Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1298: Explore in the Wilderness (13)


Chapter 1298: Exploration in the Wilderness (thirteen)

Very high. (8oo)

Nature is so powerful that it is easy to throw a person hundreds of feet into the air.

Bedivere finally got rid of the sand between his eyes, opened his eyes with difficulty and looked around, and found that he had been thrown into the air three hundred feet above the ground, and the upward momentum had come to an end, and he was about to fall. . And the co-pilot seat that Bedivere was riding in has long since disappeared, and I am afraid that it has been squeezed into scrap iron by the yellow sand.

Falling like this, hitting the surface of the sandy sea, even if Bedivere doesn’t smash to pieces, I’m afraid he will be seriously injured.

But he felt that it didn’t matter anymore. His body had been hit and ripped countless times, and it was already numb from the pain, and maybe several bones had been broken. As long as he can save this little life in the future, he will be satisfied.

I didn’t expect this expedition to end in such a tragic end, which is disgusting. Bedivere sighed inwardly, every time he met Moby Dick, he would have bad luck.

But misfortunes don’t come singly. Bedivere saw dozens of desert sharks swimming in the sandy sea where he fell. Their shark fins rip across the sand, oozing deadly danger from every dune in the desert. If you fall there, even if you don’t fall to death, you will probably be torn apart and eaten by these ferocious beasts, not even a single bone is left.

It’s terrible. Bedivere had given up completely. He closed his eyes and let himself fall freely, waiting for the moment when he fell to the ground and the sharks bit him open.

Puff. He landed. Did you land on a rock, this hard feeling is very different from sand. The landing time was also ten seconds earlier than Bedivere expected. What is this situation? The werewolf youth felt a little strange, so he opened his eyes again to observe the situation.

He did not fall into the sea of ​​sand. Where he landed was the deck of a ship.

Golden deck.

There is nowhere to go when you break through the iron shoes, and it takes no effort to get it. Bedivere had spent the morning searching for the golden treasure, the Desert Ship, and it was now at his feet. It turned out that just as Bedivere was about to fall into the sand sea full of desert sharks, the desert boat appeared in time and used its deck to catch the werewolf.

“Eve…it’s too late,” the severely injured werewolf grumbled feebly. His vision was getting blurry, and he could only vaguely see some small golden scarab golems approaching him. &#1o7;&#1o1;&#2o379;&#12o;&#2o813; As soon as they started to drag Bedivere away, the werewolf completely lost consciousness.

At the same time, the base of the Knights of the West of Great Britain, Attenborough.

“Hey, are you here?” Said it was a fishing club, and the little murloc prince Calvin was sitting at a table, fishing for a holographic screen. Of course, it was just a fishing game, and it was Calvin’s entertainment when his friends arrived.

“Anyway, Daddy did send your friends here.” The Celestial Knight Youns reached out and stroked the little murloc prince’s head. Things have to be done.”

“Okay, see you later.” Little Prince Calvin waved goodbye to Grand Duke Ewens, and turned to Husky and Hal: “Let’s play the game too. It’s been a few days. Having done a decent mission, Calvin is already tired of hunting wild monsters in the wild.”

“Perhaps we should go challenge that Snow Ridge Demon Monkey again.” Hal said while lying on the bench in the simulation system, “This time, we need to prepare the cold clothing, and the dye arrows used to mark the monster’s whereabouts will also be required. Bring more cats. You will definitely succeed.”

“Perhaps.” Calvin also lay on the bench and said casually. He never paid much attention to the leopard boy Hal, and every time Hal proposed a new plan, he showed indifference.

The two friends were already lying down, buckled the hood on the bench, and logged into the game. Husky was also lying on the bench. Just as he was about to log into the game, he saw the evil star flew down above his head and landed on the table beside him.

“Uh, why don’t Uncle Shaxing come to play with him,” Husky asked curiously.

“I’ve already said that I’m your bodyguard, not a nanny.” The Fire Dragon arrived a little impatiently, “You can play that kind of childish game by yourself. Someone needs to stay in this room, so as not to be attacked again. .”

“Then… well bro.” Husky replied gloomily, picking up the hood of the bench and ready to buckle it. He suddenly thought of something again, and asked: “Uncle Shaxing, Brother Daniel should be fine, right?”

The evil star pretended to be calm: “Time can heal the pain. Give him a little more time and he will get better.”

However, Husky had already seen through it all. He knew that Uncle Shaxing didn’t have a clue when he said this, and he knew that brother Daniel’s situation must be very bad – especially in the one named Mogos. The demon was tempted by the price of resurrecting his mother.

“Although Husky’s dad is far away, Husky still has Mommy by his side. No matter how sad he is, he can survive.” The canine boy lowered his head and murmured, “But what has happened to brother Daniel? There are no more, no parents, no brothers and sisters, and he is alone in this world. I always feel that he is so pitiful.”

Shaxing silently listened to Husky finish all this, and always felt that there was something in the words of the dog boy, which made him feel uncomfortable. After a long time, Xinghuilong spit out a sentence: “He is not alone. He still has your friend.”

“Husky… wow,”

“If you think he’s pitiful, find a way to get him out of this predicament. You may be a freshman, but if you pray sincerely, you may be able to find someone who can save him from despair. method.”

Shaxing smiled lightly, “But it’s useless for you to worry now. It’s better to leave him alone and give him a day or two to meditate. A so-called friend sometimes doesn’t need to be there when the other person is sad. Reassurance. This may make it worse. It may be better to keep your distance and watch quietly.”

Husky nodded with a vague understanding, and stopped worrying about Daniel. He put on the hood of the simulation system and logged into the game.

At the same time, the evil star also heard a voice.

A woman’s voice.

It wasn’t because someone was talking nearby, and the sound wasn’t coming from a communications device in the castle. This is telepathy, and it was passed on through a dragon scale left by the evil star.

“Grand Duke Shaxing, is that you?” Judging from the woman’s voice, the speaker seemed to be Juliet Roosevelt. Sha Xing only had a relationship with this girl yesterday, and almost forgot the voice.

“It’s you.” Xinghuilong frowned, a little unhappy: “Why do you have my dragon scales?”

Like most dragons in the world, when necessary, Shaxing will cast spells in their dragon scales, enclosing various marking magics.

Anyone who holds this magical dragon scale can use telepathy to communicate with the evil star. At this time, the function of the dragon scale is similar to that of a communicator. However, the number of dragon scales used for communication must be limited in the world at the same time, and the characters given must also be carefully selected by the evil star. Otherwise, just one person can contact the evil star with the dragon scale, and Xinghuilong will be troubled.

Therefore, when Juliet, the unqualified little girl, came to contact him with the dragon scales of the evil star, Xinghuilong inevitably felt a sullen breath.

Juliet must know this too. So when Sha Xing asked about this, the girl hurriedly explained: “Don’t be angry. This dragon scale in my hand was left to Mr. Daniel yesterday by Archduke Sha Xing. He said he wanted me to find a chance to return this to you. , maybe he thinks you won’t see each other for a long time.”

“Oh.” After listening to Shixing, he was relieved: “Is that dragon scale? You don’t need to rush it back to me at all. I only gave it a very small amount of magic power, and after a while Its utility will be completely lost, and it will become a worthless scale.”

“Really, that’s good…” Juliet was stunned for half a second, then suddenly said in a hurry: “Oh no, it’s not good at all. Lord Shaxing, please listen to me. That child has something serious…”

Xinghuilong frowned again: “What other big things can happen. That kid shouldn’t really leave the Knights and go to the enchanting girl of Morgos,”

“Morgos…,” Juliet couldn’t keep up with the evil star’s logic for a while.

The evil star knew from the confused tone of the other party that he guessed wrong: “Isn’t it,”

“No.” Juliet’s voice became less and less clear, but she still tried to explain>

“Did you know that Archduke Shaxing, in order to raise money for his mother’s surgery, Daniel applied to the Knights for the emergency treatment fund on the condition of taking on a highly dangerous mission.

Although his mother was not the money has been returned, but the requested mission cannot be cancelled.

He’s been assigned a very dangerous gangster-suppression mission, and has already left this morning. But with his current skills, to put it in an ugly way, performing such a task would probably be more fortunate than good luck. “

“Humph.” Xinghuilong grunted. Daniel is really unfortunate enough, not only did his mother fail to save him, but he even fell into danger.

“So, what do you want to say to me,” Long asked suspiciously.

“Uh, I want to say, Grand Master Shaxing——” The girl paused for a while before she gathered up her courage and asked, “Please save Daniel.”

When Sha Xing heard this, he laughed: “Why, why do you want me to save that kid? I haven’t helped him enough, he is not capable enough to die in his own mission, and it is not my responsibility.”

Juliet threw out an insightful fallacy: “But you promised to save her mother, but you failed. Helping people must help to the end, otherwise it is equivalent to not helping. You can’t save his mother, please at least Save him once, okay,”




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