Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1313: Explore in the wilderness (28)


Chapter 1313 Exploration in the Wilderness

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Boom, boom, boom, boom. With the last few beatings at the end, Seglade finally made the last Lunasteel shield.

The young Leopard Man wiped the sweat from his forehead, standing in front of the stove for hours on a hot day, and even for him, he was a little tired.

“This is the last shield, meow.” He turned to look at Father Odin who was sitting at the table, and said as if in a cross.

And Father Odin also swiftly took out the Luna steel shield that had been laid, stacked it with the other shields, and wrapped it in hemp cloth.

“Thank you for your hard work.” The old man took out two bottles of spray paint from the cabinet: “This is your reward, two bottles of dipterocarp should be enough to paint all the weapons in your hands. If it’s not enough, turn back Ask me again. I’ll go out and deliver the goods to my connector first.”

“Wait, go meow yourself.”

“Of course.” Father Odin gave the leopard youth a white look: “You don’t know my connector, so how do you know who to give the goods to. Besides, you are the only one who is proficient in making Luna steel. People, it’s better not to show your face in the outside world.”

“So there’s no danger for you to go, Daddy, meow…” Seglade watched the already-aged Daddy Odin put on a cloak, and even his face was tightly covered.

“Trust me, no one dares to provoke me in this country.” The old man even picked a long sword from the dragons hanging on the wall and pinned it to his waist. That long sword was glowing with fiery red light, probably the mighty Dragon Martial Arts.

“Okay, okay, meow.” Seglade did not want to be involved in Father Odin’s business, so he casually agreed.

“Wait here and don’t walk around.” Father Odin picked up his bag and pushed out the door, “Don’t answer if someone knocks on the door, I have the key myself.”

“Oh——” Before Sigrad could answer, Father Odin had already slammed the door shut.

Seglade, who was left in the stone house, was a little depressed, and then he remembered the real purpose of coming to Father Odin today—he came to ask about Luna Steel and Father Odin’s son of. Now it seems that I have to put everything on hold and wait for the old man to come back and ask. He still has a whole day anyway. In short, first upgrade the Luna steel weapons of your companions and spray them with Dipterocarp. With that thought in mind, Seglade sat at the table nearby and started painting.

When he first saw Papa Odin spray paint, he thought it was a pretty easy job. In short, it’s better to spray the weapon evenly like this. But in practice, the difficulty is far beyond Seglade’s imagination. It took him ten minutes to spray a Lunasteel long tomahawk, but the borneol incense of Lunasteel’s blade was very different. Evenly, one part is black iron color, the other part is still translucent, the entire blade is like camouflage, very ugly. In order to spray the whole long tomahawk more evenly, the young Leopard Man had to re-spray again, not only wasting a lot of spray paint, but also making the surface of the weapon show a vague feeling of unevenness, which made him dumbfounded. .

But it’s fine. After a while, the spray paint seemed to merge with the Luna Steel, and the uneven parts gradually disappeared, at least with the naked eye—although a strange camouflage could be seen at close range. . At first glance, the blade of the whole long tomahawk turned into a black iron color full of metallic luster, and the “camouflage” turned into a rose petal-like pattern on the blade. Forged Luna Steel Javelins bear some resemblance.

Seglade sighed, leaving this “broken” long tomahawk for his own use. He will make persistent efforts to paint the weapons of his comrades better.

But he suddenly had a strange idea again. He glanced at the bag beside the table, which was the turpentine powder that Father Odin had previously demonstrated for enchanting. It is said that after applying this, the weapon can be easily enchanted with magic, and it will burn brightly under the impact.

In the state where Dipterocarp is sprayed evenly, the flame burning on the weapon is indeed stable. But now Seglade has made this patterned Black Moon Godsteel long tomahawk, and the dipterocarp on it is very uneven. It is used for powder enchantment, what will it look like?

The leopard youth took out some powder and carefully smeared it on the weapon. He picked up the long tomahawk and tapped it with his fingers.

The magic of the resin is cast on impact, as if ignited. In an instant, the entire room was filled with seven-color brilliance.


The flames in front of Seglade can be said to be bizarre. It swayed precariously, in colorful colors, constantly changing on the surface of Luna Steel. Even now, the fire on the tip of the blade and the fire in the middle of the blade are completely different colors, and the color at the end gets faster. Seglade looked at this colorful magical flame, and even his own was almost intoxicated. But he thought about it and finally understood what was going on.

The reason why the turpentine smeared on the Black Moon God Steel long yoke is able to ignite this kind of fire is because of the [horizontal difference].

[Dipterocarp] itself is a special spray paint that stores photons and even energy. It keeps the magic power of the turpentine on the blade and releases it only the moment it hits the enemy. Under normal circumstances, dipterocarp sprayed evenly on the surface of the weapon will store mana stably, so the flame on the blade is a single color. But this time, Seglade made a mistake when spraying the paint, and the paint was sprayed very unevenly, and the dipterocarp infiltrated into the Luna Steel yoke had a difference in the efficiency of magic power absorption. As a result, when turpentine powder was applied and ignited, this unstable and strange magic fire appeared.

But why. Seglade was puzzled—ordinary turpentine powder burns with an orange-red flame, and the magic power stored in it is proportional to the heat, which in turn is related to the color of the flame. Those who are familiar with flames can probably guess that the heat of the orange-red flame is about 1,000 degrees Celsius.

However, the flames that are now jumping in front of the Leopard youth will occasionally change to golden white, sky blue, or even lavender.

The temperature of the golden-white flame is about 1,400 degrees Celsius, and the sky-blue flame is about 2,000 degrees. The lavender flame with the highest temperature is more than 5,000 degrees at least. Just relying on the magic power provided by those pine resin powder, it was far from reaching this temperature.

In other words, it is precisely because Seglade sprayed the paint imperfectly that the instability of the flame temperature occurred, causing its temperature to rise and fall, and to fluctuate continuously.

Originally, the magic power of pine resin can only provide an orange-red flame of about 1,000 degrees Celsius, but the temperature is greatly increased due to the phase difference effect of the unevenly sprayed dipterocarp. A part of the energy is stored in a short period of time, and the next burning effect is superimposed, eventually producing a seven-color flame that is hotter than the original orange-red flame. Although very unstable, it further increases the power of pine resin, which has limited lethality.

This interesting effect, if used wisely, might be able to create some kind of more powerful weapon.

Seglade smiled smugly. He stuffed the tomahawk into the cooling bucket, intending to quickly extinguish the flames and wash the turpentine from the surface of the weapon. What surprised him was that the water in the bucket was instantly evaporated by the seven-color flame with a high temperature of several thousand degrees. In a violent reaction like an explosion, the entire room was enveloped in steam.

“Uhhhhhhh..” The Leopard Man hurriedly pushed open the window of the stone house, letting the smoky air in the room dissipate. He breathed a sigh of relief, and when he turned to look at the wooden barrel containing water, he found that the wooden barrel had been twisted and twisted by the explosion, and its appearance was a little funny.

Fortunately, all the tools in Father Odin’s workshop have been specially treated to create dragons far beyond the imagination of mortals. This bucket has also been highly enchanted, so it is extremely strong and will not simply be dismantled by a water vapor explosion—otherwise, the exploding bucket may be scattered into countless sharp-like fragments, penetrating Syglade. body of. It’s scary to think about.

Seglade wiped his face, the steam explosion just now almost steamed him, leaving him quite embarrassed, his hair scattered and curly. But he at least survived. And the arrangement in the stone house is still neat. It is estimated that the tables and chairs here have been specially treated and will not be affected by some minor accidents when casting weapons. Seglade walked over and looked at the bag containing the resin. It was fine, only a small amount of resin had spilled out. The trivial chaos caused by this little Odin should not mind.

The leopard youth tied the bag of flame turpentine tightly, intending to store it properly, so as not to spill more. He was about to put the pine resin in the cupboard beside the bench—the same place where Father Odin took the pine resin, but found that there were still several packets of pine resin hidden in the cupboard.

[Thunderbolt], [Frozen], [Flame]——the clearly marked bags are neatly arranged in three rows and displayed in drawers. So, in addition to flame pine resin, there are two other properties of pine resin.

Seglade scratched his head, not surprised at all. After all, these resins are just a medium for storing magical powers, allowing people to enchant them and enchant them with various forms of magic. Since there is magic of fire, of course there are other magics as well.

But wait. If flame turpentine can create a special seven-color flame on Seglade’s Black Moon Shinto Tomahawk, then what effect can other turpentine have?

In the mood to give it a try, Seglade took out a bag of lightning pine resin and smeared it on the weapon.

It shouldn’t be a problem. The young leopard swallowed and tapped the blade of the weapon to activate the effect of turpentine.


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