, whose power can instantly turn a city into ash.

Although powerful, magic users will also suffer a serious backlash: the petrification phenomenon.

The maximum number of photons that an organism can accept in its lifetime is fixed. Photons enter the body of the organism by means of eating and other means to maintain the life activity of the organism. If the photons are lacking, the body will be weak and weak, and if the photons are sufficient, the body will be strong and powerful. Most of the time photons stay in an organism for a long time, then decay, leaving the organism and returning to nature. The cycle in which photons enter the organism until it returns to nature is called the biophoton cycle. The human cycle is about 2 weeks. The longer the cycle, the longer the life, and vice versa, the aging is faster.

Therefore, excessive photons entering the body in a short time will accelerate the aging of cells. If a very large number of photons flow into the body at once, it will even cause the biological cells to die rapidly. Using great magic, an extremely large number of photons flow into the body of the caster in a short period of time, and all the somatic cells of the caster will be necrotic and keratinized at a high speed. The body of the caster will immediately become as rigid as a stone, and die in an instant.

So the user of magic is often associated with death. No one knows if they should be petrified after using the next magic trick. Even if it is used normally, the damage of magic to the human body still exists, and people who use magic will generally age faster than normal people.

As a result, magicians generally do not perform spells with their bare hands, but use very high-purity light stones as a catalyst for magic, so as to minimize the flow of photons through the human neural network, so that the paired ** damage as little as possible.

Of course, tools aren’t everything. The more high-ranking magicians are, the more skillful they need to pay attention to their spells, and the more skillfully they control the flow of photons, the less damage they can cause. But damage is always unavoidable, because the final stage of magic requires the resonance of the photon flow and the brain quantum wave, and there will always be a part of the photon flowing through the human body anyway.

1/02/02B3: (B3) Magic Summary (3): Magic and Strategy

It is precisely because the use of magic that the damage to human body is unavoidable, whether a spell needs to be activated, when to activate it, and how to activate it to receive the best effect. the final subject.

The use of magic is simply a combination of skill and strategy, and only those who are truly wise can master its essence and live long. As the magicians of the ivory tower often say: “The magician who can use the strongest magic is not necessarily the strongest, but the magician who survives to the last laugh is the real strongest.”

1/02/02B4: (B4) Magic Summary (4): Forbidden Art

Forbidden spells refer to those great spells that can never be used. Once used, the caster will be petrified. Even in modern times, with such advanced equipment and perfect photon control technology, there are some magics that are still inaccessible to mortal **

Sustainable. Human health is like a water pipe, no matter how firm the water pipe is designed and how good the drainage equipment is, it is impossible to let the water of a whole river flow through in a short time. If you insist on using a forbidden technique, it is like smashing a water pipe, allowing the water to flow away without restraint, and flooding the collapsed embankment. The broken body only bears the initial catalyst, and the insufficient part is endured by the chain reaction of photon flow in nature. Of course, its effect is to destroy xìng. Therefore, the forbidden spells, without exception, are all spells that destroy xìng, and are completely uncontrollable.

The three most well-known forbidden techniques: [Nuclear Fusion], [Space-Time Fission] and [Mass Collapse], all use the chain reaction of photons to create an out-of-control state of energy, space-time and matter. The effect is to destroy xìng. Any one of them may create an artificial black hole and destroy the entire universe. It can be said to destroy the balance of the world, an unforgivable forbidden technique. Such a dangerous forbidden technique, of course, is kept by the Supreme Council of the Ivory Tower, and only a few magic masters know about it. However, in order to check and balance the ivory tower, the Council of Pantoracken once let the Heavenly Knights of the Four-day Knights learn the three forbidden arts. Therefore, the forbidden technique was passed down from generation to generation among the leaders of the knights (celestial knights).


1/03: Miracle (the)

All the “arts” in the multi-parallel universe are induced by manipulating/changing the xìng quality of photons. Because the total amount of photons of mass and energy <-> space-time <-> is constant, so magic is just an equivalent exchange, changing the photons that exist in the world from one form to another. .

The reason why a miracle is called a miracle is that it completely overturns the concept of equivalent exchange. It is not the mutual transformation between [beings], but the conjuring of [beings] from [nothing] out of thin air.

The three known miracles, the first miracle [space-time creation], the second miracle [mass energy creation], and the third miracle [photon creation], all create space-time/mass energy out of thin air from places that did not originally exist /Photon to come. Generally speaking, things created in this way will be immediately corrected by the world and eventually disappear, but they are indeed things that were created and existed.

This kind of creation is actually very close to the realm of God. Whether a person can use [miracle] is something that is decided when the person is born, and it is the person’s [talent].

Anyone who does not have this talent cannot achieve [miracle] no matter how much training they have acquired.

A person with this talent is considered to be [carrying a great destiny], so the world bestows [miracles] on him/her as a tool for him/her to change the world.

Similar to magic, the number of times a person can use [miracle] per day is limited, and the actual number of times depends on the scale and quality of the miracle, and has nothing to do with a person’s physique and level of cultivation. In other words, no matter how much you practice, you can’t change the number of times a person uses miracles every day.


1/04: Introduction to Territories

World Map:

1/04/01: Regional Introduction (1): The Grand Wall

From the South Pole, it circles the earth and eventually divides the earth into two halves, a huge wall. Historical data records that several ancient civilizations worked together to build, the materials used are still a mystery, and it has ultra-high hardness walls. The most powerful weapon of the existing human beings can’t even draw a trace of flower marks on the wall of the world.

In continental Europe, the west cross-section of the World Wall is approximately 40 degrees east longitude. Since no one knows the thickness of the World Bi, it is impossible to speculate on the exact location of its eastern cross-section. But scientists have tried to measure the thickness of the World Wall using a variety of sonic measurements, and a rough measurement is that the World Wall is about 1,000 kilometers wide.

1/04/02: Introduction to the Region (1): Glorious Region (the )

Pantolaken and the coastal countries of Western Europe including Sweden, Norwich, Switzerland, Rìerman, France, the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) and other countries composed of human settlements, known as [ Radiant Region]. It is almost unaffected by the shadows of the wall of the world, the average lighting time per day is long, the land is fertile and the climate is warm, it is an ideal living environment, and it is also the land coveted by the Hungarians (orcs).

1/04/03: Territory Introduction (2): The Underdark (the)

The homeland of the Hungarians generally refers to the entire area of ​​Eastern Europe affected by the shadow of the [Wall of the World]. Since the world wall is a very high obstacle, the sunlight in the dark area from morning to noon will be largely blocked by the world wall, resulting in the average illumination time of most areas in the dark area is not more than six hours, creating The cold desolation of the Underdark.

The Underdark area is approximately 6 million square kilometers, 90 percent of which is uncultivated wasteland or swamp. It is not only cold and desolate, but also full of various terrifying giant beasts. Humans cannot survive in this harsh natural environment, and only Hungarians with strong vitality can barely survive.

(To be continued)


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