Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1314: Explore in the Wilderness (29)


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Chapter 1314: Exploration in the Wilderness (29)

Pap zi zi zi zi zi zizi —————

The moment the turpentine was “ignited”, there was a sound of electric field explosions. The sound was loud and quiet, sometimes like the chirping of insects, and sometimes like the cry of a ghost. As Seglade imagined, the effect of turpentine was erratic.

And the magic power wrapped around the weapon also turned into countless arcs, and the crackling sound also flew back and forth, wrapped around the cold and dark surface of the Luna Steel Long Yue, as if the blade was covered with thunder and lightning. Each arc has a different color, and the length, brightness, and thickness of each arc are completely different, making it dazzling.

Seglade can’t help but wonder: This is pulsing current. Extremely unstable electrical impulses with extremely high voltages.

The effect of the lightning pine resin itself is probably only to create a stable electric field on the weapon, causing damage to the opponent with the difference in voltage.

However, the unevenly sprayed dipterocarp on the Black Moon Shinto long yoke has further changed the electric field. Simply put, it is the phase difference that creates the effect of unstable electrical pulses.

Seglade watched the fleeting arcs. Like the color of the flame, the color of the arcs is directly related to the voltage—they are, after all, just the luminous phenomenon created by the breakdown of the current through the air.

Among the dark red arcs, the voltage should be the lowest, and those of the bright purple arcs, the voltage can reach the highly lethal hundreds of thousands of volts.

Seglade couldn’t help but be overjoyed. It seems that he can not only create a seven-color flame with flame pine resin, but also a seven-color electric field with lightning pine resin.

If I’m not wrong, the remaining [frozen] turpentine should also change due to the characteristics of the tomahawk. But, is it frozen. —— In the end what will change. Are there colorful snowflakes?

Seglade scratched his head. To test the last resin, the resin effect on the current weapon must be removed first. But here comes the problem, weapons coated with dipterocarp, the magic power of the enchantment will not be exhausted over time. It has to hit a target for the magic power on it to be consumed.

Seglade is still terrified of the explosion of the bucket just now, and he doesn’t dare to mess around in Father Odin’s house again. The young Leopard Man glanced out the window. In the backyard of the house, there are many strange rocks that suddenly rise from the ground.

Want to go out and try it…. But he promised Father Odin that he wouldn’t run around outside until Father came back.

Seglade hesitated for a moment. It’s just a stroll in the backyard, it shouldn’t be running around outside. There seems to be no ambush outside, so it shouldn’t be a big problem to go out a little. Even if something goes wrong, Seglade should just hide in the house immediately. This is the stone house of Father Odin of the dragon hunter family, and outsiders don’t dare to break in rashly.

The electric field on the Black Moon Shinto Tomahawk was still crackling, and the seven-colored electric light flickered in the room, making Seglade annoyed, and his heart was itching. He finally decided to go out for a walk, believing that there would be no major problems.

After making up his mind, the leopard youth put away the storage pocket containing all the Luna steel weapons in the most secluded place in Father Odin’s house—behind a stone crevice at the bottom of the cabinet. Hiding in such a place, even Father Odin would not be able to find it, let alone worry about thieves.

After finishing everything, Seglade covered his face with a rag again, dressed mysteriously, with a bag of frozen turpentine powder pinned to his waist, pushed the door and walked out.

It was quiet outside, and there was no half-figure. The time was just over ten o’clock in the morning, and the merchants in the distant market were very busy. It was estimated that everyone wanted to sell the important goods of the store before lunch time. During busy times like this, no one cares about the little things that happen in front of a desolate, dilapidated stone house a few hundred yards from the city.

Let’s get started. Bravely, Seglade walked to a strange rock, raised his long tomahawk, and slashed it down.

I didn’t expect——

Boom. ————–A surprising explosion sounded suddenly.

For the first hundredth of a second, the blade of the Black Moon Shinto Tomahawk sank deeply into the stone—this was something Seglade had expected. But he never imagined that in the next tenth of a second, the lightning enchantment wrapped around the long tomahawk blade began to explode. It was a crackling sound at first, then a muffled sound like boiling water, and then a dazzling huge thunder burst out from the cracks in the stone, tearing apart the earth like a flood of beasts, tearing apart the hard volcanic rocks in front of Seglade. Cracked, smashed, and instantly turned into astonishingly fine and uniform grains of sand, splashing in all directions. .

Pap zi zi zi zi ———The sand scattered all over the ground is still carrying electric light, and the arcs spread out in waves with the Luna steel long tomahawk as the center, until halfway After a few seconds, the momentum of the discharge was stopped.

Seglade almost suffered a heart attack from his own blow. He never imagined that the attack power of the long tomahawk rubbed with lightning pine resin would be so exaggerated, and when hitting the stone, it also created a terrifying electromagnetic explosion. Fortunately, the exploding stone turned into sand in an instant, and the sand erupted forward in a radial pattern. Otherwise, if Seglade splashed this kind of high-voltage, high-speed sand on himself, I am afraid he would also be injured. Bar.

What a dangerous weapon. It is equally dangerous to the enemy as it is to the user. If used improperly, this painted Black Moon God Steel weapon might turn into a massive slaughter weapon.

However, that’s a long-term affair, and now there are issues that Seglade is more pressing to worry about.

That’s right. Many people in the market were attracted by this thunder, and they all looked in the direction of Father Odin’s stone house. Although it was impossible for them to see the figure of Seglade from this distance, they could easily see the seven-colored electric light shining on the Luna Steel Tomahawk. The signs are so obvious that even a fool knows that the big explosion just now was caused by the shining electric weapon in Seglade’s hand.

“Damn meow——.” The leopard young man knew that he was in trouble. Although Father Odin urged the Leopard youth to keep a low profile, the electromagnetic explosion he created made it impossible for him to keep a low profile.

What to do. . Run back to the house right now? no. People with ulterior motives will notice Father Odin’s stone house, and then it will bring endless trouble to Father Odin. If you don’t want to cause trouble to your father, the only way is to take the Luna Steel Long Yue to escape far away. In this way, people will only think that the loud noise just now was some kind of accident caused by passers-by, and maybe they won’t associate the explosion with Father Odin.

Seglade turned his head and ran, heading towards one of the most desolate corners of the city. He used the Leopard Man’s innate speed, and within a few seconds, the figure disappeared into the sandstorm of Cairo.

Of course, a group of stalkers with ulterior motives also noticed Seglade’s actions. They saw all this in the dark corner of the city, and of course they also had a panoramic view of the earth-shattering blow just now. They thought that Seglade had created some kind of magical weapon, and of course they would not let this mysterious man with a rag covering his head be spared. Dozens of shadows jumped out of the corner in an instant and followed Seglade away.

The leopard youth ran wild and quickly hid in an alley in the deserted city of Cairo. He thought that he had gotten rid of the stalker, and planned to stop to take a breath, but found that there were several more black figures on the decaying walls and tiles around him.

Five… no, six.

With such a fast speed, these people were able to catch up with the young Leopard Man who kept running.

“Mr. Swordsmith, don’t run away.” A man in black who took the lead jumped from the corner and said to Seglade. He was wearing a black tights, and his face was even more tightly covered with black wraps, leaving only a slit for his eyes. That’s why the man’s voice was a little vague.

“We have no ill intentions and will not do any harm to you. But we need the assistance of a master craftsman like you in one of our projects. Please come with us.”

“What if I say [no].” Seglade replied with a low-pitched nasal voice, pretending to be a middle-aged thirty-four-year-old. He believes that his identity has not been revealed at the moment, because he has also wrapped his body tightly, and even his blue leopard tail is secretly wrapped around his waist, without showing any clues. If he can escape from the hands of these men in black, maybe things can be saved.

“Don’t you want to come with us, sir? Then there’s no other way but to force you into submission. Offend.” The man in black who took the lead drew his weapon from his waist, and his subordinates did the same. . The movements of this group of people are neat and neat It can be seen that they are well-trained fighters.

The weapons in the hands of the group began to crackle, and they were not weapons for killing people, but for capturing people – electric shock batons. These stun bats have tens of thousands of volts, so if they were hit, Seglade would probably lose consciousness and faint in an instant.

Can’t be wrong. This group of men in black is definitely what Father Odin mentioned, those traffickers who specialize in kidnapping excellent weapon craftsmen. If you are caught by this group of people, you will be imprisoned for a lifetime, and you will have to work hard for this group of criminals and forge weapons for the rest of your life. Then everything is over.

But Papa Odin was wrong. Seglade is not an ignorant little boy. He is also a soldier, the son of a soldier. Although he can’t say that he has a hundred battles, he has very rich combat experience and should not have problems in self-protection.

The young Leopard Man held up the Black Moon God’s Steel Tomahawk, and the thunder light on the long tomahawk was still dazzling and dazzling: “If you want to take me away, you have to defeat me first——“

(He hurriedly stopped the words and almost leaked the meow accent.)

Seglade swung his long tomahawk forward and slashed, fighting with the six men in black.


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